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Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji Prizes

Release Date: December 2012

Prize A: Tales of Xillia 2 Pillow (1)
Prize B: Milla Maxwell Figure (2)
Prize C: Yuri Lowell Figure (2)
Prize D: Mabo Curry Plate (3)
Prize E: Muffler Towel (4 types) (16)
Prize F: Rubber Straps (ToX2 4 types) (16)
Prize G: Clear File & Sticker (4 types) (20)
Prize H: Chibi Kyun Character (4 types, no secret) (20)
Last One Prize: Milla Maxwell Kyun Character (Smile Ver.)

And I'm going to go after all the figures cause they're from Vesperia, Graces f and Xillia and these are the Tales of Series I collect for figures. Now the biggest problem is I dunno how popular these will be and how much they'll end up going for at Y!J...they may even be more expensive than the items from the Pokemon 7/11 movie Ichiban Kuji... X_x

I'm seriously considering weeding out all of my larger (I will not sell my larger Reshiram and Victini plush >_>) Pokemon plush that are not part of my main collections and I'm mainly a figure collector anyway (that is why I will not stop collecting the Waza Museum, Chibi Kyun Chara and Partners) and a bunch of my side collections and figures...not to mention that there are still Muskedeer Pokedolls and figures, White Kyurem oversized Pokedoll and hyper size Reshiram Tomy MC which I have yet to get and am planning on getting all together when Gin comes back from the US and seeing if there is anything I want from the Eevee promo...I think I also need to just stick to buying only Umbreon plush from all these Eeveelu promo things...

I should also stop procrastinating and update my sales faster (I keep on playing video games and Black/White 2 is going to be out soon XD). I still have a lot of unsorted Pokemon Amada Stickers, which I think I'm not even going to collect anymore and just sell every single one of them since Amada Stickers are flats that I never seriously collected, I only really collect TCG actively, and also start photographing all my extra Jap TCG cards and finally put them up for sale. The plus side is the Jap TCG are all already sorted out, and also finally update my Eng TCG section too since it's way too outdated and I have cards from the later sets that I want to attempt to sell too which are also all sorted out...>_o

I also have non Pokemon stuff I want to add to my non Pokemon sales too :S

And I'm only about halfway through iconing all those walky Pokemon pics and I really want to get that out of the way ASAP...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *dies*
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Looks like it's going to be harder than I thought to collect an entire set of Pokemon Chibi Kyun Chara figures due to some of them being limited in number because they're ichiban kuji prizes, though I hope they're not too limited, the ones I'm going to be after at least >_>

Looks like I'll have to change my collecting plan for the Pokemon Kyun Chara figures... Since I'm not too much into collecting people merch for Pokemon, though I'm still collecting the Partners series because it's a person together with a Pokemon, I'll just get one of each Pokemon, normal versions only including all different poses aiming for the Pokemon which I actually collect first if they're ichiban kuji prizes, no pearly or whatever alternate colour versions. It would still be a bit difficult, but I do prefer to collect Pokemon compared to Pokemon people. Of course, if some of them are going to be normal Banpresto prizes and the local import store brings them in... I'll just get an entire set from them.

Oh wait, let's not forget the recently announced Banpresto ichiban kuji figures for Tales of Series :/ There is this Yuri figure and the Asbel, Richard, Yuri and Flynn Chibi Kyun Chara figures... And I mainly collect figures for the Tales of Series so those are some stuff I'll be looking at getting when they're released.

Of course, this means that I'll have to put some of the Pokemon items that are in my wants which were released years back into the back-burner for now..


Sunday, 29 July 2012 20:59
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Another 1/8 figure (two for me since I forgot there was a Jude already announced) for me to throw my money at...seriously, at this rate, I'm going to run of of space to store all my 1/8 figures together with my Pokemon collection and sales stock >_>

I wish I didn't love figures that much @_@ I swear one day I'll have my own collection room...somehow.
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Coming in 2013 :')

You have no idea how excited I've suddenly become. Thanks to Tales of Graces f, I already have the console for it.

Means I need to be done with Tales of Graces f by the end of this year latest >_>

And I need to stop procrastinating on releasing stuffs for Eternal :X


Sunday, 6 May 2012 22:02
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You have no idea how awesome this is...

Alter figures are as awesome as always )
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Tales of Graces f has so many save points, even more than any Tales of game I've played... The game wants you to save like mad!? >_>

And why are the cut scenes so much louder than normal game volume??? It's like double! THE TV EXPLODED WITH SOUND OUT OF A SUDDEN AT THE END OF THE CHILDHOOD ARC @_@

And that statue outside the Knight Academy in Barona... It's...I have no comment >_o
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I already have Tales of Graces f in my hands, one day early! Had it pre-ordered from my usual shop... And this is the US version. They got it early. Said the Eng Asian version is only in tomorrow. It's okay though, it's the US version that I wanted anyway since I'm a bit particular about the box...never really liked the box for Asian version games, though there really isn't any difference game wise? :X

And yes, this is my b-day present for myself.

Time to play like mad!? :3c


Saturday, 10 December 2011 12:18
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The release date for Tales of Graces f is finally revealed...

For some strange reason, there is always a game that I definitely want to play released in March :/ And it always ends up being a b-day present for myself XD;

Now the question is when will the game be available on shelves here in Singapore...

*starts saving again with a vengeance*


Thursday, 24 November 2011 21:06
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Looks like Alter is going to be taking my money again. Another new 1/8 figure announced for who knows when in 2012...and they're already taking my money for one in April 2012.

Now it would be awesome if Alter made a 1/8 figure of Kratos. I'll be staring at it everyday.

I need to use this more often. It is painfully bare.
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Finally released a new English Scanlation for Eternal...

I procrastinate too much and have too many other things that I want to do, I guess I'll just release stuff for Eternal slowly I guess...


Thursday, 28 April 2011 19:51
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Tales of the Abyss 3DS is coming to the US!!! HECK YEAH!!!!!!! Time to save for a 3DS XD;

On the other hand, the console that Tales of Graces f is going to be released on still isn't confirmed yet -__- Is it going to be on the PS3...?
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Photos of the 1/8 Flynn Scifo figure by Alter! Still in the box, but it's still beautiful anyway ;3;

Photos under the cut! )

Time to work on my Pokemon collection update @_@


Thursday, 3 February 2011 11:33
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Tales of Graces F is coming to the US.

Time to save for the PS3 Slim. Gonna start a PS3 Slim fund XD; Just need to wait for the release date so I know how much time I have to save for one...

Ahh heck I'll start saving regardless of when it's released. Maybe I'll buy it earlier and get one or two other games that are already released.

Now if Tales of Vesperia PS3 would come to the US too it would be perfect...
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So I went to Kino (Liang Court branch) today for my monthly magazines pick up for the stuff which I've subscribed to. And when I sat down to look at Comptiq, I saw something I seriously did not want to see. Tales of Vesperia, FINAL CHAPTER. UGH WTF, THEY'RE CUTTING THAT TOO! ARGH!!! While it's not as bad for Tales of Hearts or Tales of Phantasia since it ended at the end of part one of the game, it's still really frustrating! I better remember to call Kino Liang Court to cancel my subscription for Comptiq.

So now my motivation for manga scanlating has gone down even more than it already is. I think the only way for my motivation to come back is to finally find a translator that will not go poof on me to translate Tales of the Abyss! *bangs desk*

Speaking of Tales of the Abyss, the manga is at its final chapter in the latest issue of Dengeki Maoh. There will be an epilogue next issue, and the TotA manga would have officially ended. And now, the only Tales of manga that is still running is ToD:DC Leon, which will probably end soon anyway since it's based on Leon's side of the story in the game. Then there will be no more active Tales of manga being serialized =|b

With all these cuts and crap going on, it seems like the only way nowadays for a Tales of Series manga based on the game to survive is for it to be serialized in Dengeki Maoh. Dengeki Maoh is practically the only magazine I know that has a bunch of game manga being serialized and is still actively reporting on new stuff for the Tales of Series games. Every other magazine that reports on game news, including Tales of Series game stuff, are all purely gaming magazines.

I'm not a happy camper. Now I only hope that Dengeki Maoh will either do a new serialization for Tales of Vesperia based on the PS3's storyline, or Tales of Graces that will also serialize post game story that's in Tales of Graces F, or they do a proper serialization for Tales of Hearts and/or maybe even Tales of Rebirth.

Or maybe a manga for Arc Rise Fantasia, cause Serge is just plain awesome. I blame Serge for my current replay of the game >.>

P.S. To those in my flist who haven't seen it, I've already put up the sales post for my extra ToV One-Coin figures which is below this post.



Monday, 11 October 2010 22:49
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I finally got my sales page up with some stuff that I'm mainly looking to sell. Mainly Tales of stuff like cards and doujinshi.

Sales page here -

I also finished Arc Rise Fantasia like about a week ago. The ending was a bit depressing, but okay. Now doing post game stuff and going O_O at how broken Serge is with his Carnwenhan dagger (except when the enemy has Block Critical Arm Force) and a lot of magic stat boost. Serge with his Curtana dagger is pretty broken too (except he'll be missing Faster Casting Arm Force). Things are dying way too fast. Also going O_O at how broken Rastan is as a damage absorber with his Mitama sword. With it, he can absorb damage like nobody's business. Also, Rastan protecting L'Arc with his Ascaron sword (With Max Damage+, Boost Force, Big Critical) makes normal enemies too easy to clear. Rastan absorbing any damage targeted at L'Arc means he'll always be at full HP so Max Damage+ is always active together with Boost Force means Deadly Strike++ will always activate. Also, leaf farming makes the game a bit...easier or too easy depending on how much boost you throw on the character(s). I mainly farmed Vitality Leaves to boost HP, a little bit of Strength and Insight Leaves.

I think I just broke Arc Rise Fantasia XD;


Monday, 14 June 2010 21:03
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I think I'm addicted to Hexyz Force. I haven't been this absorbed in a RPG for a long time. Not since Tales of Vesperia. And when I mean absorbed, I mean I think nothing about playing it at least for a two to three hours everyday, or more.

I have a lot of other RPGs to play, but they don't seem to give me the feeling of "I must know what's going to happen next!" kind of thing to make me this absorbed in it. Plus the game is not too hard enough to give me a headache from playing it, and it has replay value, since the game has multiple endings and two stories to play, and a harder difficulty from what I've heard. Some of the game's battle system also reminds me of various Wild ARMs games, which is one of my more favourite series of RPGs that I play.

Till now, I still don't have the motivation to play Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk/Dawn of the New World, and that says a lot :/

Also, I need to sit down and drown in the Japanese and play Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Symphonia (PS2).

Also, a shameless plug, I finally decided to upload the re-written version of my Tales of Symphonia Fanfic. I actually have Chapter 2 done, but I haven't proofread it yet, and Chapter 3 is almost done.
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Okay...putting up LJ cuts since the post itself is pretty long just to save your friends page...

MegaUpload fail )

Tales of Symphonia Fan Fiction )

Gaming stuff )

List of stuff to do )

Oh, and Nagi ([ profile] chiyo_sama), the Shrimp Sushi plush you sent me, the smiling face on it...makes me want to smile too XD I see my package arrived safely too. Hope you like the stuff 8D

In unrelated news...Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver's release date in the US is one day before my birthday O_o It's going to be my birthday present for myself (getting Heart Gold) :X I just know the game is going to eat my soul and distract me from a lot of things DX


Saturday, 28 November 2009 18:07
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I just got a hold of the Jan issue of Comp Ace and took a look at the contents seems that Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and Tales of the Abyss: Senketsu no Asch (next chapter in the March issue of Comp Ace so one more month wait) are not the only stuff from Tales of Magazine that migrated there. Vesperia Gag Theater Tales V also migrated there (anyone wants to t/l? :x). I thought it ended with Tales of Magazine...since Vol 14 didn't say anything about it...

Valkyria Chronicles is serialised in that magazine O_o

And the paper is really nice and the ink is even, so it looks like scanlations for those two series will be continued using magazine raws, but I currently need a translator for Tales of the Abyss: Senketsu no Asch (and lots of other stuff I plan on releasing) cause the translator I had on it hasn't replied for a long time and I'm calling her MIA for now, she was supposed to be sending me t/l for the next chapter soon) and someone to help with Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and maybe t/l Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 (there are only two volumes) also...

Won't be getting the Jan issue of Comptiq so soon, the Dec issue is only coming in this Monday (sea shipment, and the Dec issue is released on 10th Nov) which is the issue where the next chapter of Tales of Vesperia continues its serialisation in, since it comes by sea shipment (Comp Ace comes by air shipment), but I'm getting the Dec issue anyway since there seems to be something related to Tales of Magazine there...not sure, but Comptiq might be having a section for Tales of Magazine, where all the Tales of news are put there. I'll know when I get the Dec issue and look at it...

Will also be collecting the Jan issue of Dengeki Maoh at the same time when Comptiq is in...

I also took a subscription for both Comptiq and Comp Ace.

*sigh* More translators disappearing without telling me... For once, I'm glad that Ju-da-su ([ profile] argentum_canine) is the translator for quite a number of Eternal's projects...nonetheless, I need fresh translator blood for Eternal once again...


Saturday, 7 November 2009 16:11
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I just got a hold of the latest issue (Vol 14) of Tales of Magazine and took a quick look at when the next issue is going to be out...and if I'm interpreting it right (I don't really understand Japanese very well), but it seems that Tales of Magazine will be stopping publication, maybe forever. The latest Tales of Series news will be published in the main magazine, a monthly game magazine called Comptiq. Comptiq also has some manga that are being serialised in it, and it also has a magazine where they specially publish manga in, a monthly manga magazine called Compace. As for the manga that are being serialised in Tales of Magazine, this is what is going to happen...

- Tales of Vesperia (To continue serialisation in Comptiq)
- Tales of the Abyss: Senketsu no Asch (To continue serialisation in Compace)
- Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology (To continue serialisation in Compace)
- Tales of Phantasia (Final chapter in Vol 14 of Tales of Magazine)
- Tales of Hearts (This is just a really long introduction to the game, where only the very first part of the game is serialised. The manga has already ended, but there is still a chance it will continue serialisation in the future)
- Tales of Vesperia: Flynn (Still no news on when it will resume serialisation, currently still on hiatus)

I've checked with Kinokuniya and they bring in both magazines, so scanlations for these series I'm releasing under Eternal won't change. I'll be buying both Comptiq and Compace monthly, and I'll continue to release them using magazine scans, unless the printing and/or quality of the paper are bad enough that it will take quite a lot of time to clean/fix even after doing my pre-cleaning on the scans (my pre-cleaning technique for the manga from Tales of Magazine is very nice that it reduces the overall time needed to clean a page, it's actually on par with tankoubon quality), which then I'll switch completely to tankoubon scans. Tales of Vesperia won't be an issue, since scans from game magazines are always very nice and the ink is all even and printed on decent/good paper (I'm almost pretty sure that the paper used to print Comptiq is the same as Tales of Magazine and the printing is very nice, I've seen Comptiq on the shelves and I've looked at the paper if my memory serves me right), I'm just a bit worried for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and Tales of the Abyss: Senketsu no Asch since Compace is a manga magazine and the quality of the printing and paper may be quite bad. We'll see.

Why can't they put all the manga in the same magazine =/ Buying two magazines means spending more money, even though I don't need to get Tales of Magazine anymore(?).

I also need to start catching up to the scanlations for Tales of Vesperia...that will be the number one priority for Eternal as far as releases go. Tankoubon version re-releases for Tales of Vesperia still won't be happening so soon, as I'm still more focused on working on the magazine version.

Just posting for people that might be interested in the news.


Saturday, 17 October 2009 17:43
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I finally opened my set of Tales of Series Prop Plus Petite (I received it like about two weeks ago..) after [ profile] chiyo_sama "exploded" on me for still not opening my box yet, and I got the exact same stuff as what she got...

Coincidence? I doubt it. All the boxes were probably packed this way.

This is how they look like

As of now, I have one of the two Kratos and Yuri sitting on my comp desk right now. Yay for my two most favourtie Tales of Series characters. I may throw more of them on my comp desk or maybe even on the shelves in my room...but it remains to be seen...

I really need to get myself a digital camera. I don't like to take photos with my camera on my handphone since it's so crappy. Maybe after I get my 13 month bonus at the end of this year, I'll just get something between 8 to 10 mega pixels which doesn't cost a bomb and is a Canon or Sony brand digital camera, especially since I still want to get a new widescreen monitor with HDMI support (and I can use it for my 360 also since I lack a HD TV at home and the small fonts are killing me plus I may be getting a PS3 slim next year too), then I'll take photos of the oh so awesome Kratos and Yuri camping on my computer desk.

Still no update on the status of my Wii though. Maybe I'll pop by the shop on Monday to check.

Still waiting for Tales of Vesperia One Coin Grande Figures to be released... Hopefully next year. I may actually have to get two boxes depending on how many figures is in the complete set...

I just got an awesome idea though. I lack the space to actually display my Tales of figures so they're like still in their plastic bags in the box but I just realised I can actually rotate them and put them on my computer desk. Or I could just stick to putting my favourites on it until I can either like get my own flat/room at least and I can get a display case and put all of them there...

And yes, I sped played through Dhaos's scenario and completed it. Now that I've finished all the scenarios, even though I don't understand most of the dialogue, it doesn't take someone that knows Japanese to realise that all the scenarios does not link properly at all...some of the parts link, but most of them don't or does not even make sense. Like you fight Cless and Kratos in Yuri and Farah scenario but you don't fight Yuri and Farah in Cless and Kratos scenario. Luke cuts his hair at different parts of the story for Luke and Tear scenario vs. Jade and Anise scenario. These are just some examples of things that doesn't link. Now the way Dhaos's scenario was structured though, it completely threw me off, and his scenario does not make much sense at all...

So all that's left now to unlock is Eugene, finish up all the download battles and train up characters more for the heck of it.