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Saturday, 26 June 2010 20:39
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I've just tried my 360 on the new HDTV. Well, it's actually not the same HDTV I was talking about the other day, but a different one. This TV actually replaced the original TV that was at where my game consoles were all setup at. I dunno what the heck my father was thinking, but that day when I was checking the TV in the living area for HD plugs, I was just commenting to him about how the TV had HD cabling and I can play my 360 on it and how small the text was...

Then when I came home from work the next day, I was surprised to see a HDTV (32" widescreen also) had replaced the SDTV that was at where my gaming consoles were set up. I was like "What the hell" and he told me he went out to buy one, and I was like "What" to myself and "You don't want to work anymore and you bought a HDTV? I can always just haul my 360 into the living area to play it there, the internet problem can be solved easily..."

Then he said he donated the old TV to charity and I was like to myself "Okay...at least that wasn't a bad thing but still." and told me how much it cost. And I was like "At least it ain't too expensive nowadays to get a decent HDTV but still." Well, I for one am not going to dictate how he wishes to spend his money but still...

So now I have both my 360 and Wii plugged into the new HDTV. No more cable switching /o/ I'm still using SD 480i on my Wii since for the Wii it's more than enough, and set it to widescreen. Can't plug in the PS2 slim, though there is another AV slot where I can plug it in, there is not enough space at that area to set up the PS2 slim also (I can't possibly have it sitting on top of my 360).

I tried Star Ocean: The Last Hope out today on my 360 using the HDTV at the gaming area and I was like O_O, and wow and everything at the graphics and I can actually read the text clearly T-T It was a nightmare trying to read the text on the old SDTV when I tried the game out on the day I bought it. The text was SO TINY DX It's because of the text size that's why I never sat down and really played the game, so it's been sitting in my games storage box for more than a year but I can play it now /o/

Now I want to play Tales of Vesperia in all it's glory.
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Square Enix, you FAIL. Seriously. Why did you use such a small font size for SO4 that it's so very tiny on a SDTV??? The font size is KILLING MY EYES. Not that I can't read it, but I can't do it for long periods of time. Pfft. So I can't play the game for long hours. Not everyone has the luxury of a HDTV damn it.

No biggie. I got a bunch of other games to play anyway, and they don't have UBER SMALL FONT SIZE THAT KILLS PEOPLE'S EYES THAT PLAY ON A SDTV.

Maybe I'll wait until I can get a HDTV before playing SO4. There is this 20" widescreen that I saw, went to read the specs on the website and it seems like I can use it as a computer monitor as well as a HDTV. If that is so, I can get a better monitor for myself and a HDTV at the same time, without worrying about the SDTV that's being used to play games and watch TV. That is one of the reasons I'm hesitating to get one. I wish I was earning enough to get my own place...

I guess I'll ask a salesperson or something to confirm this and start saving for it.


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