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I've finally gotten stuff sorted out so the extras of the Tales of Vesperia One-Coins are now for sale! As mentioned, I'm opening these to the people in my flist first. The remaining figures are now open for sale to the public!



Details, details, details

  • Prices are in USD.
  • I am shipping from Singapore.
  • Payment by Paypal only, unless you live in Singapore, then other arrangements can be made.
  • The figure(s) are sealed and still in their box with the box opened to see what's inside. They will be shipped this way.
  • These will be shipped in a box via Air Mail if you're overseas. The shipping cost is a bit higher, but I want to make sure these reach you in one piece and undamaged.
  • Items will not be sent out until I receive payment.
  • I will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods after the package has been set out.
  • Buyer is responsible for any import taxes. Please let me know if you have any special instructions on the amount to put on the customs slip, or anything that needs to be noted in general.
  • First come first serve!
  • Please post a comment after you've made payment. This is to make sure that PayPal did not eat up my e-mail notifications.

Shipping Prices

  • US/Canada/Europe/Australia - $8.50 for one figure, $10.50 for two figures. More than two and you'll have to wait for a quote, as the box I'm using can only fit a maximum of two figures.
  • Asia (except for Japan/Malaysia/Singapore) - $6.50 for one figure, $8.50 for two figures. More than two and you'll have to wait for a quote, as the box I'm using can only fit a maximum of two figures.
  • An additional $2.50 for Registered Mail (only if you want it of course). Please let me know if you want Registered Mail in your comment.

The figures available for sale
Some pictures if you want to take a look! These pictures are taken by [ profile] phi

Yuri, Flynn, Repede, Rita, Judith, Duke - $15 each

I still have other Tales of Series stuff for sale which can be found at my sales page. If you want to combine with anything there, let me know! And I will give you your total.

Sales page -

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!



Monday, 11 October 2010 22:49
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I finally got my sales page up with some stuff that I'm mainly looking to sell. Mainly Tales of stuff like cards and doujinshi.

Sales page here -

I also finished Arc Rise Fantasia like about a week ago. The ending was a bit depressing, but okay. Now doing post game stuff and going O_O at how broken Serge is with his Carnwenhan dagger (except when the enemy has Block Critical Arm Force) and a lot of magic stat boost. Serge with his Curtana dagger is pretty broken too (except he'll be missing Faster Casting Arm Force). Things are dying way too fast. Also going O_O at how broken Rastan is as a damage absorber with his Mitama sword. With it, he can absorb damage like nobody's business. Also, Rastan protecting L'Arc with his Ascaron sword (With Max Damage+, Boost Force, Big Critical) makes normal enemies too easy to clear. Rastan absorbing any damage targeted at L'Arc means he'll always be at full HP so Max Damage+ is always active together with Boost Force means Deadly Strike++ will always activate. Also, leaf farming makes the game a bit...easier or too easy depending on how much boost you throw on the character(s). I mainly farmed Vitality Leaves to boost HP, a little bit of Strength and Insight Leaves.

I think I just broke Arc Rise Fantasia XD;

A dilemma...

Sunday, 10 May 2009 12:26
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I have quite a lot of things (these range from Artbooks, Material Books, Manga both Japanese and English, Tales of Series Doujinshi, some figurines, video games, Pokemon TCG cards, etc) that I no longer want and I want to sell them so that I can make more room for the stuff that I do want, but I have a huge most of you probably know, I live in Singapore, and I'm not sure which currency I should sell my stuff in. It will be easier for me to put a price if I priced it in my own currency, which is SGD, but USD is kind of a universal thing. There is also the issue of calculating the shipping price. It's easier for me to stick to SGD for that, as currency conversion, due to the changes in the exchange rate, sometimes people will end up paying more, sometimes paying less... Of course, with PayPal payment, you can choose the currency to pay in, which won't be a problem, but I also want to give some other payment methods, like for instance, via Western Union since it doesn't seem like it has a minimum amount of money you can send, which will be good for people that doesn't have PayPal (although you'll have to pay a small fee I think) and they also convert the currency for you. I want to avoid concealed cash though, but you'll have to go to a currency exchanger to change the money to SGD if you want to use that.

What do you guys think? It's either:
- USD for the price of my items with shipping cost in USD (Which will be the hardest option for me, since I'll have trouble putting a price tag on my items and I need to calculate the shipping cost into USD)
- USD for the price of my items with shipping cost in SGD (This is okay for me, but it will get hard for me to put a price tag on some of the items, but the shipping cost in SGD will make things easier and I can give an accurate amount)
- SGD for the price of my items with shipping cost in SGD (This is no doubt the easiest option for me since it's in my own currency)

I need some opinions?

Link to the currency converter I use


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