Wednesday, 19 December 2012 15:08
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I have successfully RNG abused a captured Modest nature Reshiram in White 2 with near flawless IVs, though I was having trouble hitting the initial seed at first because of my seconds timing on starting up the game >_o but I more or less got the timing now...but I created a second initial seed to use which I seem to be able to hit the timing more easily than the other I guess something to fall back on? The difference seems to be like half a millisecond :'D

Now I just need to go and catch the rest of the stationary legends since I at least understand this part of the RNG abuse...also gotta do it for my Black game, though there isn't a lot of stationary legendaries (there's only the muskedeers and Victini) for me to catch, but quite a good number of Wonder Card RNG abuse I need to do...

Not sure if I want to go into wild Pokemon capture RNG abuse, but that seems to be easier than Egg breeding RNG abuse which I dunno if I even want to mess with? Maybe I'll try it out...last :X

So the next thing to do is to understand Wonder Card RNG abuse and understand how it works. I'll just try it out on Genesect on White 2.

Now I'm wondering if I should tread into Gen 4 RNG sounds like the target timing is harder to achive than for Gen 5 @_@

:O :O :O

Thursday, 20 September 2012 17:23
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Less than three weeks to Pokemon Black 2/White 2 release in the US!!!

Pointless post is pointless, just me getting excited for it and an excuse to use my new icons :X
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Coming in 2013 :')

You have no idea how excited I've suddenly become. Thanks to Tales of Graces f, I already have the console for it.

Means I need to be done with Tales of Graces f by the end of this year latest >_>

And I need to stop procrastinating on releasing stuffs for Eternal :X


Sunday, 24 June 2012 13:34
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It looks I know for sure now the version for B2W2 I'll be getting. I needed to be 100% sure you get Reshiram from N in White 2, since the info was very fragmented, and finally now I'm 100% sure, even though it's hinted you should be getting Reshiram from the version with White Kyurem on the box art, but I just like being 100% sure :3

Screw me having played Black and getting Black 2 (recommended by some big person related to Game Freak I don't remember who). I decided from the beginning to get the version where I can catch Reshiram as I need to SR for IVs/nature for a better Reshiram than the one I have in Black since you can only guess nature and IVs when you catch it :/

Pokemon White 2 for me please :D


Thursday, 5 August 2010 21:51
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Arc Rise Fantasia finally came in at the game shop I reserved a copy at and I bought it. Can't wait to try it out this weekend.

Thereafter, I can only play it on the weekends...

But still...

Saturday, 26 June 2010 20:39
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I've just tried my 360 on the new HDTV. Well, it's actually not the same HDTV I was talking about the other day, but a different one. This TV actually replaced the original TV that was at where my game consoles were all setup at. I dunno what the heck my father was thinking, but that day when I was checking the TV in the living area for HD plugs, I was just commenting to him about how the TV had HD cabling and I can play my 360 on it and how small the text was...

Then when I came home from work the next day, I was surprised to see a HDTV (32" widescreen also) had replaced the SDTV that was at where my gaming consoles were set up. I was like "What the hell" and he told me he went out to buy one, and I was like "What" to myself and "You don't want to work anymore and you bought a HDTV? I can always just haul my 360 into the living area to play it there, the internet problem can be solved easily..."

Then he said he donated the old TV to charity and I was like to myself " least that wasn't a bad thing but still." and told me how much it cost. And I was like "At least it ain't too expensive nowadays to get a decent HDTV but still." Well, I for one am not going to dictate how he wishes to spend his money but still...

So now I have both my 360 and Wii plugged into the new HDTV. No more cable switching /o/ I'm still using SD 480i on my Wii since for the Wii it's more than enough, and set it to widescreen. Can't plug in the PS2 slim, though there is another AV slot where I can plug it in, there is not enough space at that area to set up the PS2 slim also (I can't possibly have it sitting on top of my 360).

I tried Star Ocean: The Last Hope out today on my 360 using the HDTV at the gaming area and I was like O_O, and wow and everything at the graphics and I can actually read the text clearly T-T It was a nightmare trying to read the text on the old SDTV when I tried the game out on the day I bought it. The text was SO TINY DX It's because of the text size that's why I never sat down and really played the game, so it's been sitting in my games storage box for more than a year but I can play it now /o/

Now I want to play Tales of Vesperia in all it's glory.
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I bought the Japanese Guidebook for Hexyz Force. Why is there no English Guidebook? And yes, some games have no English Guidebook for some reason, like Final Fantasy VI Advance with info on the new dungeons...

I bought the Original Game Soundtrack for Hexyz Force too. The music is actually pretty nice.

Can't stop playing it, and I have this urge to play it everyday until I'm satisfied...but I want to play Pokemon Platinum and HeartGold too... Maybe I'll slow down once I've finished both Levant and Cecilia stories at least once.

One nice thing is that this game is on the PSP and I can play it practically anywhere. Which is always a plus. Then I don't need to be at home with a TV available to play.

I want to try my Xbox 360 out on the new 32" widescreen HDTV... My father finally set it up, but I need to do something about hooking my Xbox 360 to the internet, the HDTV is so far away from where the modem router is. Will probably use a long Ethernet Cable. The stupid wireless adapter for the 360 is so goddamn expensive... Though there is a modem hooked up nearby. I wonder if it works... Got to try it out.

For those in my flist that have tried, which is better graphics in your opinion, HDMI or 720p HD? Also, for the PS3, if the HDTV doesn't support 1080p full HD, will HDMI produce better graphics compared to 720p HD? The PS3 is just for my future reference on whether to get a HDMI cable or not when I finally buy one. And is HDMI better than full HD 1080p or the same? And uh, I'll be going for a PS3 slim since it's that much cheaper.


Monday, 14 June 2010 21:03
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I think I'm addicted to Hexyz Force. I haven't been this absorbed in a RPG for a long time. Not since Tales of Vesperia. And when I mean absorbed, I mean I think nothing about playing it at least for a two to three hours everyday, or more.

I have a lot of other RPGs to play, but they don't seem to give me the feeling of "I must know what's going to happen next!" kind of thing to make me this absorbed in it. Plus the game is not too hard enough to give me a headache from playing it, and it has replay value, since the game has multiple endings and two stories to play, and a harder difficulty from what I've heard. Some of the game's battle system also reminds me of various Wild ARMs games, which is one of my more favourite series of RPGs that I play.

Till now, I still don't have the motivation to play Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk/Dawn of the New World, and that says a lot :/

Also, I need to sit down and drown in the Japanese and play Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Symphonia (PS2).

Also, a shameless plug, I finally decided to upload the re-written version of my Tales of Symphonia Fanfic. I actually have Chapter 2 done, but I haven't proofread it yet, and Chapter 3 is almost done.


Friday, 5 February 2010 21:10
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The games I ordered from Play-Asia (World Destruction/Sands of Destruction, Tales of Rebirth PSP remake and Tales of Destiny 2 PSP remake) just came in the mail today.

Can't wait to try them out over the weekend.


Monday, 7 December 2009 22:06
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Stopped playing Tales of VS for a while and finally picked it up again. Finished Cless and Kratos, Lloyd and Colette scenarios in Hard mode. Still haven't unlocked Eugene...I don't particularly like to do Special Battles, but I will finish them...EVENTUALLY!!!

Cless and Kratos scenario still remains my favourite, and after playing through Lloyd and Colette scenario a second time, I somehow managed to understand more of it compared to the first playthrough. Also got 100% in the Event Library for their scenario.

Also started playing Star Ocean: First Departure. I got the game like AGES ago (which is when I bought my PSP and I also bought Star Ocean: Second Evolution at the same time) but wasn't quite in the play it. And considering when I bought my PSP, the release date for Pokemon Platinum was pretty close so I ended up not playing much on the my PSP. I went through the game and looked at the guidebook, I was going "WTF!?" The character recruitment was pretty confusing and was making my head hurt somehow, deciding who to go with for my first playthrough... I went "WTF!?" more when I discovered that I'm lacking a healer for a good portion of the game, after entering the Time Gate, and the first healer I'm going to come across is...Ioshua... ~__~ Looks like I'll need to remember to stock on Blueberries and give the Herbology skill a little boost...

Star Ocean 2 character recruitment is so much less confusing...mind you, I've played the original Star Ocean 2 game that was localised in the US on the Playstation to death, and I know the game like the back of my hand, which characters I like to use and whatnot, so I won't have problems playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution, even with the minor changes to the battle system. Plus you don't get separated from the game's main healer for such a long time (in fact you're always with a healer if you play Rena's scenario, and for Claude's scenario, Rena joins permanently pretty early and Claude is easy to level up when he still has the Phase Gun) :/

Well, I'll survive, I guess...


Saturday, 8 August 2009 15:50
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I went for a little window shopping today at a new shopping mall that just opened. I actually got an e-mail saying that a shop has 20% discount storewide during this National Day, so I went and see if there was anything interesting. Needless to say, I came across a game shop at that very same shopping mall while going up to the floor where the shop I'm going is.

Now, I have this habit of going into a game shop whenever I spy a new one that I've never been to before to do price checks on roughly how much they sell games for. I actually already know a shop that sells cheaper than all of the places I know so I always use this shop's prices as a guideline, but I'm always hunting down more shops to look for games since this shop I frequent don't always have what I'm looking for. So if the price is within the reasonable range, I will remember the shop as one of the places to look for games.

So this shop, after looking through the Xbox 360, Wii and NDS Games, I concluded that the price range was reasonable enough so I make a note of this new shop that I can come to look for games. I actually wanted to get King of Fighters XII (NTSC-J Asia version for the Xbox 360), so I'm currently looking at the prices (and then there is this shop where I have some shop credit with them from selling some games I no longer want to them and was looking to use it up on either a new or used copy of a game I wanted or a second Xbox 360 wireless controller, but the price of the game is higher than the shop I frequent). I was wondering whether to get it from there. However, at that point, I haven't finished looking through the shop yet. It was only half the shop I've looked through, so there were games for the PS3 and PSP I haven't looked at yet. Naturally I skipped the PS3 section since I don't have a PS3 yet so I don't bother looking at PS3 games, walked across someone trying out the Wii (I think I blocked the sensor bar for a second there, since I spied where it was too late to avoid it :P) and came to the PSP section. Just as I was looking through the games, I saw a game I didn't quite expected to see. It was...

Tales of VS

Yes, I got tempted there, especially seeing the game sitting on the shelf. Now mind you, it's quite rare to find a shop here in Singapore that carries Japanese games also on top of English games, that's why I wasn't expecting to see it on the shelf (they also had Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Edition O_o).

So I took it from the shelf to look at it, then put it back and went over to the PS2 section to see what they have while muttering to myself about Tales of VS, not that I'm really looking for anything for the PS2, except for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (but I'm going to buy the Wii version from Play-Asia since they have it really cheap, but they have both Ar Tonelico games, but not going to play that though). After looking at the PS2 section, I stood up and went back to the shelf and took a copy of Tales of VS and bought it >__> I wasn't actually planning on buying Tales of VS since the only place I can normally buy Japanese games from is Play-Asia and really can't be bothered about it...

So...uh, yeah. After that, I went up to the shop I was supposed to go to, looked through everything but didn't see anything I wanted to buy from there, and went home.

I can't wait to try out Tales of VS though. But my PSP is out of power since I haven't used it for a long time (damn PSP still using the battery power even though it's turned off), so I need to charge it first...
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Finished doing my surgery to my computer, which I replaced my spoiled case fan which I had no idea when it broke down but I knew it was going to when the speed of the fan dropped to like 500 rpm ish speed...

I've also installed a new 500 GB (462 GB actually that I can use since the HDD needs some space to store god knows what so you never get the full amount of disc space on a hard disk...) SATA internal hard drive...and now I'm going to store my personal stuff there. I was struggling with the huge amount of unwatched anime on my main hard disk (system hard disk where the OS is installed in...) and I had to burn them to DVD-Rs and delete them off the main hard disk. Not even my external hard disk had helped much, but it was fairing better for sure, since it's a 250 GB external, but this is actually my back up drive so other personal stuff other than anime are also saved there (Might get another external hard drive sometime down the road for backups). Now I don't have to worry too much about running out of space to store my unwatched anime and having to burn them to DVD-Rs for a really long time.

The variable bonus from my job for FY 2008 just came in. It's only 60% of the total amount though...the company will only give the other 40% later in September...probably in an attempt to keep people from resigning, not like I'm going to, considering that I may not be able to get myself another stable and better job at this point in time with the economy in recession and all. I still want to see if I can perhaps dig out some money next year to take some basic Japanese classes, since I've more or less gotten everything game consoles wise (going to get a PSP soon) that I wanted from last year and this year (got lucky and got a Korean NTSC U/C unmodded Wii for really I actually have extra money now), unless Namdai decided to slap us with a release of a mothership Tales of Series game (and they're going to bring it to the US) on the PS3 (this year's mothership title is on the Wii, hopefully it gets a US release...*keeps fingers crossed*) next year or something...

I going to stop by the game shop near my workplace during lunch tomorrow and get myself a long overdue I wanted to get last year PSP. Hopefully it doesn't rain then, I don't want to carry an umbrella =/

On an ending note...Happy Birthday to me? I feel old compared to some of the people on my flist...

Now to go try out that TV Tuner I just bought...I ended up with an external >__>
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I finished the main story for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia this morning while I was on my way to work. Took me about 32 hours overall, including finishing all the pre-ending quests. That didn't take long.

Although I have to admit, I enjoyed the game much more than the first one. The first one was much harder, and you couldn't really beat it without the help of Poke Assists to aid in capture, but in the second game, it wasn't the case. It is actually possible to play through the entire game without the use of Poke Assists. It's possible, I know. Poke Assists only aid to make it easier to capture or aid with more annoying captures, but unlike the first game, I couldn't make the final three captures for the main story (Suicune, Raikou, Entei) without using Poke Assists at all. While for the second game, I could make the final two captures (Dusknior and Darkrai) without the use of Poke Assists! In fact, I even beat the Sinis Trio without using any!

Not only that, I didn't have to train to purposely level up my Styler (I had to do that in the first game damn it). It just gained level as I played through the game, and captured whatever that I came across and just release whatever I didn't need or release the just captured Pokemon. Being able to lift the Stylus during captures and using the friendship gauge was better and actually made more sense too. While you cannot wait too long or the friendship gauge would go back down, but at least you can dodge attacks and wait them out by lifting the Stylus and putting it back and continue looping, where in the first game I still remembered that when I was capturing Rayquaza in the first game, I was pressing the Stylus on the touch screen pretty hard...and my hand was kind of shaky but I was afraid that if I didn't press hard enough, I would have to start all over again. Using Ice Poke Assist against Rayquaza was useless =/

One of the neatest thing that was in the second game but not the first was the Recharge option when your allowed number of Pokemon was full. This allowed you to capture a Pokemon with the Recharge Field Move and use it with a full Friend Pokemon party, without having to release any other Pokemon! I used this occasionally. It was great.

And...the quests. The quests were fun, and adds more to the game compared to the first. The first game only had missions. But the quests were like side quests. They're always a nice thing to do to get off the main story for a while. Not only that, the quests were very rewarding. Some of these quests gains you more Partner Pokemon to use while the rest powered up your Styler and made it stronger, another thing that helped make the game easier.

Partner Pokemon. While you're still limited to only one Partner to come with you at any one time, you'll get more than one by doing certain quests (you'll get three from the main story) and you can switch your Partner Pokemon at anytime you can go back to the Partner farm. It was great. You only have one Partner Pokemon throughout the game in the first one.

As for the story, it's just your typical Pokemon Story. Evil wants to take over the world and needs Pokemon/wants to control Pokemon, you save the world blah blah blah. The story for Pokemon games have never been particularly too impressive, but it isn't horrible either...although I sometimes wished the main character actually...talked XD

Overall, the second game is a huge improvement over the first game, much easier and much more enjoyable, with more different Field Moves and you're not as restricted as the first game when it came to befriend Pokemon to help you.

Now to go do post game stuff, finish the Riolu and Darkrai Ranger Net Special Missions, challenge the Capture Arena and complete the browser! I actually feel like doing this and it won't seem impossible, unlike the first game. I actually stopped playing the first game after I had finished the post-ending missions and didn't bother with the Capture Challenge. No Poke Assists for the Capture Challenge (I forgot what it's called in the game) when the game itself seems near impossible without them? No way. Not only that, specific Pokemon only appeared there if you want to complete the browser. I really can't be bothered. But if you told me that you couldn't use Poke Assists in the Capture Arena for the second game, I would still try cause I had completed the majority of the second game without using Poke Assists. I only used them to aid in the more annoying captures.
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I've finally completed the 200 man-meele with all the characters! Here's my rundown of how easy it was for me for each of the characters. The list goes from easiest to hardest (for me).

Yuri - Really, really easy for me, considering I've played him from the beginning of the game. But seriously. The thing that made it so easy for Yuri is the fact that he has the Glory skill. To top it off, he has Assassin and Loner skills which makes it easier for solo battling the major bosses in the match. Even if I didn't have a maxed out attack power Fell Arm for Yuri, he would still be the easiest cause of the Glory skill. Not to mention once I catch the enemy with all my nine normal attacks and 2 base artes, 2 altered artes and 2 arcane artes combo...Didn't have to use Overlimit at all. Why? Glory.

Rita - Easy, cause of Resilience, Spell End, Light Magic and Stun Magic. When the going gets tough, you whip out "Blah blah blah, Tidal Wave!" in overlimit XD I basically cheesed the last part (Kratos's group) doing this. He got defeated by O.L. Lv 1, "Blah blah blah, Tidal Wave!"

Estelle - Believe it or not...I had a easy time with her. Much easier then some of the people below. It's because of her uber high physical and magical defenses, everything literally did only 1 damage to her (which means no staggering), until Kratos somehow decided to increase his attack power by some unknown force??? O.L. Lv 4, Holy Rain + Holy Lance for the win since I won't be able to pull off any spells without going into O.L. Kratos attacks too fast. Hmm...will Calvary + Holy Lance be enough time for her to pull the the spell?

Judith - I was kind of surprised...I was better at playing Judith than I thought. Although I was still a bit clumsy, but basically knocking the enemy into the air with a ground up + normal attack, continue to hold the up button until she jumps into the air, then slap aerial normal attacks then Cresent Moon + Moonbeam. I still need to learn how to juggle enemies in the air though, since I can't chain combo attacks against enemies yet. I didn't need to use Overlimit with Judith either. If she gets knocked into the air, I basically just needed to Recover in mid air and use Moonbeam.

Repede - Not too hard, but because Repede's physical and magical defense was low, he tends to take more damage than the other characters. But while Repede lacks defense, he has speed, and I'm also familiar with Repede's artes, so I know what is best for my play style, even though I don't play Repede often. But his foward normal attack is kind of annoying though, it always makes me slip past the faster enemies, exposing his back to the enemy. Not to mention that he's low (cause he's a dog and stands on four legs) it gives him a disadvantage against aerial enemies. Had to spam Light Spear/Shining Fang to get past that. Also, because Kratos attacks so fast, I had to use Lv 4 O.L. to beat him.

Karol - Karol's...too slow. slow. But nonetheless, he's still easier than Raven for me cause Mighty Charge + Speed Charge + Charge Hold + Attack Arte Charge. I had to go into Lv 1 O.L. just to skill spam a few times and when I reached Kratos, I had to use Lv 4 O.L. with Devil Rage Rise spam to finish him off. Didn't get to use Overlord Reign Impact. He died before my O.L. ran out T_T

Raven - Nooooooo! I'm so sorry Raven! DX You may be my second favourite character, but I suck at playing you T_T Because of your melee/range switching normal attacks and artes and your lack of superiority in any stat (Raven is balanced stat wise)...I had to run around a lot, and you had to get hit so much x_x He nearly died a few times and I made Barbatos use his Mystic Arte like twice x_x Even if I didn't cause Raven to die, he might as well have ran out of time x_x Running around and using Cyan Instant...x_x When I reached Kratos, I had tried to use Lv 1 O.L. to pull off Stop Flow then use Crime/Punishment, but that failed. In the end, I had to use Lv 4 O.L. and spam Crime then go into Punishment when he got near enough and finished him off with Blast Heart. I wonder if I could have done better if I removed Change Style and/or Change Style 2...
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Finally done with the New Year release for my manga group, Eternal.

I'm really pooped out. Five QCs 6 hours. Time to slack off and rest!

Lots of things to catch up on now that this is done. Lots of stuff to scan for manga scanlations and also for Tales of Scans. Not only that, I want to work on and finish up the Skills Guide/FAQ for Tales of Vesperia and also to move all of the Tales of Series related scans at Tales of Scans into a gallery for easier viewing and also to create batch downloads for them. The gallery is already set up at my web host here, but there is nothing uploaded at the moment. I'm still in the process of tweaking the settings to my liking. It's also called Tales of Scans since it's a gallery to accompany it. This is on top of the to do list, the only things that override it are the weekly scans for Weekly Shounen Magazine and the scanlation for Tales of Vesperia. As usual, I'll be scanning as I'm doing internet stuffs.

There is also another thing I need to do though...try ripping my Tales of Symphonia OVA DVDs to produce raws. I hope it goes right. I've never ripped DVDs before...only music CDs x_x

Not only that, lots of games to play much to do...and so little time...D: Oh well, I'll just do whatever I can!

Happy New Year!
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I've just received my order for Blue Dragon and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World in the mail. The stuff are intact, as always.

But won't be trying out Blue Dragon so soon -__- I'm leaning more towards Eternal Sonata after I'm done with Tales of Vesperia, but I might pop it in just to give it a whirl...

As for ToS: Dawn of the New World...I need to buy my Wii first...which probably won't be until the later part of the first half of the Year 2009 =X

Just finished typesetting Tales of Vesperia Chapter 4. Whoo!
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The first thing, I've just received in the mail the Jade Special version (Jade holding his Catalyst weapon) from the Tales of the Abyss One-Coin Grande Figurines that I had bought from [ profile] funk_mastah_ion. So now, with that last figurine, my collection for the Tales of the Abyss One-Coin Grande figurines are now complete (all 13)! I had bought an entire box of 12 from CDJapan about one or two years back when it was just released, and I got all the normal versions for the six characters and the special version of all the six characters minus Jade with Ion. So happy to have the entire set now.

Now I just need to wait for the Tales of Vesperia one to be released XD

I've also finally pre-ordered Vol 1 of Tales of the Abyss Anime DVD. I'm a freak...haha. I just love to get things/collectibles related to Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss and now, Tales of Vesperia is in the list too XD, although I get all official serializations of the manga tankoubons for any of the Tales of Series.

My paycheck and 13th month bonus is also finally in. Another happy thing XD

So, with my paycheck, I've finally ordered ToS: Dawn of the New World and Blue Dragon games from Play-Asia, and also bought the Guidebooks for ToS: Dawn of the New World, Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata. Although I won't be able to play ToS: Dawn of the New World cause I haven't bought my Wii yet, but I thought I might as well get the game first anyway, since I've got some discount coupons from Play-Asia, but I probably won't be getting the Wii until sometime between April 2009 to June 2009, so won't be playing it until then. I want to be absolutely sure that I have the money to get it without it affecting some of the more important things I need to pay for first, like my for Web Host (No web host means no site for Eternal, Chinese New Year stuff, my manga and my needs (like food, etc) :S

I wonder when will more information for the Wii mothership game for 2009 be revealed? I hope it gets a US release, maybe like around the later half of 2009 or early 2010, which would be perfect timing for me since I'll be getting my Wii at the later part of the first half of 2009, which will also give me enough time to mess around with ToS: Dawn of the New World.

P.S. I still have one more coupon left from Play-Asia, 12 USD discount for a minimum of 100 USD purchase. I won't be using it, since I've already gotten what I want from there already, and it's only valid till the end of 2008, so if anyone wants it, I'll give it to you. Just drop me a reply :p

P.P.S. Just in case you're wondering, the coupons I've used are the 5 USD discount for 50 USD purchase and 8 USD discount for 50 USD purchase, since I would save 1 USD more XD. I've ordered the games and the guidebooks in two separate orders, and both of them with free shipping too.


Sunday, 19 October 2008 10:10
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World Destruction is being localised for a US release!!! WHOOOO!!! Currently there is no release date yet, but it's been confirmed.

World Destruction US localisation announcement

Arc Rise Fantasia is also being localised for a US release! WHOOOO!!!

Arc Rise Fantasia US localisation announcement

These two announcements made my day. I've wanted these two games to be localised for the US when I saw them for a Japanese release, and it now has been announced and is going to happen!

*adds these two games to the to buy list*


Tuesday, 14 October 2008 07:22
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I'm finally at Act 3 of the game, after god knows how long =/ Currently gathering the party back together (and they're all already Lv 60+ when I went into Zaude...haha). Can't want to finish the game, although I know I'm going to get distracted the moment I get my entire party back by going to go and hunt for materials to make all those new equipment now that I can change the weather and time of the day XD Must...get...the...Last Fencer...

Cut for minor spoilers )

In other news, Yuri is still my favourite character and I think Raven is becoming my second favourite character.

Okay, I got to prepare for work now.


Monday, 8 September 2008 22:04
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I just found out that the US version of Infinite Undiscovery is region locked for NTSC-J (Asia). Bleh. Now I'll have to get the Asian English version. Curse you Square Enix! *shakes fist*

Tales of Vesperia Secret Mission #6 complete! Wasn't too hard, but I didn't know when it would things got a bit confusing during the battle, and the boss being able to cause one million negative physical aliments didn't help =/

Current Party Members:
Yuri: Level 34
Estelle: Level 34
Repede: Level 33
Karol: Level 33
Rita: Level 33
Raven: Level 34

I'm currently at Dahngrest, going to speak to Don Whitehorse. I'm probably overleveled, but meh. I don't care. Makes doing the Secret Missions easier :3