Tuesday, 19 May 2009 20:22
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I finally decided to buy the CG version of Tales of Hearts from Play-Asia since it was having a super discount to play it. soon as I completed the order, I went back to the page for fun to check approximately how long it would take before it ships (it's within 24 hours, and it will take about one week to reach here cause I'm poor and take free shipping economy air shipping from Play-Asia...not like I need the thing that soon), and guess what I saw?


I was like...O_o;;; Did I just get the last copy they had?

Now I need to get a hold of the Tales of Hearts Official Complete Guide (there is a copy on sale at Kinokuniya). With the maps and stuff, at least I won't get lost when playing it.


EDIT: I went to check Play-Asia again and it seems they have it in stock, but it will take one week for them to prepare it before shipping it out, which means they do not have a copy on hand. Not only that, it's back to normal price (same price as the Anime version) O_o So not only I ended snagging the last copy they had on hand, I also ended up snagging the last copy that was on sale. Talk about luck (and coincidence) there...


Saturday, 18 April 2009 18:37
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So many things to little time...still have a bunch of public raws that I've scanned but have not rotated, cropped and resized yet...not to mention I already have my copy of Tales of Magazine for this month to look through, then update Eternal's project status threads...then start scanning the next chapter of Tales of Vesperia...._.

Yes, Tales of Vesperia scanlation is currently lagging. Behind. Maybe I should ask [ profile] chiyo_sama to help me typeset again ~__~ But...Ughhhhhhh. Should I or should I not? I think I should... But I haven't even proofread the script for Chapter 5.5 yet, and I still need to do the final QC for release for Chapter 6. Looks like I'm going to have to do a batch chapter release since I can sit down and QC a lot of chapters for release at one go anyway...:'D

And I have two issues of Dengeki Maoh to look at. Not to mention some people are bothering me about the Tales of Hearts one shot in the previous month's issue. And I need to scan the next chapter of World Destruction for Kuu. Meh.

And I need to start clearing out my copies of Shounen Rival and Weekly Shounen Magazine. Magazine shelf running out of space, and those magazines are pretty much done anyway (and I need the space to dump my precious Dengeki Maoh (only for the Tales of series stuff in there though, so I need to pull out the pages I want and discard the rest) and Tales of Magazine). ._.

Not to mention I still haven't for the life of me figured out the settings in Telecide() for AVISynth to deinterlace all the frames correctly for the Tales of Symphonia OVA encodes for Abyssal Chronicles...GAH. I hate you interlaced source material! But I shall not give up cause I know it can be done! I really do not want to have to use freezeframe() to...fix those stupid frames cause it would make the video look like there's a slight lag since it's a motion frame from the interlaced frame (is it even interlaced or just combed???) to the okay ones...

And I want to play Pokemon Platinum T_T

And I'm not really making that much real progress story wise in Pokemon Platinum either *shot* Ever since I beat Wake and got the ability to use Surf out of battle...I've been doing exploring. I especially went to Iron Island first though to pick up the Riolu Egg that Riley gives I can use those places with trainers to level it I can finally have my team for the rest of the game up and running.

Current progress so far...
5 Gym Badges, currently exploring. Almost done though. Then it's off to challenge Byron.

My team progress so far...
Torterra Lv 43
Staraptor Lv 41
Floatzel Lv 42
Houndoom Lv 42
Raichu Lv 43
Lucario Lv 34

Okay...first order of business tonight, clear out Shounen Rival and look through Dengeki Maoh two months issues and Tales of Magazine while try to figure out Telecide() options for the ToS OVA encoding by encoding only the first few minutes of it...

Also...I'm still trying to decide whether to scanlate Tales of the Abyss: Tsuiko no Jade via magazine scans or tanko scans...but magazine only if I can figure out how to use this new denoising program to denoise nicely and its supposed to be better than Neat Image...GAHHHHHHHHHHH


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