Tuesday, 28 April 2009 20:41
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So, I ended up watching the first five episodes of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive on YouTube which I didn't watch when it was airing (before I decided to watch the series/season). Went to Wiki to read up on PR: Operation Overdrive...and I ended up watching the last five episodes that hasn't aired yet on YouTube...and...I literally fell in love with the series.

So I ended up hunting around to see if any local anime/movie/music/whatever distributor has the entire series...on DVD or VCD...and I found one. Bought the entire set <3

Now I'm going to waste my time watching the entire series/season again just cause I love it so much <3

*wanders off to order a box of Tales of Vesperia Trading Cards and Vol 4 of the Tales of the Abyss Anime DVD*
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I reached home a bit too late today to catch Huntik at the usual time so I could pause it, check some stuff on my computer before watching it...so I came home and immediately paused it (our cable box top has a 2 hour playback for a channel it's set to) without checking the channel. And when I wanted to start watching it...GUESS WHAT? THE CHANNEL WAS ON THE WRONG CHANNEL SO I COULDN'T PLAYBACK THE EPISODE. I was like "WHO IS THE DAMN FLYING IDIOT THAT CHANGED THE CHANNEL? I DIDN'T SEE ANYONE CHANGING THE CHANNEL YESTERDAY, THE LAST THING WATCHED ON THAT TV WAS MY BROTHER WATCHING SHAKUGAN NO SHANA LAST NIGHT THEN AFTER THAT I USED THE TV FOR A WHILE TO PLAY VESPERIA SINCE I ENDED UP PLAYING MOST OF VESPERIA LAST NIGHT ON MY NEW TV TUNER"

I was like UGH and checked the official Huntik website to see what episodes had been uploaded to 4Kids channel that says "Watch missed episodes online" or something...but they only have the first 3 episodes uploaded. I thought they would have at least up till the episode that aired in the US (but it's airing only once a week in the US and here it's airing like Monday to Friday) and I was like "WHAT? HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT TO WATCH THAT EPISODE? THE NEXT EPISODE STARTS TOMORROW D:"

Then...I dunno...I tried searching on Youtube. And when the search result came up, I was like "O_o... They have all the episodes of Huntik up on Youtube??? O_o" So...guess what I did...I downloaded the episode that aired on TV (Episode 19) today, I actually couldn't remember the episode I last watched which aired on Friday...so I had to make a guess and checked Episode 18 and "Yep, that was the episode I saw on Friday". So I managed to watch it in the end, albeit in lower quality compared to watching it when it aired on TV...didn't get the rest of the episodes though. No time and I'd very much rather watch the rest of them on TV. I hope nothing stupid happens before the show finishes airing. I don't want to watch LQ videos downloaded from Youtube anymore (bitrate is only 500+ and you call that HQ) and the sound is all like UGH, sometimes so loud, sometimes so soft, I can't get it to the right volume at all...

Spoilers for Episode 19 of Huntik )

Okay...why do all the Dante(s) from stuff I play/watch rock so much? This includes Dante from Devil May Cry of course. Fffffffffffff


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