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Looks like it's going to be harder than I thought to collect an entire set of Pokemon Chibi Kyun Chara figures due to some of them being limited in number because they're ichiban kuji prizes, though I hope they're not too limited, the ones I'm going to be after at least >_>

Looks like I'll have to change my collecting plan for the Pokemon Kyun Chara figures... Since I'm not too much into collecting people merch for Pokemon, though I'm still collecting the Partners series because it's a person together with a Pokemon, I'll just get one of each Pokemon, normal versions only including all different poses aiming for the Pokemon which I actually collect first if they're ichiban kuji prizes, no pearly or whatever alternate colour versions. It would still be a bit difficult, but I do prefer to collect Pokemon compared to Pokemon people. Of course, if some of them are going to be normal Banpresto prizes and the local import store brings them in... I'll just get an entire set from them.

Oh wait, let's not forget the recently announced Banpresto ichiban kuji figures for Tales of Series :/ There is this Yuri figure and the Asbel, Richard, Yuri and Flynn Chibi Kyun Chara figures... And I mainly collect figures for the Tales of Series so those are some stuff I'll be looking at getting when they're released.

Of course, this means that I'll have to put some of the Pokemon items that are in my wants which were released years back into the back-burner for now..

26/8/12 20:55 (UTC)
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I am so glad I don't like chibi figures. So many Kyun Chara Pokemon figures. Fighting for those limited edition ones on Y!J would be a nightmare. @_@

I have been eying the 1/8 scales Tales of Xillia figures though. Too bad I'm kind of broke right now. If I can get enough money before the pre-order closes, I'd like to grab them. If not... well, guess I'll cross my fingers for a re-release later.

27/8/12 01:21 (UTC)
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Haha, I know. But I love chibi/cute stuff, I don't have much control when it comes to that XD; It shouldn't be difficult to get...the Pikachu at least? :'D

Hm, can't you pre-order the Tales of Xillia figures at Ami Ami when pre-orders open? That should give you enough time to save for one since they only invoice you when they have the item in stock and you should know roughly how much you need. Just make sure to never spend that money XD;

27/8/12 07:51 (UTC)
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Pre-orders are open on some sites already, but as a general rule, I don't pre-order items unless I have the money on-hand at the time of the pre-order. Otherwise it's too easy for me to lose track of everything and forget to set aside the money. I wish I could pay for the item + shipping in full when I pre-order, but I don't know of any sites that will let me do that.

27/8/12 08:09 (UTC)
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You might be able to do that at CDJapan if you choose the pay by Paypal option? I'm not sure if they allow payment via Paypal for pre-orders. But they're more expensive compared to most other shops and they have a pre-order deadline.

Or maybe you can try Play-Asia. You can set e-mail alerts when pre-orders open or something. You also pay immediately if you choose to pay via Paypal, but again, not sure if they allow that for pre-orders.


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