Wednesday, 2 January 2013 13:08
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I need to rant cause I'm really pissed off right now.

So the USPS postage price increase is finalised and the change is going into effect on 27 Jan 2013. And there is a RIDICULOUS PRICE HIKE for first class international packages. It's going to be MORE THAN DOUBLE the price for up to a 2 oz package to mail from the US to me!!! (Of course it's also bad for other international people but this LJ is about me...)

Seriously, WTF USPS, are you trying to stop people from shipping internationally? Or are you trying to drive away customers???

Now I have to think twice about buying things from US sellers (especially at [ profile] pkmncollectors) on top of those in the UK, Canada and Australia, unless it's a high want that I've been looking for for quite a while or I'm getting multiple items to make the shipping actually worth it :T Of course, that's not the worse thing. The worse thing is that the majority of the members at [ profile] pkmncollectors are located in the US. It's bad for the US sellers too cause it means less sales for them. Jeez.

If anyone ever complains my international shipping prices from Singapore (or anyone else in the Asia region really, including Japan seriously) is too high, I will seriously flip tables at them.

Well, looks like it's less money going towards purchases (which means less purchases of older released figures of Pokemon I collect) from non Asian sellers at [ profile] pkmncollectors and more to new things being released in Japan that I want for both Tales of Series and Pokemon (the list contains quite a good number of items already...and some of them I need to get from Y!J) and also for lots at Y!J which contains items that I want and then reselling the other items...
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Please do not suddenly decide that you want to bring in Pokemon Fan. Now I don't know if this is going to be regular and I don't want to depend on you either, and neither do I want to special order if you should decide not to continue bringing it in as it takes about 3 weeks to arrive after release date in Japan and I can only special order it after it's out in Japan and I didn't want to take any chances of your supplier being out of supply.

If you had started bringing it in regularly from last year and beyond, you would have me buying it regularly since last year as it's cheaper for me to buy from you rather than having to get it from an online store in Japan or asking someone in Japan to middleman/pick up a copy for me.

But now you decided that you wanted to bring the latest issue in. Too bad you won't get me as a customer for it as I've already asked [ profile] denkimouse to pick a copy up of the latest issue for me.

Yours sincerely,
Rena Chan, one of your regular customers


Wednesday, 19 September 2012 17:11
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Just taking a look and trying out this new updating interface which is in beta testing...

Why is the font size in the text box so small...

Holy crap the some of the insert HTML tags doesn't work correctly!!! I still need to manually type in the tags, some of them doesn't even insert the words I've selected in between the opening and closing tags...LOL FAIL.

LOL spellchecker red underline for spelling errors...

This thing is still sooooooooooo b

I might as well stick to manually typing in the HTML tags...


Tuesday, 24 July 2012 23:19
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Is it just me or are the blister packs for the English Pokemon TCG sets getting crappy very recently? They used to come with promos, basically an English version of the Japanese promo cards, but now they're coming with card reprints from previous BW English Pokemon TCG sets :T Doesn't even come with alternate art...
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I dunno what is wrong with the post nowadays or the problem is on which country's end, but I have a package that was mailed on 12th May 2012 from the US that still hasn't arrived, super delayed much? But I've received four of my packages within one week of posting which were all mailed after this super delayed package, one from Hong Kong, two from Japan and one from the US(!!!). Mailed before this super delayed US package I had received one package from the US and it took three weeks. Most of the rest from the US took two weeks and one of them from Japan in two weeks, although this Japan package was from the same person as one of the two packages from Japan which I received in one week.

I used to receive my stuff within one week of posting, sometimes a few days more but never more than two weeks. It's not even Christmas period why is the delivery time so...random???

Damn it LJ...

Thursday, 1 September 2011 18:31
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Stop breaking things around the site! Do you know how annoying a broken site layout is???
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This week's chapter of Code: Breaker is AWESOME. NO REALLY REALLY AWESOME.

My awesome package of Pokemon goodies of happiness from [ profile] denkimouse arrived today! \o/ Cute little Electric Zebra of happiness (of course there are other stuff in it). WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE. No photos yet cause I don't have the time today since it's raw week and I need to end a GA tonight and calculate how much was raised =__= I don't have a space for it yet either too, I need to do a collection weeding for my plush first XD;

And a Walking Umbreon Kid which I've managed to snag from a sales by chance. If I was any slower, I wouldn't have gotten it D:


Friday, 3 June 2011 22:20
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I just won a lot of 260 normal Amada Stickers for...180 yen. This is even legal? O_o o_O


Also, Victini Pokedoll. Now my Victini PokeCen plush collection is complete. Unless they release more. Are the Victini Movie Lotto plush prizes considered PokeCen plush???

I am going to be so broke due to the movie merch you have no idea... I need a higher paying job... Currently hunting for a new yeah. I also foresee days of stalking Yahoo!Japan. Especially for the movie lotto prizes.

I also need more [ profile] pkmncollectors members in each other's flist.

P.S. You can find information on all the Pokemon Merch news at [ profile] pkmncollectors using the "info" tag.
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I'm kind of tired of people just randomly using the word "grail" on [ profile] pkmncollectors. From what I understand, isn't the word "grail" supposed to be used only for an item that you, as a Pokemon Collector (I dunno if it's a general term for collectors of anything), really want a lot, but it's hard as heck to find due to it's rarity or it's something that's hard to find and expensive at the same time?

I've seen a lot of Pokemon Collectors at the community using the word so loosely that it's even being used for merchandise that were released not too long ago! And we're talking about merchandise that were released only a few weeks to a few months back which are not extremely rare or highly sought after or anything, not stuff that are at least a few years old :/

As for me, I do not have anything that I want that can really be called a "grail", as I'm mainly focused on building up my Pokemon Collection of mainly Gen 5 Pokemon. I have random things for the previous Gen, but they're mainly not too hard to find items and do not cost hundreds of dollars. I also hate to hunt them down, unless it's something that I really want. With my paycheck, it's much easier for me to go for new merchandise, as I can just get an entire box of newly released Kids, figures, whatever, keep those that I want, and sell those that I don't want to the community members.

At the moment, my Gen 5 collection is looking like this:
Main Collection - Reshiram
Side Collections - Zekrom, Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott, Zoroark (with a tiny bit if Zorua), Victini, Haxorus, Excadrill, Lilligant, Blitzle/Zebstrika

My Reshiram collection consists of all official plushes, any figures that I can get my hands on (I don't get electronic related figures), straps, anything else that catches my fancy.

My side collection mainly consists of anything related to that Pokemon that catches my fancy. There are also stuff of Pokemon of anything else random or catches my fancy.

Stickers are mainly quite random stuff for me.

Oh yes, I also collect the Pokemon TCG. That is the only thing where I don't have any bias on which Pokemon I'm collection since I keep any card that I don't have. I mainly collect US TCG cause I have easy access to them XD;

Now I just need to find a way to put them up with my extremely limited space...though I'm already planning an arrangement for my Gen 5 Pokemon and plushes at least.

Whoever you are...

Thursday, 7 April 2011 09:40
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Whoever you are, STOP DDoS attacking LiveJournal!!! Do you know how many people who have nothing to do with whatever your problem is affected by your inconsiderate act? JUST STOP. NOW.

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Of course, this is something I'm not exactly happy about. I was already almost running late to reach work and I wanted to quickly get something for breakfast so I stepped into Dunkin' Donuts to get a doughnut. So I see only one person around working at that time. She was collecting the cash from other people that were there before me. Okay fine. So she was pretty much done before another person waltzed in, took a sandwich and went to the counter to pay for it. And you know what? That woman served him first! What the hell! I was there first, so why should you be serving that person first???

It was also around that time another person that walked in and started taking a look at the doughnuts that was available. Don't tell me that the woman was going to serve her before me too?

Nonetheless, I walked out after seeing that and went to the bread shop (Bread Society) that was a bit further down and buy a piece of bread for breakfast instead. Talk about being annoyed. On top of that, I'm already running short on time since the bus transport choked for a while (again) this morning :/

If it's one thing I really hate is people jumping queue. Or would this be considered poor service?
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You are driving me crazy today!

Rena Chan

Of ALL the god damn times for MegaUpload's file fetching to not work, it has to happen on raw day(s)! NONE of my raws are being file fetched from my web host to my MegaUpload account...and I'm pretty sure it's their fault cause the site wasn't loading properly a few hours ago. GRRRRRRRRRRR

*smacks MegaUpload one million times*

I am going to bed. PFFT. If it still doesn't work or the file fetching isn't complete when I wake up, there would be hell to pay. Maybe.

The next thing MegaUpload is going to throw at me is their web upload isn't working :/


Monday, 12 October 2009 23:04
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Finally finished Stan scenario in Yggdrasil mode. Although the ending was a bit depressing at first.

"Oh no! We're all stuck in the Demon World!" - Forgot who
"I will use my Lens Energy to blah blah blah" - Dimlos
Insert some dialogue that says that releasing that Lens Energy will kill Dimlos (Ending of Tales of Destiny anyone?)
"No! I won't allow it!" - Stan
Insert some more crap about family and crap
"We can't give up! My dad is a hero blah blah blah... We will all get out alive!" - Kyle (Always with the "Hero/Eiyuu" thing ¬__¬)
Then some more dialogue, then Leon conveniently remembered something. Something about a certain Great Seed...
"That's right! We won the Yggdrasil battle! We haven't used the Great Seed yet!" - Kyle, then he goes find it in his...uhh...belongings?
Then they use the Great Seed to wish them out of the Demon World O_o...

Then black screen. I'm serious. Black screen, then the credits pop up =/

That was...anti-climatic -__- I was expecting more dialogue about them being back on...Earth ~__~

So yeah, Stan's scenario was the last of the 8 scenarios I need to finish before Dhaos's scenario will unlock, along with the character. From Stan's scenario, I unlocked Asch, Ruca and Iria, then finished the scattered parts spread across two other scenarios and unlocked Senel. So, along with Dhaos, that's another 5 more characters unlocked, making 32 characters unlocked and 3 more to go. Finishing Dhaos's scenario will unlock Mint and Barbatos and enable you to unlock the last of the in-game Special Battles you need to beat to unlock Eugene.

Then I speed power up Dhaos with Cless XD That is just wrong lol. Getting ~1800 GP per battle cause Cless is already at 16000 GP and Dhaos was at 0. But I needed to train up Cless anyway to be on par with Kratos cause I need to play through certain parts in all the scenarios in Yggdrasil mode in Hard so that they won't struggle against the opponents in random battles. although there is no issue with the story based battles since the set GP and battle rank doesn't change so being super powered will still enable you to beat it easily... But WHY ARE DHAOS'S ARTES SO TP COSTLY??? Million Assault costs 120 TP to use and it's the only arte that can activate Shin Dhaos Laser...Tetra Spell costs 130 TP and it's not even that useful -__- Just because they're a combination of attacks... Tetra Spell = Ground Dasher + Tidal Wave + Cyclone + Explode, Million Assault = Tetra Assault + Dhaos Crater + Dhaos Laser x3

So far, the characters I enjoy playing the most are Kratos and Kohak. Shing is amusing to play because he can use Beast in the air XD I also like playing Yuri and Richter. Leon isn't too bad for me. Most of the other characters I've played and trained up to around 4000 GP are...okay. But you can't play spell casters by themselves until they're much stronger and don't take as long time to cast their spells.

Damn you Nintendo! )

*face palm*

Saturday, 3 October 2009 19:21
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Oh, so trying to steal PayPal account information isn't enough and now people wants to steal Facebook accounts now? Give up on trying to fool me, you fool scammers/spoofers/whatever. Your URLs don't EVEN point to the website. Not only that, I do not even have a Facebook account so what the hell are you trying to accomplish? And even if I do have a Facebook account, I MOST DEFINITELY WILL NOT REGISTER it under my scanlation group's e-mail address. I would register it under my own personal e-mail address.

Oh yeah, stop trying to steal my PayPal account's info too while you're at it. I DO NOT REGISTER IT under my scanlation group's e-mail address either. It's registered under a more or less private e-mail address which isn't oh so easy to find although you can find it somewhere and only a real human being will be able to find it.

For anyone that has a Facebook account and are somehow pretty gullible to spoofs, please watch out for these spoof e-mails.

Does anyone know whether you can report spoofs to Facebook?
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This is stupid. The cable TV box top that was set to record the three shows that I watch on Saturday (Digimon Data Squad, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension, Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive) failed on me. It just...didn't record it, even though it's been set to series recording =/ The Ben 10 Alien Force episode on Friday didn't record either, but it recorded Monday to Thursday's episodes fine -__- Did that stupid thing go bonkers? This isn't the first time it happened either. Don't tell me I need to start setting the recording every Thursday or Friday just to make sure it works?

Thankfully I have a back up recording set on the VCR, so in the end, I didn't miss anything. THANK GOD FOR BACK UPS. The only way for this to fail is if the VCR got turned off at it's power source (either the plug or a power failure) and all the recording schedules got deleted and I didn't set them back, or the VHS tape decided the break or something, but this hasn't happened...I've had my VHS tapes last for a really long time.

Why is old technology more reliable than the new ones??? Grrr. And I wanted to keep this latest episode of PR: Operation Overdrive too, after watching it and seeing Mack being all funny and awesome at the same time *shot* Not that Tyzonn isn't awesome in his own way XD

Also, I think I've almost found the setting that will get my ToS OVA encodes all nice and no more interlacing/combing and it deinterlacing all the frames, without the video being jerky...tried out more options too and will check and see how they turn out.

And...Lingwe has finally sent the questions for Eternal's scanlator interview over at MangaHelpers O_o Need to think about it before I start working on what I want to say...I'm a bit nervous but I want the answers to be perfect at the same time...


Wednesday, 25 March 2009 22:30
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I dunno why, but for some reason, I'm not in much of a mood to scan Fairy Tail and Code: Breaker tonight (or even do any of my daily internet stuff). Looks like they will only be done tomorrow/friday night. Sorry to all of you that are waiting for my raws D:

It might be because that this is kind of bothering me right now. I've just skimmed through two scanlations for Fairy Tail that was released by INP-Mangaz and I Eat Manga (yes, they're both using Heiji's raws)...both versions have something horribly wrong quality wise with them.

For INP-Mangaz, the cleaning is terrible. The grays are horrible to say the least...and some of the pages look like they're half done. I know Neat Image messes up the grays, heck, I know this cause I've messed around with it before and I know what Neat Image can do to the grays. Neat Image works very well with denoising blacks and whites, but it horribly messes up certain types of grays, though not all grays mind you, Neat Image works very nicely on most of the pages on my Tales of Magazine manga scans (only the character page and the pages with the Tales of Series logo's grays gets messed up) and even tankoubon scans, achieving the same end result as Nagi's ([ profile] chiyo_sama) cleans if done the normal way. Without clever use of filters to fix those grays for WSM or WSJ type of scans, the end result looks horrible (That is why M-Hario's cleans look wonderful, and I know Neat Image did indeed mess up the grays, but it was fixed up nicely).

For I Eat Manga, the double pages are not joined into one image. Seriously, is it really that hard to tell if something is a double page or not? Even before I got my copy of this week's Weekly Shounen Magazine, I already knew that Fairy Tail has two double pages this week from Heiji's raws. Of course, since the original raws were kind of blur, sharpening was somewhat done to it and overall it doesn't look very nice still >__o Not only that, the quality ain't even better than Franky House's releases, and it doesn't seem to maintain a stable quality...either =/

Edit: I just looked at pi_te_ku's release now...and theirs too also have issues. The grays are okay, don't look bad, but...they didn't join the double pages properly -__-. Not only that, they didn't crop away the excess black parts that is not part of the page (due to the original raw). Again, I consider those pages half-done. Not to mention they forgot to put in the credits ~__~

Also, I don't think people should worry too much about losing art to cropping cause after doing so much scanning, I've found out that there really is no way to not lose any art at the sides to cropping after rotation, especially if the page itself is originally crooked and if you want to make it straight, and well, you should make it straight cause it looks nicer. Even if the original page itself is straight, you'll still lose a bit of stuff from the sides, though not as much. The only way not to lose anything is to redraw the missing parts, and I find that it really isn't worth the time at all... As for double pages, they're just sometimes misaligned, and sometimes one of the page is higher than the other to get it aligned, and it's also the fault of the original, and the only way to fix it is to redraw, which...isn't worth the time if you're just going to lose some art at the top or the bottom, but you'll definitely have to redraw the centre where the two pages join...haha.
> End Edit

In the end, I'm just really sad that the manga scanlation community has come to this state, it's all about speed and not quality now, considering I've been amongst the community for 10 years or so, and I myself have contributed quite a lot to it. Not to mention that I'm quite picky about quality (which is also why I'm picky over the people that wants to join Eternal).

Sigh...Where is Ju-da-su ([ profile] argentum_canine)...I think I need someone to chat with over on MSN, especially when working on stuff for WSM D: Maybe I should just go and play Pokemon Platinum instead...I can't do anything that needs this type of concentration if I'm in this mood. *sigh* Is there anyway you can be online tomorrow night when continuing my scanning for WSM this week? Even if it's just you being random or weird, at least it takes all these things that are bothering me at away...


Sunday, 15 March 2009 22:55
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As usual, mee-to-ichi FAILED TO UPLOAD their releases to a better file sharing site like MediaFire or MegaUpload, DESPITE MY COMPLAINS, and now, I can't download the latest releases of Code: Breaker AGAIN. JUST GO TO HELL, YOU STUPID FAILURE, LOCKING OUT THE MANY PEOPLE THAT WANTS TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE, GOOD JOB. I know you told me that you have a SLOW ASS internet, and I told you "Why don't you use one of those upload slots to upload it to MediaFire or MangaHelper's servers at least?" And yet, my ADVICE WENT UNHEARD.


GODDAMN IT MEE-TO-ICHI, YOU SUCK SO MUCH. I wish zeddin wasn't so damn busy with real life and can keep up with scanlating Code: Breaker weekly.


Friday, 27 February 2009 21:44
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I've been trying to download mee-to-ichi's release of Code: Breaker Code 32 and 33 for like the past two hours but the download links on the file sharing sites SUCK BIG TIME. Why can't the group's founder upload it to better file sharing sites like MegaUpload and MediaFire? Or better yet, upload it to the MangaHelpers server (since you're already announcing your release at the site)? Not everyone has the time to hammer all these sucky file sharing sites (and expect them to pay to download only a file or once in a while) just to download one file.

I don't understand why scanlation groups that cannot afford to have direct downloads on whatever place they're putting their website make use of MangaHelpers servers to upload their releases. That way, people won't have an issue downloading and having free file hosting websites as mirror download links... :/



Sunday, 15 February 2009 18:16
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I've been getting more and more of these scam e-mails in my Yahoo! Mail lately. Just what is with all these people trying to scam people of their money? Don't tell me this is due to the economic crisis? Like scamming people would make the economic crisis better :/

I think the e-mail providers need a "Report Scam" button on top of "Report Spam" button now, and scam guard on top of spam guard. I've been flagging these as spam, but in reality, they're really scams.



Sunday, 4 January 2009 16:34
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The entire house is so damn...quiet. It's driving me nuts. I'm in no mood to do anything related to manga scanlation or scan anything because of the atmosphere.

I keep telling my bro to play Devil May Cry 3, but he says that today is the last day of the Christmas event in CABAL and he wants to farm more socks. Okay...then...SO CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY IS HE SLEEPING RIGHT NOW??? =T

No sound except the sound of my typing and the sound of my fan is driving me nuts. Maybe I'll go play some video games just to put some sound into the house D:

I NEED SOME SOUND COMING FROM THE TV!!! sadfklsajfsklafjaslfjaslkfjasj