Monday, 7 December 2009 22:06
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Stopped playing Tales of VS for a while and finally picked it up again. Finished Cless and Kratos, Lloyd and Colette scenarios in Hard mode. Still haven't unlocked Eugene...I don't particularly like to do Special Battles, but I will finish them...EVENTUALLY!!!

Cless and Kratos scenario still remains my favourite, and after playing through Lloyd and Colette scenario a second time, I somehow managed to understand more of it compared to the first playthrough. Also got 100% in the Event Library for their scenario.

Also started playing Star Ocean: First Departure. I got the game like AGES ago (which is when I bought my PSP and I also bought Star Ocean: Second Evolution at the same time) but wasn't quite in the drive...to play it. And considering when I bought my PSP, the release date for Pokemon Platinum was pretty close so I ended up not playing much on the my PSP.

Although...as I went through the game and looked at the guidebook, I was going "WTF!?" The character recruitment was pretty confusing and was making my head hurt somehow, deciding who to go with for my first playthrough... I went "WTF!?" more when I discovered that I'm lacking a healer for a good portion of the game, after entering the Time Gate, and the first healer I'm going to come across is...Ioshua... ~__~ Looks like I'll need to remember to stock on Blueberries and give the Herbology skill a little boost...

Star Ocean 2 character recruitment is so much less confusing...mind you, I've played the original Star Ocean 2 game that was localised in the US on the Playstation to death, and I know the game like the back of my hand, which characters I like to use and whatnot, so I won't have problems playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution, even with the minor changes to the battle system. Plus you don't get separated from the game's main healer for such a long time (in fact you're always with a healer if you play Rena's scenario, and for Claude's scenario, Rena joins permanently pretty early and Claude is easy to level up when he still has the Phase Gun) :/

Well, I'll survive, I guess...


Saturday, 17 October 2009 17:43
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I finally opened my set of Tales of Series Prop Plus Petite (I received it like about two weeks ago..) after [livejournal.com profile] chiyo_sama "exploded" on me for still not opening my box yet, and I got the exact same stuff as what she got...

Coincidence? I doubt it. All the boxes were probably packed this way.

This is how they look like

As of now, I have one of the two Kratos and Yuri sitting on my comp desk right now. Yay for my two most favourtie Tales of Series characters. I may throw more of them on my comp desk or maybe even on the shelves in my room...but it remains to be seen...

I really need to get myself a digital camera. I don't like to take photos with my camera on my handphone since it's so crappy. Maybe after I get my 13 month bonus at the end of this year, I'll just get something between 8 to 10 mega pixels which doesn't cost a bomb and is a Canon or Sony brand digital camera, especially since I still want to get a new widescreen monitor with HDMI support (and I can use it for my 360 also since I lack a HD TV at home and the small fonts are killing me plus I may be getting a PS3 slim next year too), then I'll take photos of the oh so awesome Kratos and Yuri camping on my computer desk.

Still no update on the status of my Wii though. Maybe I'll pop by the shop on Monday to check.

Still waiting for Tales of Vesperia One Coin Grande Figures to be released... Hopefully next year. I may actually have to get two boxes depending on how many figures is in the complete set...

I just got an awesome idea though. I lack the space to actually display my Tales of figures so they're like still in their plastic bags in the box but I just realised I can actually rotate them and put them on my computer desk. Or I could just stick to putting my favourites on it until I can either like get my own flat/room at least and I can get a display case and put all of them there...

And yes, I sped played through Dhaos's scenario and completed it. Now that I've finished all the scenarios, even though I don't understand most of the dialogue, it doesn't take someone that knows Japanese to realise that all the scenarios does not link properly at all...some of the parts link, but most of them don't or does not even make sense. Like you fight Cless and Kratos in Yuri and Farah scenario but you don't fight Yuri and Farah in Cless and Kratos scenario. Luke cuts his hair at different parts of the story for Luke and Tear scenario vs. Jade and Anise scenario. These are just some examples of things that doesn't link. Now the way Dhaos's scenario was structured though, it completely threw me off, and his scenario does not make much sense at all...

So all that's left now to unlock is Eugene, finish up all the download battles and train up characters more for the heck of it.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009 22:22
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It feels kind of depressing for me when trying to play through Dhaos's scenario -__- Anyway, I'm only going through it once, since once is enough to get 100% for the Event Library. I already did the part I need to do in Hard mode to get one of the character cards which unlocks the playable character on the card for Tales of Wallbreaker. I guess I'll just switch to Hard only for the event I need to beat in Hard mode to get the card, then switch back to Easy or Normal, then finish the rest of it up...I don't want to leave it halfway done since you can only have one save per scenario. Although I might play Unknown for the heck of it when I have Characters maxed out XD Some of the tiles are unlocked via playing higher difficulties and you can also only get some of the Custom Rules for Arcade battle by finishing the game in a higher difficulty...

And I found out that in hard mode, apparently for the main game battles, the set GP increases by around 15000 GP. Ow. Good thing I powered Dhaos to around 23000 GP so I can still win whatever I need to do in Hard Mode okay. I did not foresee this. Thank you Cless for the fact that I need to boost you up to at least 40000 GP...

I could probably go through Cless and Kratos scenario in Hard mode all the way though. I found out I'm actually pretty violent when playing Cless, for some reason. But that's besides the point. What makes their scenario so easy to play is the fact that Kratos can heal himself and Cless, and Cless can heal himself. And my Kratos's First Aid is near instant, so much that I need to delay it to target my partner...


Monday, 12 October 2009 23:04
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Finally finished Stan scenario in Yggdrasil mode. Although the ending was a bit depressing at first.

"Oh no! We're all stuck in the Demon World!" - Forgot who
"I will use my Lens Energy to blah blah blah" - Dimlos
Insert some dialogue that says that releasing that Lens Energy will kill Dimlos (Ending of Tales of Destiny anyone?)
"No! I won't allow it!" - Stan
Insert some more crap about family and crap
"We can't give up! My dad is a hero blah blah blah... We will all get out alive!" - Kyle (Always with the "Hero/Eiyuu" thing ¬__¬)
Then some more dialogue, then Leon conveniently remembered something. Something about a certain Great Seed...
"That's right! We won the Yggdrasil battle! We haven't used the Great Seed yet!" - Kyle, then he goes find it in his...uhh...belongings?
Then they use the Great Seed to wish them out of the Demon World O_o...

Then black screen. I'm serious. Black screen, then the credits pop up =/

That was...anti-climatic -__- I was expecting more dialogue about them being back on...Earth ~__~

So yeah, Stan's scenario was the last of the 8 scenarios I need to finish before Dhaos's scenario will unlock, along with the character. From Stan's scenario, I unlocked Asch, Ruca and Iria, then finished the scattered parts spread across two other scenarios and unlocked Senel. So, along with Dhaos, that's another 5 more characters unlocked, making 32 characters unlocked and 3 more to go. Finishing Dhaos's scenario will unlock Mint and Barbatos and enable you to unlock the last of the in-game Special Battles you need to beat to unlock Eugene.

Then I speed power up Dhaos with Cless XD That is just wrong lol. Getting ~1800 GP per battle cause Cless is already at 16000 GP and Dhaos was at 0. But I needed to train up Cless anyway to be on par with Kratos cause I need to play through certain parts in all the scenarios in Yggdrasil mode in Hard so that they won't struggle against the opponents in random battles. although there is no issue with the story based battles since the set GP and battle rank doesn't change so being super powered will still enable you to beat it easily... But WHY ARE DHAOS'S ARTES SO TP COSTLY??? Million Assault costs 120 TP to use and it's the only arte that can activate Shin Dhaos Laser...Tetra Spell costs 130 TP and it's not even that useful -__- Just because they're a combination of attacks... Tetra Spell = Ground Dasher + Tidal Wave + Cyclone + Explode, Million Assault = Tetra Assault + Dhaos Crater + Dhaos Laser x3

So far, the characters I enjoy playing the most are Kratos and Kohak. Shing is amusing to play because he can use Beast in the air XD I also like playing Yuri and Richter. Leon isn't too bad for me. Most of the other characters I've played and trained up to around 4000 GP are...okay. But you can't play spell casters by themselves until they're much stronger and don't take as long time to cast their spells.

Damn you Nintendo! )


Thursday, 1 October 2009 21:10
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Just finished Leon and Kyle scenario and unlocked Stan. The story was okay...not that I understand much of it...other than revenge thing with Stan and Kyle wanting to meet with his father... Can't figure out the deal with Leon though...

That makes 27 characters and 8 more to go, plus two more Yggdrasil mode scenarios to beat. I have to uber build up Stan to be pretty strong though, since his scenario is mainly a solo one and the last few fights are quite...strong...Barbatos at 15000 set GP -__- Although you'll be aided by Leon and Kyle at 5000 set GP, I can't really rely too much on that, since the AI is dumb and a Mystic Arte by Barbatos is like an instant kill on them...although it's not very hard to avoid it from activating...just don't pick up/use(?) any items when Barbatos is in Overlimit...

As for Shaymin, I got it with a Timid nature and Superior Overall IVs, near max IVs for Special Attack and Speed. Got the Gracedia flowers and changed it into Sky Forme to put it into my Pokedex. It was easy to catch...Shaymin has a 45 catch rate and having a Timid Syncronizer makes it go that much faster since I'll be getting Timid nature most of the time (compared to Darkrai with a 3 catch rate -__-). It's not an uber powerful IVs Shaymin, since most of the other IVs are hovering at around 19, but good enough I guess...

I still need to find the time to get Darkrai... =S
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I got my Tales of VS Official Complete Guide a few days ago, and it's already helping me. With things. Especially the equipment, skills and titles plus how you can get it. I also found out that titles in the game affects your stats when equipped. It doesn't affect your final stats, those are fixed, but rather, it gives a small percentage of stat boosts or much better stat boosts in exchange for reduction in another stat for the same percentage.

I ended up replaying Cless and Kratos scenario one more time to get the last missing event in the Event Library in my Collection. Stupid game. I could have gotten it all on my second playthrough, but the damn game fooled me...just because I play Kratos *shakes fist* But anyway, THANK YOU TOVS OFFICIAL COMPLETE GUIDE FOR TELLING ME WHAT I'M MISSING *o*

Finished Mao and Caius scenario. It was quite interesting... It revealed who Mao really was... Also unlocked Nanaly, Harold and Presea. 26 characters and 9 more to go!

Currently going through Leon and Kyle scenario.

Anyone wants to help me translate (from Jap->Eng) what each Priority Action do? I need to know so I can set the AI up better...
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Running out of titles XD

Just finished Jade and Anise scenario. It was kind of short...and a bit boring. More replica business and Asch being his stupid "I hate replicas!" and Dhaos "I will seal the World Tree!" and crap, just like Luke and Tear scenario >__>

Final boss was the same as Luke and Tear. I liked Luke and Tear scenario more. But my favourite is still Cless and Kratos ^__^"

I also ended up finishing every single battle with Mystic Cage...ahahahahahahah

Though a bit boring, from their scenario, I unlocked Philia and Kongman, Chester and Arche. So now, I have 23 characters unlocked. 12 more to go!

Just started with Mao and Caius scenario. I'll also be speed building up Kyle and Leon with one of my other stronger characters with a strong weapon equipped for their scenario.

Also, I've been using Kratos and Yuri to earn Gald. So the both of them are now like my strongest characters XD


Monday, 14 September 2009 00:00
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Just wanted to post something as an excuse to use this icon XD

Finished Cless and Kratos scenario in Tales of VS. I think I loved it too much that I played through it a second time and getting the Cless route at one part of it since I did Kratos route the first time round for my Event Libary in the Collection gallery where you can playback the dialogue and stuff in each scenario, if you've gotten them.

Some spoilers for Tales of VS )

I've also found an easy to train up weaker characters real quickly. Just need a strong physical attacking character that is properly equipped and some skills (and easy mode). Then use Quick Battle, control that character (I used Yuri at first, then started using some other characters like Judith and Richter for some other characters), then set the character you want to train as your team partner (put him/her in the same team as your controlling character) then set two other characters, preferably weak defense type characters that doesn't do much physical damage (I use Tear and Mao, but you'll need to be able to interrupt casting on your controlled character easily) into two separate teams (Team B and Team C of one character each) so that they will also attack each other besides you and your partner in the same team, any battlefield you want (I use random though so I don't have to fight in the same battlefield every time), one life match at 3 minutes. With this setup, the two opponents will be at the same strength (set GP and GP) as your controlled character and you will get more GP per battle depending on how strong they are. Then you just need to knock out the other two characters before the three minutes is up. It doesn't matter if your partner gets knocked out. As long as you knock out the other two characters before the battle ends due to time limit, you win. Though you might need to switch opponents as the cast speed of the mages get faster. You need to have a good physical and magical defense just in case though, a character that can heal (Like Kratos and Richter) that are both quite strong offensive and defensive wise is good too, in case you do get blasted by magic.

If I used Yuri, who is at 7400+ GP, both characters will be getting 500+ GP per battle, and 5 or 6 battles is enough to learn all the Artes and the Mystic Arte for that character. Great way to quickly build up a character for Yggdrasil mode.

On the other hand, I finally started watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Only watched two episodes for now though.

Just a reminder, Fan sumbissions for Eternal's Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 releases


Saturday, 5 September 2009 22:35
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Man, I just finished Luke and Tear scenario in Yggdrasil mode and unlocked Jade and Anise (and their scenario for Yggdrasil mode). Too many replica business in their scenario :S Although...TAKE THAT ASCH!!! RADIANT HOWL!!! Pwned.

Tried pairing Jade and Anise for some quick battles, and I'm not doing too good... :S I'm not very good with either characters and Anise is very slow for a fighter (Jade is slow at running too -.-). I guess I might have trouble playing either of them and going through their scenario in Yggdrasil mode. Of course, this would be a problem since their scenario is the one that fights the stronger version of the characters in the side quests in order to unlock them...I may have to over train them...hahahahah...I barely manage to get by...they get knocked out too much, even more so than me pairing Judith and Rita :S God, I'm better with Judith compared to either of them -__-" I might need to swap to train between Jade, Anise, Judith and Rita, like pairing Judith and Jade together and Anise and Rita together. With this setup I have a somewhat decent character I can control and can still train them up...

Side quests in Lloyd and Colette scenario then side quests in Cless and Kratos scenario is the one that unlocked Rita and Judith, Shing and Kohak. Piece of cake since I can play either one of them easily...

I'm shocked at how much Kratos knows, as usual...he even knows what a Spirune and the Despair disease is... Shing jumping into the volcano after Kohak's Spirune and Kohak running after him. Cless was about to go after them but Kratos, being the sensible one, grabbed Cless and escaped. Then they found them later, barely alive. Kratos casts First Aid on both of them...and they live! XD

Also, one of Cless's titles is "NOT Ossan". It really cracked me up. Okay, Kratos is an "Ossan", but definitely not Cless XP

Played a bit of Cless and Kratos scenario and did another side quest thing...and unlocked Richter.

I rock house with Kratos (and Yuri of course XD)

19 characters unlocked, 16 more to go...
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Cutting your hair and deciding to be Tear's partner for the Yggdrasil battle and fighting for her...her reason she became a Cigrus and joined the Yggdrasil Battle for the Great Seed... *shot*


Luke started off without any reason to fight in the Yggdrasil Battle too ¬__¬

Yeah, there is this replica business too...

On a roll?

Wednesday, 2 September 2009 00:03
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After playing a bit more of Cless and Kratos scenario in Yggdrasil mode, I've unlocked Rita and Judith, and later, Shing and Kohak.

That makes 16 characters playable now. 19 more to unlock =X

I got to figure out how to do some of the crazy Special Battles with their rules and requirements, and you can't use characters that you trained. The downloadable ones are not that critical, although I'd like to do them to get the item to use, but I need to do the 20 in game ones as that is how to unlock Eugene...

Time for bed.
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Finished Lloyd and Colette's scenario in Yggdrasil mode and unlocked Cless and Kratos *glomps Kratos*. Training them up to finish their scenario.
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Finally caught up with reading my flist journal entries which had accumulated since...Sunday. Well, this isn't the first time I had done this, but never for such a long period...normally I would read it by Wednesdays since it's WSM raw day, but this week...meh. I only pushed it to today cause I was taking a whole day annual leave from work...

In Tales of VS news, I finally finished training up Lloyd and Colette and am now going through their scenario in Yggdrasil mode. Will be training up Luke and Tear for their scenario randomly and also playing Yuri and Farah more to earn more gald. Still addicted to the game XD

Going back to work tomorrow. I was actually thinking of taking tomorrow off too, but I need to go to Kinokuniya Liang Court branch to pick up Tales of Magazine Vol 12 and Dengeki Maoh October issue since they came in today's air shipment, and I won't feel like going there if I don't go to work. It's a 15 min bus ride from my workplace. So much more convenient. I'll also be checking whether Dissidia Final Fantasy is in at the game shop I normally buy from since I pass by there on the way to the bus stop to take the bus to Liang Court. Another reason I can't wait is because the 20% member discount is going to end like this coming Monday, and I really want to catch that before it's over. Saves me a bit more money. I could go there during my lunch time on Monday, but I need to collect my copy of Tales of the Abyss Anime Vol 7 DVD which came already but no one was home to receive it when the postman tried to deliver it, so I have it redirected to a post office near my workplace so that I can go pick it up during my lunch hour. You have to collect it within a certain time...and I hate going to Liang Court after work on weekdays due to road traffic.

I can't wait to get Tales of Magazine Vol 12 though. It's a Tales of Vesperia special issue and I'm going to use the cover pic (they have one without all the text on it inside which can be scanned) and put it for my cellphone's wallpaper XD

I also need to make a wallpaper for my PSP...

Hi Tales of VS!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009 22:43
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Just finished Yuri and Farah's scenario in Yggdrasil mode for Tales of VS. today. Unlocked Mao and Caius together with their Yggdrasil mode scenario.

After doing some research, it seems that some of the characters do not have a scenario in Yggdrasil mode. The only way to level them is through Quick Battle, then doing Arcade Battle, Survival Battle or Single Battle. Of course, you can level any character using Quick Battle, regardless whether they have a scenario or not. I also did some research on how to unlock the characters, and I think basically all of them have been listed. I'm almost done training Lloyd and Colette up and I'll be shooting through their scenario in Yggdrasil mode next to unlock Cless and Kratos.

I've also been randomly training up characters using Quick Battle.

So yeah, I'm still addicted to the game XD


Saturday, 15 August 2009 18:14
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Just came back from a day at a Toys, Games and Comics convention. Needless to say, I didn't find anything interesting though (Why is there no Tales of Series stuff =[), and there are hardly...any games =/ It's more focused on toys (like collectibles, figures, etc) and comics and anime =S But there were a few cosplayers there o_o...But no Tales =X Not popular enough I guess. There were a lot I didn't recognize, but it looks like they're from Naruto and various other anime. There were a bunch of Bleach cosplayers, one from the main male character from The World Ends with You (I dunno his name). But my favourite was the one cosplaying Cloud from FFVII Advent Children XP I should have taken a photo with my crappy camera on my handphone...

Though the main reason I went there was to...turn some Gashapon capsule machines *shot* Didn't have any fandom I was too interested in, but there were some Pokemon stuff, so I turned some of those that you can use to hang at portable things you own, like your handphone, PSP or even Nintendo DS. I turned five capsules and ended up with a Giratina Origin Forme, Shaymin Sky Forme, Dialga (<3)...and two Pikachu (>___> I'm wondering what to do with the extra Pikachu). I was thinking on whether to continue turning more...but decided not to. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should have, and try for the other Shaymin Sky Forme (it's nicer too =[) and Palkia. Then try for Darkrai and/or Giratina Another Forme if I had extra money left. What is Dialga without Palkia? It feels...incomplete...

Been playing Tales of VS. recently. I ended up neglecting Pokemon Platinum again =X But the game is kind of addicting...DX Although I don't understand the dialogue and the conversation that happens (not like ToVS is meant to have any fancy story since it's main focus is really, well, building up your character and fighting), but I'm kind of having fun hammering my opponents and building up the characters. You can only build up your characters by fighting in Yggdrasil Mode, and which character you build up depends on whose scenario you're playing. I'm currently playing Yuri and Farah scenario, trying to get 2500 GP and enable the use of Mystic Artes (I really want Yuri to be yelling "Zankouroueijin!"), then maybe I'll build up the characters in the other three scenarios before finishing up the four scenarios and unlock more character scenarios. The reason I started with Yuri and Farah...was because of...Yuri XD Kratos isn't available yet, so no Kratos to train up yet =(


Saturday, 8 August 2009 15:50
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I went for a little window shopping today at a new shopping mall that just opened. I actually got an e-mail saying that a shop has 20% discount storewide during this National Day, so I went and see if there was anything interesting. Needless to say, I came across a game shop at that very same shopping mall while going up to the floor where the shop I'm going is.

Now, I have this habit of going into a game shop whenever I spy a new one that I've never been to before to do price checks on roughly how much they sell games for. I actually already know a shop that sells cheaper than all of the places I know so I always use this shop's prices as a guideline, but I'm always hunting down more shops to look for games since this shop I frequent don't always have what I'm looking for. So if the price is within the reasonable range, I will remember the shop as one of the places to look for games.

So this shop, after looking through the Xbox 360, Wii and NDS Games, I concluded that the price range was reasonable enough so I make a note of this new shop that I can come to look for games. I actually wanted to get King of Fighters XII (NTSC-J Asia version for the Xbox 360), so I'm currently looking at the prices (and then there is this shop where I have some shop credit with them from selling some games I no longer want to them and was looking to use it up on either a new or used copy of a game I wanted or a second Xbox 360 wireless controller, but the price of the game is higher than the shop I frequent). I was wondering whether to get it from there. However, at that point, I haven't finished looking through the shop yet. It was only half the shop I've looked through, so there were games for the PS3 and PSP I haven't looked at yet. Naturally I skipped the PS3 section since I don't have a PS3 yet so I don't bother looking at PS3 games, walked across someone trying out the Wii (I think I blocked the sensor bar for a second there, since I spied where it was too late to avoid it :P) and came to the PSP section. Just as I was looking through the games, I saw a game I didn't quite expected to see. It was...

Tales of VS

Yes, I got tempted there, especially seeing the game sitting on the shelf. Now mind you, it's quite rare to find a shop here in Singapore that carries Japanese games also on top of English games, that's why I wasn't expecting to see it on the shelf (they also had Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Edition O_o).

So I took it from the shelf to look at it, then put it back and went over to the PS2 section to see what they have while muttering to myself about Tales of VS, not that I'm really looking for anything for the PS2, except for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (but I'm going to buy the Wii version from Play-Asia since they have it really cheap, but they have both Ar Tonelico games, but not going to play that though). After looking at the PS2 section, I stood up and went back to the shelf and took a copy of Tales of VS and bought it >__> I wasn't actually planning on buying Tales of VS since the only place I can normally buy Japanese games from is Play-Asia and really can't be bothered about it...

So...uh, yeah. After that, I went up to the shop I was supposed to go to, looked through everything but didn't see anything I wanted to buy from there, and went home.

I can't wait to try out Tales of VS though. But my PSP is out of power since I haven't used it for a long time (damn PSP still using the battery power even though it's turned off), so I need to charge it first...