Thursday, 24 November 2011 21:06
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Looks like Alter is going to be taking my money again. Another new 1/8 figure announced for who knows when in 2012...and they're already taking my money for one in April 2012.

Now it would be awesome if Alter made a 1/8 figure of Kratos. I'll be staring at it everyday.

I need to use this more often. It is painfully bare.


Saturday, 17 October 2009 17:43
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I finally opened my set of Tales of Series Prop Plus Petite (I received it like about two weeks ago..) after [livejournal.com profile] chiyo_sama "exploded" on me for still not opening my box yet, and I got the exact same stuff as what she got...

Coincidence? I doubt it. All the boxes were probably packed this way.

This is how they look like

As of now, I have one of the two Kratos and Yuri sitting on my comp desk right now. Yay for my two most favourtie Tales of Series characters. I may throw more of them on my comp desk or maybe even on the shelves in my room...but it remains to be seen...

I really need to get myself a digital camera. I don't like to take photos with my camera on my handphone since it's so crappy. Maybe after I get my 13 month bonus at the end of this year, I'll just get something between 8 to 10 mega pixels which doesn't cost a bomb and is a Canon or Sony brand digital camera, especially since I still want to get a new widescreen monitor with HDMI support (and I can use it for my 360 also since I lack a HD TV at home and the small fonts are killing me plus I may be getting a PS3 slim next year too), then I'll take photos of the oh so awesome Kratos and Yuri camping on my computer desk.

Still no update on the status of my Wii though. Maybe I'll pop by the shop on Monday to check.

Still waiting for Tales of Vesperia One Coin Grande Figures to be released... Hopefully next year. I may actually have to get two boxes depending on how many figures is in the complete set...

I just got an awesome idea though. I lack the space to actually display my Tales of figures so they're like still in their plastic bags in the box but I just realised I can actually rotate them and put them on my computer desk. Or I could just stick to putting my favourites on it until I can either like get my own flat/room at least and I can get a display case and put all of them there...

And yes, I sped played through Dhaos's scenario and completed it. Now that I've finished all the scenarios, even though I don't understand most of the dialogue, it doesn't take someone that knows Japanese to realise that all the scenarios does not link properly at all...some of the parts link, but most of them don't or does not even make sense. Like you fight Cless and Kratos in Yuri and Farah scenario but you don't fight Yuri and Farah in Cless and Kratos scenario. Luke cuts his hair at different parts of the story for Luke and Tear scenario vs. Jade and Anise scenario. These are just some examples of things that doesn't link. Now the way Dhaos's scenario was structured though, it completely threw me off, and his scenario does not make much sense at all...

So all that's left now to unlock is Eugene, finish up all the download battles and train up characters more for the heck of it.


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