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Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji Prizes

Release Date: December 2012

Prize A: Tales of Xillia 2 Pillow (1)
Prize B: Milla Maxwell Figure (2)
Prize C: Yuri Lowell Figure (2)
Prize D: Mabo Curry Plate (3)
Prize E: Muffler Towel (4 types) (16)
Prize F: Rubber Straps (ToX2 4 types) (16)
Prize G: Clear File & Sticker (4 types) (20)
Prize H: Chibi Kyun Character (4 types, no secret) (20)
Last One Prize: Milla Maxwell Kyun Character (Smile Ver.)

And I'm going to go after all the figures cause they're from Vesperia, Graces f and Xillia and these are the Tales of Series I collect for figures. Now the biggest problem is I dunno how popular these will be and how much they'll end up going for at Y!J...they may even be more expensive than the items from the Pokemon 7/11 movie Ichiban Kuji... X_x

I'm seriously considering weeding out all of my larger (I will not sell my larger Reshiram and Victini plush >_>) Pokemon plush that are not part of my main collections and I'm mainly a figure collector anyway (that is why I will not stop collecting the Waza Museum, Chibi Kyun Chara and Partners) and a bunch of my side collections and figures...not to mention that there are still Muskedeer Pokedolls and figures, White Kyurem oversized Pokedoll and hyper size Reshiram Tomy MC which I have yet to get and am planning on getting all together when Gin comes back from the US and seeing if there is anything I want from the Eevee promo...I think I also need to just stick to buying only Umbreon plush from all these Eeveelu promo things...

I should also stop procrastinating and update my sales faster (I keep on playing video games and Black/White 2 is going to be out soon XD). I still have a lot of unsorted Pokemon Amada Stickers, which I think I'm not even going to collect anymore and just sell every single one of them since Amada Stickers are flats that I never seriously collected, I only really collect TCG actively, and also start photographing all my extra Jap TCG cards and finally put them up for sale. The plus side is the Jap TCG are all already sorted out, and also finally update my Eng TCG section too since it's way too outdated and I have cards from the later sets that I want to attempt to sell too which are also all sorted out...>_o

I also have non Pokemon stuff I want to add to my non Pokemon sales too :S

And I'm only about halfway through iconing all those walky Pokemon pics and I really want to get that out of the way ASAP...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *dies*


Sunday, 29 July 2012 20:59
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Another 1/8 figure (two for me since I forgot there was a Jude already announced) for me to throw my money at...seriously, at this rate, I'm going to run of of space to store all my 1/8 figures together with my Pokemon collection and sales stock >_>

I wish I didn't love figures that much @_@ I swear one day I'll have my own collection room...somehow.


Thursday, 24 November 2011 21:06
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Looks like Alter is going to be taking my money again. Another new 1/8 figure announced for who knows when in 2012...and they're already taking my money for one in April 2012.

Now it would be awesome if Alter made a 1/8 figure of Kratos. I'll be staring at it everyday.

I need to use this more often. It is painfully bare.
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Photos of the 1/8 Flynn Scifo figure by Alter! Still in the box, but it's still beautiful anyway ;3;

Photos under the cut! )

Time to work on my Pokemon collection update @_@


Thursday, 3 February 2011 11:33
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Tales of Graces F is coming to the US.

Time to save for the PS3 Slim. Gonna start a PS3 Slim fund XD; Just need to wait for the release date so I know how much time I have to save for one...

Ahh heck I'll start saving regardless of when it's released. Maybe I'll buy it earlier and get one or two other games that are already released.

Now if Tales of Vesperia PS3 would come to the US too it would be perfect...
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I got the 1/8 Yuri Lowell figure by Alter!

Pictures under the cut )

That's all for the moment. I'm planning on leaving it in the box until his BFF Flynn Scifo arrives sometime in March/April this year, I can make some space on my shelves (still in the process of rearranging stuff) and I can find a display case which fits that I can buy locally to put them both in together, since they deserve to be in a display case and they won't collect dust so quickly :X and have an interlocking base ^__^

I will take more photos once the above have been accomplished of course :P
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More of my Pokemon stuff arrived today. Three packages this time X3

They consisted of some chou get figures from Floaroma Pokemart, run by a [ profile] pkmncollectors member, and two Reshiram straps recently released by Bandai and Takara Tomy Arts from a group buy which I helped co-host (not dealing with money matters) and a box of Set 1 BW Kids (figures) from HobbyLink.

There are still more stuff on the way, and [ profile] nanoplasm just sent out my package containing Super DX Reshiram and 6" Reshiram Nov Banpresto prize plushes, a 6" Takara Tomy Oshawott plush and a Reshiram plamo today. I'm soooooo looking forward to that one! I can't wait for it to arrive~~~

And my bed shall be taken over by plushes!

I think I've spent too much on Pokemon stuff for myself (Christmas presents for myself?) :X

And it seems the release date for the 1/8 Yuri Lowell figure by Alter has been delayed to January 2011.
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So I went to Kino (Liang Court branch) today for my monthly magazines pick up for the stuff which I've subscribed to. And when I sat down to look at Comptiq, I saw something I seriously did not want to see. Tales of Vesperia, FINAL CHAPTER. UGH WTF, THEY'RE CUTTING THAT TOO! ARGH!!! While it's not as bad for Tales of Hearts or Tales of Phantasia since it ended at the end of part one of the game, it's still really frustrating! I better remember to call Kino Liang Court to cancel my subscription for Comptiq.

So now my motivation for manga scanlating has gone down even more than it already is. I think the only way for my motivation to come back is to finally find a translator that will not go poof on me to translate Tales of the Abyss! *bangs desk*

Speaking of Tales of the Abyss, the manga is at its final chapter in the latest issue of Dengeki Maoh. There will be an epilogue next issue, and the TotA manga would have officially ended. And now, the only Tales of manga that is still running is ToD:DC Leon, which will probably end soon anyway since it's based on Leon's side of the story in the game. Then there will be no more active Tales of manga being serialized =|b

With all these cuts and crap going on, it seems like the only way nowadays for a Tales of Series manga based on the game to survive is for it to be serialized in Dengeki Maoh. Dengeki Maoh is practically the only magazine I know that has a bunch of game manga being serialized and is still actively reporting on new stuff for the Tales of Series games. Every other magazine that reports on game news, including Tales of Series game stuff, are all purely gaming magazines.

I'm not a happy camper. Now I only hope that Dengeki Maoh will either do a new serialization for Tales of Vesperia based on the PS3's storyline, or Tales of Graces that will also serialize post game story that's in Tales of Graces F, or they do a proper serialization for Tales of Hearts and/or maybe even Tales of Rebirth.

Or maybe a manga for Arc Rise Fantasia, cause Serge is just plain awesome. I blame Serge for my current replay of the game >.>

P.S. To those in my flist who haven't seen it, I've already put up the sales post for my extra ToV One-Coin figures which is below this post.

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I've finally gotten stuff sorted out so the extras of the Tales of Vesperia One-Coins are now for sale! As mentioned, I'm opening these to the people in my flist first. The remaining figures are now open for sale to the public!



Details, details, details

  • Prices are in USD.
  • I am shipping from Singapore.
  • Payment by Paypal only, unless you live in Singapore, then other arrangements can be made.
  • The figure(s) are sealed and still in their box with the box opened to see what's inside. They will be shipped this way.
  • These will be shipped in a box via Air Mail if you're overseas. The shipping cost is a bit higher, but I want to make sure these reach you in one piece and undamaged.
  • Items will not be sent out until I receive payment.
  • I will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods after the package has been set out.
  • Buyer is responsible for any import taxes. Please let me know if you have any special instructions on the amount to put on the customs slip, or anything that needs to be noted in general.
  • First come first serve!
  • Please post a comment after you've made payment. This is to make sure that PayPal did not eat up my e-mail notifications.

Shipping Prices

  • US/Canada/Europe/Australia - $8.50 for one figure, $10.50 for two figures. More than two and you'll have to wait for a quote, as the box I'm using can only fit a maximum of two figures.
  • Asia (except for Japan/Malaysia/Singapore) - $6.50 for one figure, $8.50 for two figures. More than two and you'll have to wait for a quote, as the box I'm using can only fit a maximum of two figures.
  • An additional $2.50 for Registered Mail (only if you want it of course). Please let me know if you want Registered Mail in your comment.

The figures available for sale
Some pictures if you want to take a look! These pictures are taken by [ profile] phi

Yuri, Flynn, Repede, Rita, Judith, Duke - $15 each

I still have other Tales of Series stuff for sale which can be found at my sales page. If you want to combine with anything there, let me know! And I will give you your total.

Sales page -

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!


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I've received the second set of Tales of Vesperia -Shinnen no Shou- One-Coins yesterday and opened it today. Of course I got all five different figures from the box of eight once again.

I got:
- Rita x2
- Raven x1
- Flynn x2
- Patty x1
- Duke x2

Okay, just what is with my set and the secret figures? From both Seigi no Shou and Shinnen no Shou, I got an extra of the secret figure :/

So, as I've mentioned before, I will be selling any of the extras I have, but only after I've worked out some mailing options, kinks and what not and confirmed a few things, and waiting for my paycheck to be in as I do not want to withdraw money from my Paypal account after receiving payment from it to cover that as it would mean I will need to wait for about a week before I can send them out and ugh, the exchange rate is terrible and I do not want to deal with that considering the fact that I do use the money directly from my PP account for online purchases :/

I've decided to let them go at 15 USD each, shipping, handling and fees are not included, and I will be giving people in my flist priority before selling at the ToV LJ comm. Also, if you need to look at pictures before deciding, please google them or something. As I do not have the space to display my set of figures, I cannot provide pictures plus I don't have access to a good digital camera.

Here are links to some pictures for the Seigi no Shou set

Dang =/

Tuesday, 12 October 2010 23:20
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WHAT IS THIS!?!?!?!?! The 1/8 Flynn figure has an interlocking base with the 1/8 Yuri? Pffft. I originally wasn't planning on getting the 1/8 Flynn (I already have 1/8 Yuri pre-ordered...) cause I don't care about Flynn merchandise too much but THIS IS... Now I have to get it just to make it complete with the 1/8 Yuri >/ My poor Yuri must not go incomplete... This is just like the Yuri and Flynn holo rares Tales of My Shuffle cards that I have which the art goes side by side together >/

So, there goes more money XD;

Also, that Overdrive Yuri plush...ugh. I NEED THAT TOO DX But I have no idea which site online I can go to buy that, since the usual sites which I buy my Tales of collectibles from don't seem to have plush. I'm hoping that one of them (at least CDJapan) will have that for sale if it gets mass produced for sale =__=

So now I just need to stalk for the release dates.


Saturday, 25 September 2010 12:41
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I opened my set of Tales of Vesperia -Seigi no Shou- One Coin Grande figures today. It actually arrived in the mail on Monday, but I didn't have the time on weekdays to slowly open and savor my newly acquired figures ^^;

Man, the figures are beautiful. There are no alternate versions as with the previous Tales of one coin figures, but that might actually be better since you can get everything in one box. Yes, I did get all five different figures in one box of eight.

I got:
- Yuri x2
- Estelle x1
- Repede x2
- Karol x1
- Judith x2

And here I thought I would only end up with one Repede, being the secret figure and all (jeez, I wonder who wouldn't be able to guess that!).

Anyway, I will be selling any extras I have, but not until the Tales of Vesperia -Shinnen no Shou- One Coin Grande, the second set of ToV One Coin figures, is released next month, and I will put them up for sale together. Not to mention I need to decide on what to price them. I'm thinking 15 USD each, not including shipping and handling/extra fees, but I dunno if it would be too much or too little... Though IMO, it's a pretty fair price.
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I've released also Tales of Vesperia Chapter 5.5 to 10 English Scanlations under my Manga Scanlation Group, Eternal for New Year 2010. Go get it if you read the Tales of Vesperia manga!

With that said...there were stuff that I wasn't able to finish last year, and I have a lot of things to do and catch up on, and I really have a huge list... I shall not post it here and bore you all to death though!


Saturday, 17 October 2009 17:43
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I finally opened my set of Tales of Series Prop Plus Petite (I received it like about two weeks ago..) after [ profile] chiyo_sama "exploded" on me for still not opening my box yet, and I got the exact same stuff as what she got...

Coincidence? I doubt it. All the boxes were probably packed this way.

This is how they look like

As of now, I have one of the two Kratos and Yuri sitting on my comp desk right now. Yay for my two most favourtie Tales of Series characters. I may throw more of them on my comp desk or maybe even on the shelves in my room...but it remains to be seen...

I really need to get myself a digital camera. I don't like to take photos with my camera on my handphone since it's so crappy. Maybe after I get my 13 month bonus at the end of this year, I'll just get something between 8 to 10 mega pixels which doesn't cost a bomb and is a Canon or Sony brand digital camera, especially since I still want to get a new widescreen monitor with HDMI support (and I can use it for my 360 also since I lack a HD TV at home and the small fonts are killing me plus I may be getting a PS3 slim next year too), then I'll take photos of the oh so awesome Kratos and Yuri camping on my computer desk.

Still no update on the status of my Wii though. Maybe I'll pop by the shop on Monday to check.

Still waiting for Tales of Vesperia One Coin Grande Figures to be released... Hopefully next year. I may actually have to get two boxes depending on how many figures is in the complete set...

I just got an awesome idea though. I lack the space to actually display my Tales of figures so they're like still in their plastic bags in the box but I just realised I can actually rotate them and put them on my computer desk. Or I could just stick to putting my favourites on it until I can either like get my own flat/room at least and I can get a display case and put all of them there...

And yes, I sped played through Dhaos's scenario and completed it. Now that I've finished all the scenarios, even though I don't understand most of the dialogue, it doesn't take someone that knows Japanese to realise that all the scenarios does not link properly at all...some of the parts link, but most of them don't or does not even make sense. Like you fight Cless and Kratos in Yuri and Farah scenario but you don't fight Yuri and Farah in Cless and Kratos scenario. Luke cuts his hair at different parts of the story for Luke and Tear scenario vs. Jade and Anise scenario. These are just some examples of things that doesn't link. Now the way Dhaos's scenario was structured though, it completely threw me off, and his scenario does not make much sense at all...

So all that's left now to unlock is Eugene, finish up all the download battles and train up characters more for the heck of it.
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Finally caught up with reading my flist journal entries which had accumulated since...Sunday. Well, this isn't the first time I had done this, but never for such a long period...normally I would read it by Wednesdays since it's WSM raw day, but this week...meh. I only pushed it to today cause I was taking a whole day annual leave from work...

In Tales of VS news, I finally finished training up Lloyd and Colette and am now going through their scenario in Yggdrasil mode. Will be training up Luke and Tear for their scenario randomly and also playing Yuri and Farah more to earn more gald. Still addicted to the game XD

Going back to work tomorrow. I was actually thinking of taking tomorrow off too, but I need to go to Kinokuniya Liang Court branch to pick up Tales of Magazine Vol 12 and Dengeki Maoh October issue since they came in today's air shipment, and I won't feel like going there if I don't go to work. It's a 15 min bus ride from my workplace. So much more convenient. I'll also be checking whether Dissidia Final Fantasy is in at the game shop I normally buy from since I pass by there on the way to the bus stop to take the bus to Liang Court. Another reason I can't wait is because the 20% member discount is going to end like this coming Monday, and I really want to catch that before it's over. Saves me a bit more money. I could go there during my lunch time on Monday, but I need to collect my copy of Tales of the Abyss Anime Vol 7 DVD which came already but no one was home to receive it when the postman tried to deliver it, so I have it redirected to a post office near my workplace so that I can go pick it up during my lunch hour. You have to collect it within a certain time...and I hate going to Liang Court after work on weekdays due to road traffic.

I can't wait to get Tales of Magazine Vol 12 though. It's a Tales of Vesperia special issue and I'm going to use the cover pic (they have one without all the text on it inside which can be scanned) and put it for my cellphone's wallpaper XD

I also need to make a wallpaper for my PSP...

Random Stuff

Thursday, 28 May 2009 20:37
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Looks like my order for the Tales of Vesperia Trading Cards is on the way \o/ I can't want to get it. I wonder how the cards will look like...

Also, look what I bought today :D

Ain't Shaymin (Sky Forme) cute <3 Yep, it's a stylus for the NDS/NDS Lite/NDSi.

Trying to catch Azelf right now. Well, catching isn't that bad (except Azelf can almost OHKO any of my Pokemon with Nasty Plot x3 ~__~), but it still isn't that bad. The bad thing is actually catching it and getting a Timid nature for it at the same time... x_x
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The mangaka for Tales of Vesperia (Morita Yuzuka) finally fixed/drew Yuri's main (Yuri can use the sword with his right, but it's usually the left) sword hand correctly! XD It was originally drawn in the right, but it's in the left now, and the mangaka is using Yuri's battle stance in the game too X3

Yuri's Souhajin/Azure Edge looks cool too XD

I also ended up buying the entire set of VCDs for Power Rangers: Mystic Force *shot* Really love PR: Operation Overdrive and PR: Mystic Force.*sob* And it's only the beginning of the month DX


Saturday, 18 April 2009 18:37
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So many things to little time...still have a bunch of public raws that I've scanned but have not rotated, cropped and resized yet...not to mention I already have my copy of Tales of Magazine for this month to look through, then update Eternal's project status threads...then start scanning the next chapter of Tales of Vesperia...._.

Yes, Tales of Vesperia scanlation is currently lagging. Behind. Maybe I should ask [ profile] chiyo_sama to help me typeset again ~__~ But...Ughhhhhhh. Should I or should I not? I think I should... But I haven't even proofread the script for Chapter 5.5 yet, and I still need to do the final QC for release for Chapter 6. Looks like I'm going to have to do a batch chapter release since I can sit down and QC a lot of chapters for release at one go anyway...:'D

And I have two issues of Dengeki Maoh to look at. Not to mention some people are bothering me about the Tales of Hearts one shot in the previous month's issue. And I need to scan the next chapter of World Destruction for Kuu. Meh.

And I need to start clearing out my copies of Shounen Rival and Weekly Shounen Magazine. Magazine shelf running out of space, and those magazines are pretty much done anyway (and I need the space to dump my precious Dengeki Maoh (only for the Tales of series stuff in there though, so I need to pull out the pages I want and discard the rest) and Tales of Magazine). ._.

Not to mention I still haven't for the life of me figured out the settings in Telecide() for AVISynth to deinterlace all the frames correctly for the Tales of Symphonia OVA encodes for Abyssal Chronicles...GAH. I hate you interlaced source material! But I shall not give up cause I know it can be done! I really do not want to have to use freezeframe() to...fix those stupid frames cause it would make the video look like there's a slight lag since it's a motion frame from the interlaced frame (is it even interlaced or just combed???) to the okay ones...

And I want to play Pokemon Platinum T_T

And I'm not really making that much real progress story wise in Pokemon Platinum either *shot* Ever since I beat Wake and got the ability to use Surf out of battle...I've been doing exploring. I especially went to Iron Island first though to pick up the Riolu Egg that Riley gives I can use those places with trainers to level it I can finally have my team for the rest of the game up and running.

Current progress so far...
5 Gym Badges, currently exploring. Almost done though. Then it's off to challenge Byron.

My team progress so far...
Torterra Lv 43
Staraptor Lv 41
Floatzel Lv 42
Houndoom Lv 42
Raichu Lv 43
Lucario Lv 34

Okay...first order of business tonight, clear out Shounen Rival and look through Dengeki Maoh two months issues and Tales of Magazine while try to figure out Telecide() options for the ToS OVA encoding by encoding only the first few minutes of it...

Also...I'm still trying to decide whether to scanlate Tales of the Abyss: Tsuiko no Jade via magazine scans or tanko scans...but magazine only if I can figure out how to use this new denoising program to denoise nicely and its supposed to be better than Neat Image...GAHHHHHHHHHHH
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The Tales of Vesperia Skills Guide/FAQ that I had been working on is finally up at GameFAQs.

Check it out if you have time XD
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Tales of Vesperia RPG to Get Theatrical Film This Year

Uhh, no, seriously? What?

Well, I hope it turns out good, although a post game thing might be nice. Not much details are out for it yet though...

But Abby ([ profile] a745) from Abyssal Chronicles says she wants to sub it for AC (they're currently doing TotA Anime) when it gets released on DVD (and I'm going to be sure to rip it for them since I will buy the DVD when it's out XD)

Or maybe they would make it into a trilogy...since Vesperia has three parts in the game anyway.


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