Tuesday, 12 June 2012

eternal_rena: (Yuri =/)
I dunno what is wrong with the post nowadays or the problem is on which country's end, but I have a package that was mailed on 12th May 2012 from the US that still hasn't arrived, super delayed much? But I've received four of my packages within one week of posting which were all mailed after this super delayed package, one from Hong Kong, two from Japan and one from the US(!!!). Mailed before this super delayed US package I had received one package from the US and it took three weeks. Most of the rest from the US took two weeks and one of them from Japan in two weeks, although this Japan package was from the same person as one of the two packages from Japan which I received in one week.

I used to receive my stuff within one week of posting, sometimes a few days more but never more than two weeks. It's not even Christmas period why is the delivery time so...random???