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Okay...I've been dying to know the meaning of the lyrics to the opening songs for Star Ocean First Departure and Star Ocean Second Evolution. I've tried looking on the internet for a translation but to no...avail. Not even Anime Lyrics has them...

SOFD OP Heart -

Would someone be nice enough to translate them? Please? T__T

Or if you know where to find the translated version for them please link me?
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Okay...putting up LJ cuts since the post itself is pretty long just to save your friends page...

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Oh, and Nagi ([ profile] chiyo_sama), the Shrimp Sushi plush you sent me, the smiling face on it...makes me want to smile too XD I see my package arrived safely too. Hope you like the stuff 8D

In unrelated news...Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver's release date in the US is one day before my birthday O_o It's going to be my birthday present for myself (getting Heart Gold) :X I just know the game is going to eat my soul and distract me from a lot of things DX


Monday, 7 December 2009 22:06
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Stopped playing Tales of VS for a while and finally picked it up again. Finished Cless and Kratos, Lloyd and Colette scenarios in Hard mode. Still haven't unlocked Eugene...I don't particularly like to do Special Battles, but I will finish them...EVENTUALLY!!!

Cless and Kratos scenario still remains my favourite, and after playing through Lloyd and Colette scenario a second time, I somehow managed to understand more of it compared to the first playthrough. Also got 100% in the Event Library for their scenario.

Also started playing Star Ocean: First Departure. I got the game like AGES ago (which is when I bought my PSP and I also bought Star Ocean: Second Evolution at the same time) but wasn't quite in the play it. And considering when I bought my PSP, the release date for Pokemon Platinum was pretty close so I ended up not playing much on the my PSP. I went through the game and looked at the guidebook, I was going "WTF!?" The character recruitment was pretty confusing and was making my head hurt somehow, deciding who to go with for my first playthrough... I went "WTF!?" more when I discovered that I'm lacking a healer for a good portion of the game, after entering the Time Gate, and the first healer I'm going to come across is...Ioshua... ~__~ Looks like I'll need to remember to stock on Blueberries and give the Herbology skill a little boost...

Star Ocean 2 character recruitment is so much less confusing...mind you, I've played the original Star Ocean 2 game that was localised in the US on the Playstation to death, and I know the game like the back of my hand, which characters I like to use and whatnot, so I won't have problems playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution, even with the minor changes to the battle system. Plus you don't get separated from the game's main healer for such a long time (in fact you're always with a healer if you play Rena's scenario, and for Claude's scenario, Rena joins permanently pretty early and Claude is easy to level up when he still has the Phase Gun) :/

Well, I'll survive, I guess...