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This is stupid. The cable TV box top that was set to record the three shows that I watch on Saturday (Digimon Data Squad, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension, Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive) failed on me. It just...didn't record it, even though it's been set to series recording =/ The Ben 10 Alien Force episode on Friday didn't record either, but it recorded Monday to Thursday's episodes fine -__- Did that stupid thing go bonkers? This isn't the first time it happened either. Don't tell me I need to start setting the recording every Thursday or Friday just to make sure it works?

Thankfully I have a back up recording set on the VCR, so in the end, I didn't miss anything. THANK GOD FOR BACK UPS. The only way for this to fail is if the VCR got turned off at it's power source (either the plug or a power failure) and all the recording schedules got deleted and I didn't set them back, or the VHS tape decided the break or something, but this hasn't happened...I've had my VHS tapes last for a really long time.

Why is old technology more reliable than the new ones??? Grrr. And I wanted to keep this latest episode of PR: Operation Overdrive too, after watching it and seeing Mack being all funny and awesome at the same time *shot* Not that Tyzonn isn't awesome in his own way XD

Also, I think I've almost found the setting that will get my ToS OVA encodes all nice and no more interlacing/combing and it deinterlacing all the frames, without the video being jerky...tried out more options too and will check and see how they turn out.

And...Lingwe has finally sent the questions for Eternal's scanlator interview over at MangaHelpers O_o Need to think about it before I start working on what I want to say...I'm a bit nervous but I want the answers to be perfect at the same time...


Saturday, 18 April 2009 18:37
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So many things to little time...still have a bunch of public raws that I've scanned but have not rotated, cropped and resized yet...not to mention I already have my copy of Tales of Magazine for this month to look through, then update Eternal's project status threads...then start scanning the next chapter of Tales of Vesperia...._.

Yes, Tales of Vesperia scanlation is currently lagging. Behind. Maybe I should ask [ profile] chiyo_sama to help me typeset again ~__~ But...Ughhhhhhh. Should I or should I not? I think I should... But I haven't even proofread the script for Chapter 5.5 yet, and I still need to do the final QC for release for Chapter 6. Looks like I'm going to have to do a batch chapter release since I can sit down and QC a lot of chapters for release at one go anyway...:'D

And I have two issues of Dengeki Maoh to look at. Not to mention some people are bothering me about the Tales of Hearts one shot in the previous month's issue. And I need to scan the next chapter of World Destruction for Kuu. Meh.

And I need to start clearing out my copies of Shounen Rival and Weekly Shounen Magazine. Magazine shelf running out of space, and those magazines are pretty much done anyway (and I need the space to dump my precious Dengeki Maoh (only for the Tales of series stuff in there though, so I need to pull out the pages I want and discard the rest) and Tales of Magazine). ._.

Not to mention I still haven't for the life of me figured out the settings in Telecide() for AVISynth to deinterlace all the frames correctly for the Tales of Symphonia OVA encodes for Abyssal Chronicles...GAH. I hate you interlaced source material! But I shall not give up cause I know it can be done! I really do not want to have to use freezeframe() to...fix those stupid frames cause it would make the video look like there's a slight lag since it's a motion frame from the interlaced frame (is it even interlaced or just combed???) to the okay ones...

And I want to play Pokemon Platinum T_T

And I'm not really making that much real progress story wise in Pokemon Platinum either *shot* Ever since I beat Wake and got the ability to use Surf out of battle...I've been doing exploring. I especially went to Iron Island first though to pick up the Riolu Egg that Riley gives I can use those places with trainers to level it I can finally have my team for the rest of the game up and running.

Current progress so far...
5 Gym Badges, currently exploring. Almost done though. Then it's off to challenge Byron.

My team progress so far...
Torterra Lv 43
Staraptor Lv 41
Floatzel Lv 42
Houndoom Lv 42
Raichu Lv 43
Lucario Lv 34

Okay...first order of business tonight, clear out Shounen Rival and look through Dengeki Maoh two months issues and Tales of Magazine while try to figure out Telecide() options for the ToS OVA encoding by encoding only the first few minutes of it...

Also...I'm still trying to decide whether to scanlate Tales of the Abyss: Tsuiko no Jade via magazine scans or tanko scans...but magazine only if I can figure out how to use this new denoising program to denoise nicely and its supposed to be better than Neat Image...GAHHHHHHHHHHH

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Monday, 2 February 2009 23:56
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Ugh...I haven't posted much in my journal...except my public raw scans and Eternal's releases lately *shot*

Need to post more...but I've got so much scanning to catch up on for both Eternal and [ profile] talesofscans, so not much time to post DX

At least once I completely resolve the encoding problems for my DVD rips into anime raws for the Tales of Symphonia OVA for Abyssal Chronicles, I'll finally be able to get more into the scanning mode. Not to mention scanlation stuff for Eternal is piling up again...x_x

At least I've completely solved the problem for deinterlacing the video. Now all that is left is to figure out how to decimate the video properly so that when it's converted from 29.97 fps to 23.976 fps (which is the frame rate anime raws should have) so that the video will run smoothly and not laggy, jerky or jumpy (I'm having a jumping issue at the start of the video right now, otherwise it's smooth the rest of the way). It seems I can't change the cycle to any number other than cycle=5 otherwise the length/time of the video would be too long or too short from the original VOB video (there cannot be any time difference. At the most, only by 1 sec, otherwise the audio will be out of sync, and the audio is encoded separately to be muxed with the video later)...I'll probably need to mess around with the mode parameter with different modes to handle decimating the video so that I can get it smooth the entire way. Mode=2 is the one that is giving me the jumpy scene at the beginning of the video :S Mode=0 is a no go as it's causing jerky and lagginess at certain parts of the video which doesn't happen in the original VOB video source.

I think that's enough of my random babbling about video encoding which most of you on my flist probably don't understand...haha. Please, just ignore me. I'm new to encoding myself. AC's encoder (the one encoding Tales of the Abyss for Abyssal Chronicles) is the one teaching me stuff and I'm just playing around with what he taught XD

Time to sleep!