Future Prediction?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009 20:32
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Now, this totally cracked me up. There was this one x-ray ribs that I typed at today at work...I noticed something really interesting when I was typing it.

This was on the request form...
"RTA in Sydney on 30/06/2009"

Needless to say...I paused a bit there, then I asked my colleague what does RTA mean...

RTA = Road Traffic Accident

Okay...what. Now I asked my colleague what was wrong with this. She didn't get it. Then I placed emphasis on the date. Then she understood.

So we have a case of a Future Prediction here. And we laughed like LOL there. Then I told the reporting radiologist about it. She didn't notice it either .__.

I think it was meant to be 30/05/2009, not 30/06/2009.

Happy Meme Day 5

Wednesday, 24 December 2008 15:45
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Today's happy thing happened at work.

There is a whiteboard for the people at the Radiology department to use to pass messages and stuff around. For today (Christmas Eve), the board had a small roster written that says to cover what cause someone was on leave. This is what it says when I reached my workplace this morning...

Christmas Eve Special
Fuh Liang to cover VCT

But like about one to two hours later...it reads...

Christmas Eve Special
Fuh Liang to cover Santa Claus

Needless to say, I cracked up in laughter and tried to find who changed the text on the whiteboard...but couldn't find who it was although I have a pretty good idea of who did it due to their reactions to it.

That made my day.

P.S. The deadline for the Eternal Fan Submission has ended, but I'm still preparing the releases at this point. If anyone of you are still finishing things up, you still can submit your stuff in before I do the Christmas release which will be sometime after 25th Dec 2008 12pm GMT +0800 before I start uploading the files to my webhost, MediaFire and MegaUpload.


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