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I just pre-ordered this...

I really couldn't resist. This figure of Okumura Rin is simply too beautiful, it's a 1/8 scale figure, and most of all, it has Kuro on it together with Rin!!! <3 <3 <3

Note to self...I will only collect Ao no Exorcist merch EXTREMELY selectively, getting only things I REALLY REALLY REALLY like and IT HAS TO BE for my favourite characters as I cannot afford another full blown collection...

Okay. Now I'll have to check out again the two figures of Rin and Yukio that Banpresto is going to be releasing for their prize machines in Dec and see if I really like them enough to get them. Got to check out the local import store's Dec catalogue again the next time I go there...


13/9/12 15:17 (UTC)
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Kuro!!! <3 <3 <3

Incidentally, this is not the first AnE merch I have. I have in my possession which I just got at the beginning of the month (which was released in Aug) a keychain plush of Kuro released by Banpresto :D

I didn't know you read/watch Ao no Exorcist :o

13/9/12 15:26 (UTC)
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Aww nice<3

Haha, watched the anime last year, got hooked. Though the second half was weird, so I decided to get the manga too since it's being localized here. As expected, I like the manga-only chapter much better than the anime-only part XD
Can't wait for vol.9 (November... ;_;)

13/9/12 15:34 (UTC)
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I personally hated the anime and the direction it went in the end. I was going "What the hell" literally when it deviated from the manga right until the end of it and I started off AnE with the manga.

But yes, the manga is definitely better than the anime :D :D :D

I don't supposed you can get Japanese vols from where you are? Vol 9 Jap vol was just released. Is the one you're reading French/German? Cause the vol 8 English by Viz is only going to be out in Nov apparently. I'm watching for the later English vols at my local Kino since I got tired of waiting for decent/good scanlations for it. The original group and t/ler that scanlated it have all been sucked up by RL and all the scanlations that are being released of the latest chapters after that are kind of rubbish with poor quality and I don't trust the translations...don't even know if the translator actually reads the manga, so I'm going to be getting the Eng vols that contain the chapters that are after the last chapter of the scanlation that group released.

I do own every single already released Jap vols though :D
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13/9/12 15:49 (UTC)
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Hahaha, well, I was being mild in case you liked it, but yeah, the direction it took after the deviation was terrible. The art, music and voices were pretty good though. But the manga is soooo much better!

No, I don't get the jp volumes. Could order them online, but what's the point when it's coming out here in my mother tongue XD
Plus, the French translation is stellar. And they often add little extras. And the material quality of the volumes is great. I've fallen in love with this editor<3

lol fail scanlations. Some people don't care about quality... Well, supporting localizations is good! (not for the wallet tho lol but no choice)

14/9/12 01:26 (UTC)
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Haha, don't worry. The anime sucks, period. I was actually expecting better =/ At least the art and voices were a plus point (and Rin's VA is going to be Ogami's VA for the Code:Breaker anime O-o)

For myself, I still read scanlations, but only because I don't have a bazillion $$$ to spend on randomly buying manga, so they're always good for me to see what the story is about. And I buy the Jap vols of manga that I really, really, really support the author haha.

14/9/12 15:51 (UTC)
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Haha yeah, I should probably do that more often lol. Sometimes I just buy manga because the cover looks nice. Not very smart of me... But I don't like reading on the computer, so... Usually now I discover new stuff through the anime, and if I like it enough (Kimi ni Todoke, Natsume Yuujinchou<3) or want to see the original because the anime went weird after the deviation (Kuroshitsuji, AoEx...), I get the manga. Whoever's editing it plays into it too. For example, I wanted to get the Gosick manga, but I loathe Soleil (bad translations and high prices, no thanks), so I can do without. Anything Kazé or Ki-oon is always welcome though<3 Yay for good editors~

13/9/12 17:09 (UTC)
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Oh, of course. Of course Amiami puts it up right after I order one from Hobby Search. (I plan to be gone for a good chunk of the day and was worried I would miss the pre-orders if I didn't order him from somewhere last night.)

I hear you on being selective. Aside from this, the only AnE merch I have is a Kuro phone strap. And I'll probably get a Kuro plush eventually.

14/9/12 01:28 (UTC)
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I guess you didn't have the luck? But well, erm, pre-orders don't run out THAT fast. You can pre-order about a day or 2 later and you're still guaranteed your item ^^;

14/9/12 02:37 (UTC)
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Usually true, but I've seen pre-orders sell out within 2-3 hours for certain One Piece figures. I didn't really want to risk it.

14/9/12 02:38 (UTC)
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You cannot compare One Piece to AnE...AnE has a certain level of popularity, but not on the level of OP O-o;