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Wednesday, 2 January 2013 13:08
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I need to rant cause I'm really pissed off right now.

So the USPS postage price increase is finalised and the change is going into effect on 27 Jan 2013. And there is a RIDICULOUS PRICE HIKE for first class international packages. It's going to be MORE THAN DOUBLE the price for up to a 2 oz package to mail from the US to me!!! (Of course it's also bad for other international people but this LJ is about me...)

Seriously, WTF USPS, are you trying to stop people from shipping internationally? Or are you trying to drive away customers???

Now I have to think twice about buying things from US sellers (especially at [ profile] pkmncollectors) on top of those in the UK, Canada and Australia, unless it's a high want that I've been looking for for quite a while or I'm getting multiple items to make the shipping actually worth it :T Of course, that's not the worse thing. The worse thing is that the majority of the members at [ profile] pkmncollectors are located in the US. It's bad for the US sellers too cause it means less sales for them. Jeez.

If anyone ever complains my international shipping prices from Singapore (or anyone else in the Asia region really, including Japan seriously) is too high, I will seriously flip tables at them.

Well, looks like it's less money going towards purchases (which means less purchases of older released figures of Pokemon I collect) from non Asian sellers at [ profile] pkmncollectors and more to new things being released in Japan that I want for both Tales of Series and Pokemon (the list contains quite a good number of items already...and some of them I need to get from Y!J) and also for lots at Y!J which contains items that I want and then reselling the other items...


Wednesday, 19 December 2012 15:08
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I have successfully RNG abused a captured Modest nature Reshiram in White 2 with near flawless IVs, though I was having trouble hitting the initial seed at first because of my seconds timing on starting up the game >_o but I more or less got the timing now...but I created a second initial seed to use which I seem to be able to hit the timing more easily than the other I guess something to fall back on? The difference seems to be like half a millisecond :'D

Now I just need to go and catch the rest of the stationary legends since I at least understand this part of the RNG abuse...also gotta do it for my Black game, though there isn't a lot of stationary legendaries (there's only the muskedeers and Victini) for me to catch, but quite a good number of Wonder Card RNG abuse I need to do...

Not sure if I want to go into wild Pokemon capture RNG abuse, but that seems to be easier than Egg breeding RNG abuse which I dunno if I even want to mess with? Maybe I'll try it out...last :X

So the next thing to do is to understand Wonder Card RNG abuse and understand how it works. I'll just try it out on Genesect on White 2.

Now I'm wondering if I should tread into Gen 4 RNG sounds like the target timing is harder to achive than for Gen 5 @_@


Sunday, 2 December 2012 23:23
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I haven't been posting on my LJ again, mainly due to laziness :'D

But yay, I have a new desktop computer that is built with the hardware and cassis I picked myself :3 Intel Ivy Bridge Processor and a mainboard that's Windows 8 ready (but I'm using Windows 7 cause I don't like to use an OS that is released only has to be out for about 1 to 2 years...) The PSU on my old comp died and since the comp is so old with so outdated hardware, I decided to just get a new one, and a self-built desktop (I really dislike factory pre-assembled desktops which is what my old desktop was but I know a lot more about hardware now over the years) on top of that :D Though I had to take a small personal loan to afford this baby

When I was researching on hardware and what parts to get for the computer, I'm actually surprised that integrated graphics (in the past you definitely needed a dedicated GPU for decent/good graphics and screen resolution) is now so much more advanced that you can actually don't need a dedicted GPU for it unless you game a lot on your computer which I do not, I usually use my comp for internet, using Photoshop, watching anime...etc... I never did realise I am that outdated in regards to hardware technology knowledge though I do follow it somewhat :'D

Everything on the comp is so fast now. Photoshop opening in less than a minute (old comp it was like 5 minutes before I could use it properly?). I bet I can start using Topaz Denoise (couldn't use it on the old comp, super major lag that it can even freeze it could only use Neat Image >_>) on the comp for pre-cleaning manga raws for Eternal but I dunno how to use it =_= I'm also kinda stoked that video encoding doesn't take hours, it's like 5 times or more faster than on my old desktop imagine how old it was... I can also finally watch anime properly, even 720p with no lag (couldn't watch 720p anime at all and even 480p and XviD AVI lagged somewhat...) :D

But...the Pokemon Dream World mini-games...can't keep up with a couple of them...particularly the "Play on Wailord" mini-game...too fast X_x

Anyway, off to bed now~ Sleepy~ ZzzzZZzzZZzzz
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Please do not suddenly decide that you want to bring in Pokemon Fan. Now I don't know if this is going to be regular and I don't want to depend on you either, and neither do I want to special order if you should decide not to continue bringing it in as it takes about 3 weeks to arrive after release date in Japan and I can only special order it after it's out in Japan and I didn't want to take any chances of your supplier being out of supply.

If you had started bringing it in regularly from last year and beyond, you would have me buying it regularly since last year as it's cheaper for me to buy from you rather than having to get it from an online store in Japan or asking someone in Japan to middleman/pick up a copy for me.

But now you decided that you wanted to bring the latest issue in. Too bad you won't get me as a customer for it as I've already asked [ profile] denkimouse to pick a copy up of the latest issue for me.

Yours sincerely,
Rena Chan, one of your regular customers

:O :O :O

Thursday, 20 September 2012 17:23
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Less than three weeks to Pokemon Black 2/White 2 release in the US!!!

Pointless post is pointless, just me getting excited for it and an excuse to use my new icons :X


Wednesday, 19 September 2012 17:11
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Just taking a look and trying out this new updating interface which is in beta testing...

Why is the font size in the text box so small...

Holy crap the some of the insert HTML tags doesn't work correctly!!! I still need to manually type in the tags, some of them doesn't even insert the words I've selected in between the opening and closing tags...LOL FAIL.

LOL spellchecker red underline for spelling errors...

This thing is still sooooooooooo b

I might as well stick to manually typing in the HTML tags...
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Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji Prizes

Release Date: December 2012

Prize A: Tales of Xillia 2 Pillow (1)
Prize B: Milla Maxwell Figure (2)
Prize C: Yuri Lowell Figure (2)
Prize D: Mabo Curry Plate (3)
Prize E: Muffler Towel (4 types) (16)
Prize F: Rubber Straps (ToX2 4 types) (16)
Prize G: Clear File & Sticker (4 types) (20)
Prize H: Chibi Kyun Character (4 types, no secret) (20)
Last One Prize: Milla Maxwell Kyun Character (Smile Ver.)

And I'm going to go after all the figures cause they're from Vesperia, Graces f and Xillia and these are the Tales of Series I collect for figures. Now the biggest problem is I dunno how popular these will be and how much they'll end up going for at Y!J...they may even be more expensive than the items from the Pokemon 7/11 movie Ichiban Kuji... X_x

I'm seriously considering weeding out all of my larger (I will not sell my larger Reshiram and Victini plush >_>) Pokemon plush that are not part of my main collections and I'm mainly a figure collector anyway (that is why I will not stop collecting the Waza Museum, Chibi Kyun Chara and Partners) and a bunch of my side collections and figures...not to mention that there are still Muskedeer Pokedolls and figures, White Kyurem oversized Pokedoll and hyper size Reshiram Tomy MC which I have yet to get and am planning on getting all together when Gin comes back from the US and seeing if there is anything I want from the Eevee promo...I think I also need to just stick to buying only Umbreon plush from all these Eeveelu promo things...

I should also stop procrastinating and update my sales faster (I keep on playing video games and Black/White 2 is going to be out soon XD). I still have a lot of unsorted Pokemon Amada Stickers, which I think I'm not even going to collect anymore and just sell every single one of them since Amada Stickers are flats that I never seriously collected, I only really collect TCG actively, and also start photographing all my extra Jap TCG cards and finally put them up for sale. The plus side is the Jap TCG are all already sorted out, and also finally update my Eng TCG section too since it's way too outdated and I have cards from the later sets that I want to attempt to sell too which are also all sorted out...>_o

I also have non Pokemon stuff I want to add to my non Pokemon sales too :S

And I'm only about halfway through iconing all those walky Pokemon pics and I really want to get that out of the way ASAP...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *dies*
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I just pre-ordered this...

I really couldn't resist. This figure of Okumura Rin is simply too beautiful, it's a 1/8 scale figure, and most of all, it has Kuro on it together with Rin!!! <3 <3 <3

Note to self...I will only collect Ao no Exorcist merch EXTREMELY selectively, getting only things I REALLY REALLY REALLY like and IT HAS TO BE for my favourite characters as I cannot afford another full blown collection...

Okay. Now I'll have to check out again the two figures of Rin and Yukio that Banpresto is going to be releasing for their prize machines in Dec and see if I really like them enough to get them. Got to check out the local import store's Dec catalogue again the next time I go there...

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I'm talking about these walky style icons (see my current icon) that were being made sometime mid last year by [ profile] lmoast from a piece of art that was done by some person on pixiv and I know that artist drew one of every Pokemon. I was actually waiting for more of them to be done as icons but it's been more than a year already and I don't see more of them made into icons, I really love the art.

So after seeing the Keldeo Resolute Forme of it, I decided that I didn't want to wait anymore as I really want icons of all the Pokemon which I collect (and this set of art is my favourite) so I went off to hunt for the original piece of art...and found it.

So now I'm going to start making every single Walky style Pokemon done by that artist into an icon (600+ icons!!!) >_o

So quick question to people on my flist that uses Pokemon icons, have you ever seen anyone make them all into icons already? If it's already been done before could you direct me to it? Tried searching around but can't find anything, not a lot of people seem to be making Pokemon icons least not on LJ, before I start to make an icon of all the Walky style Pokemon from this art one by one... @_@

If there is no reply, I'll just go ahead and do them all...since I want one of each for myself XD


Saturday, 8 September 2012 19:52
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I accidentally broke some small part of my watch that holds the strap in place last night ;o; I was thinking of seeing if a watch shop can it fixed or just super glue it, but then I think I should just get a new watch since this watch is pretty old already (I think it's at least 10 years old) but it still works fine. I only have one watch :X I can keep this one as a back up I guess when I get a new one @_@

So I took a peek at what watches were on sale at a watch shop that was at the shopping centre which was near the PO which I go to after mailing out the packages from sales/pick ups/GA and getting lunch, and I saw one that I liked.... But I'm a bit short on money at the moment so I couldn't buy it immediately (LOL $95 SGD and it's the same watch brand as the one I have now), got other stuff in pre-order I need to pay for first which cannot exactly be delayed in Sep and the current watch is still wearable anyway, I just need to be more careful.

I guess I'll take the chance to check out other watch shops first and see if they have other designs before settling on that one XD

Hopefully my next Pokemon perm sales update/advertising/whatever (which will be posted sometime tomorrow my time) does well enough so I can pay for a new watch otherwise I'll probably just wait until my next paycheck to get one XD
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Looks like it's going to be harder than I thought to collect an entire set of Pokemon Chibi Kyun Chara figures due to some of them being limited in number because they're ichiban kuji prizes, though I hope they're not too limited, the ones I'm going to be after at least >_>

Looks like I'll have to change my collecting plan for the Pokemon Kyun Chara figures... Since I'm not too much into collecting people merch for Pokemon, though I'm still collecting the Partners series because it's a person together with a Pokemon, I'll just get one of each Pokemon, normal versions only including all different poses aiming for the Pokemon which I actually collect first if they're ichiban kuji prizes, no pearly or whatever alternate colour versions. It would still be a bit difficult, but I do prefer to collect Pokemon compared to Pokemon people. Of course, if some of them are going to be normal Banpresto prizes and the local import store brings them in... I'll just get an entire set from them.

Oh wait, let's not forget the recently announced Banpresto ichiban kuji figures for Tales of Series :/ There is this Yuri figure and the Asbel, Richard, Yuri and Flynn Chibi Kyun Chara figures... And I mainly collect figures for the Tales of Series so those are some stuff I'll be looking at getting when they're released.

Of course, this means that I'll have to put some of the Pokemon items that are in my wants which were released years back into the back-burner for now..

Yay yay yay

Tuesday, 21 August 2012 23:32
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You have absolutely no idea how happy I am right now. I pulled Keldeo EX SR and White Kyurem EX SR, the two main cards I want to get the SR version of together with every single rare (this includes the three Pokemon EX cards of course) from all my three boxes of Cold Flare booster packs :D :D :D

This completely makes up for the less than crappy pulls from my three boxes of Freeze Bolt where I only pulled one Landorus EX SR together with every single rare (includes the three Pokemon EX cards). I normally get at least two SRs from three boxes of boosters per set, but I was kind of >( when I only pulled one SR, although the SR was the very last pack that had a "rare" card I opened...I was convinced that I didn't get any SR cards until Landorus EX SR surprised me right at the end, considering the fact that I kind of pretty much know how the box distribution works and how many rares there are in a booster box :S

Now just need to fill in the holes for the remaining SR/UR cards by waiting the English counterpart to fill in the holes, though I might still get the Japanese ones from Y!J one day if a good deal comes by, since even though the Eng full art cards are now made differently(???) I still prefer the Japanese card finishes more @_@ Those wavy/circlely lines on the Eng full art cards are quite...meh.
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Okay, so Banpresto is releasing some new figures called Chibi Kyun Chara Pokemon figures and they're all adorable <3

But Chibi Kyun Chara Pokemon actually implies that they're also making figures of this series for other fandom :O But that is not the point.

Just when I decided to collect all the Waza Museum and Partners series of figures by Banpresto, they have to make this into a series of releases too, and I simply cannot resist cute Pokemon figures, especially not when there's going to be an entire series of it???

My wallet will definitely not be too happy about this...but I simply cannot resist not collecting this series...


Sunday, 29 July 2012 20:59
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Another 1/8 figure (two for me since I forgot there was a Jude already announced) for me to throw my money at...seriously, at this rate, I'm going to run of of space to store all my 1/8 figures together with my Pokemon collection and sales stock >_>

I wish I didn't love figures that much @_@ I swear one day I'll have my own collection room...somehow.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012 23:19
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Is it just me or are the blister packs for the English Pokemon TCG sets getting crappy very recently? They used to come with promos, basically an English version of the Japanese promo cards, but now they're coming with card reprints from previous BW English Pokemon TCG sets :T Doesn't even come with alternate art...
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Coming in 2013 :')

You have no idea how excited I've suddenly become. Thanks to Tales of Graces f, I already have the console for it.

Means I need to be done with Tales of Graces f by the end of this year latest >_>

And I need to stop procrastinating on releasing stuffs for Eternal :X


Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:27
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How does a Cobalion Pokedoll manage to look grumpy and cute at the same time? :'D


Sunday, 24 June 2012 13:34
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It looks I know for sure now the version for B2W2 I'll be getting. I needed to be 100% sure you get Reshiram from N in White 2, since the info was very fragmented, and finally now I'm 100% sure, even though it's hinted you should be getting Reshiram from the version with White Kyurem on the box art, but I just like being 100% sure :3

Screw me having played Black and getting Black 2 (recommended by some big person related to Game Freak I don't remember who). I decided from the beginning to get the version where I can catch Reshiram as I need to SR for IVs/nature for a better Reshiram than the one I have in Black since you can only guess nature and IVs when you catch it :/

Pokemon White 2 for me please :D