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I'm talking about these walky style icons (see my current icon) that were being made sometime mid last year by [ profile] lmoast from a piece of art that was done by some person on pixiv and I know that artist drew one of every Pokemon. I was actually waiting for more of them to be done as icons but it's been more than a year already and I don't see more of them made into icons, I really love the art.

So after seeing the Keldeo Resolute Forme of it, I decided that I didn't want to wait anymore as I really want icons of all the Pokemon which I collect (and this set of art is my favourite) so I went off to hunt for the original piece of art...and found it.

So now I'm going to start making every single Walky style Pokemon done by that artist into an icon (600+ icons!!!) >_o

So quick question to people on my flist that uses Pokemon icons, have you ever seen anyone make them all into icons already? If it's already been done before could you direct me to it? Tried searching around but can't find anything, not a lot of people seem to be making Pokemon icons least not on LJ, before I start to make an icon of all the Walky style Pokemon from this art one by one... @_@

If there is no reply, I'll just go ahead and do them all...since I want one of each for myself XD
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