Saturday, 8 September 2012 19:52
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I accidentally broke some small part of my watch that holds the strap in place last night ;o; I was thinking of seeing if a watch shop can it fixed or just super glue it, but then I think I should just get a new watch since this watch is pretty old already (I think it's at least 10 years old) but it still works fine. I only have one watch :X I can keep this one as a back up I guess when I get a new one @_@

So I took a peek at what watches were on sale at a watch shop that was at the shopping centre which was near the PO which I go to after mailing out the packages from sales/pick ups/GA and getting lunch, and I saw one that I liked.... But I'm a bit short on money at the moment so I couldn't buy it immediately (LOL $95 SGD and it's the same watch brand as the one I have now), got other stuff in pre-order I need to pay for first which cannot exactly be delayed in Sep and the current watch is still wearable anyway, I just need to be more careful.

I guess I'll take the chance to check out other watch shops first and see if they have other designs before settling on that one XD

Hopefully my next Pokemon perm sales update/advertising/whatever (which will be posted sometime tomorrow my time) does well enough so I can pay for a new watch otherwise I'll probably just wait until my next paycheck to get one XD

But still...

Saturday, 26 June 2010 20:39
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I've just tried my 360 on the new HDTV. Well, it's actually not the same HDTV I was talking about the other day, but a different one. This TV actually replaced the original TV that was at where my game consoles were all setup at. I dunno what the heck my father was thinking, but that day when I was checking the TV in the living area for HD plugs, I was just commenting to him about how the TV had HD cabling and I can play my 360 on it and how small the text was...

Then when I came home from work the next day, I was surprised to see a HDTV (32" widescreen also) had replaced the SDTV that was at where my gaming consoles were set up. I was like "What the hell" and he told me he went out to buy one, and I was like "What" to myself and "You don't want to work anymore and you bought a HDTV? I can always just haul my 360 into the living area to play it there, the internet problem can be solved easily..."

Then he said he donated the old TV to charity and I was like to myself " least that wasn't a bad thing but still." and told me how much it cost. And I was like "At least it ain't too expensive nowadays to get a decent HDTV but still." Well, I for one am not going to dictate how he wishes to spend his money but still...

So now I have both my 360 and Wii plugged into the new HDTV. No more cable switching /o/ I'm still using SD 480i on my Wii since for the Wii it's more than enough, and set it to widescreen. Can't plug in the PS2 slim, though there is another AV slot where I can plug it in, there is not enough space at that area to set up the PS2 slim also (I can't possibly have it sitting on top of my 360).

I tried Star Ocean: The Last Hope out today on my 360 using the HDTV at the gaming area and I was like O_O, and wow and everything at the graphics and I can actually read the text clearly T-T It was a nightmare trying to read the text on the old SDTV when I tried the game out on the day I bought it. The text was SO TINY DX It's because of the text size that's why I never sat down and really played the game, so it's been sitting in my games storage box for more than a year but I can play it now /o/

Now I want to play Tales of Vesperia in all it's glory.


Saturday, 29 August 2009 17:11
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Okay, so in the end, I did not go to work =T Damn that time of the month. I was having cramps and having this need to go to the bathroom before I even went out of the house. It couldn't wait and it was kind of a bit bad, so I had no choice but to tell that I won't be coming to work and taking leave...ugh. It would be okay if I was already at work, and this normally happens late morning/early afternoon every time it comes (but then that's because it starts in the morning, but this month it started early afternoon so things are a bit screwed up). But noooooo, it happened so early in the morning at around 5:30 am and I couldn't go back to sleep much and by the time it was time I had to leave for work, it had reached the point that I cannot go out as I need to be near a bathroom at all times due to this strange accompanying stomachache whenever I have cramps.

But later in the afternoon when it was a better and the weather was good, so I still went down to Liang Court in the I collected Vol 12 of Tales of Magazine and Oct issue of Dengeki Maoh. Also stopped by the shop on the way back and got Dissidia Final Fantasy. All that transfer rebate from the bus & MRT transfers XD

Ugh...I think the cramps are coming back accompanied by the strange stomachache and the need to go to the bathroom...but at least I'm back home already...m(_ _)m
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Finally caught up with reading my flist journal entries which had accumulated since...Sunday. Well, this isn't the first time I had done this, but never for such a long period...normally I would read it by Wednesdays since it's WSM raw day, but this week...meh. I only pushed it to today cause I was taking a whole day annual leave from work...

In Tales of VS news, I finally finished training up Lloyd and Colette and am now going through their scenario in Yggdrasil mode. Will be training up Luke and Tear for their scenario randomly and also playing Yuri and Farah more to earn more gald. Still addicted to the game XD

Going back to work tomorrow. I was actually thinking of taking tomorrow off too, but I need to go to Kinokuniya Liang Court branch to pick up Tales of Magazine Vol 12 and Dengeki Maoh October issue since they came in today's air shipment, and I won't feel like going there if I don't go to work. It's a 15 min bus ride from my workplace. So much more convenient. I'll also be checking whether Dissidia Final Fantasy is in at the game shop I normally buy from since I pass by there on the way to the bus stop to take the bus to Liang Court. Another reason I can't wait is because the 20% member discount is going to end like this coming Monday, and I really want to catch that before it's over. Saves me a bit more money. I could go there during my lunch time on Monday, but I need to collect my copy of Tales of the Abyss Anime Vol 7 DVD which came already but no one was home to receive it when the postman tried to deliver it, so I have it redirected to a post office near my workplace so that I can go pick it up during my lunch hour. You have to collect it within a certain time...and I hate going to Liang Court after work on weekdays due to road traffic.

I can't wait to get Tales of Magazine Vol 12 though. It's a Tales of Vesperia special issue and I'm going to use the cover pic (they have one without all the text on it inside which can be scanned) and put it for my cellphone's wallpaper XD

I also need to make a wallpaper for my PSP...

Future Prediction?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009 20:32
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Now, this totally cracked me up. There was this one x-ray ribs that I typed at today at work...I noticed something really interesting when I was typing it.

This was on the request form...
"RTA in Sydney on 30/06/2009"

Needless to say...I paused a bit there, then I asked my colleague what does RTA mean...

RTA = Road Traffic Accident

Okay...what. Now I asked my colleague what was wrong with this. She didn't get it. Then I placed emphasis on the date. Then she understood.

So we have a case of a Future Prediction here. And we laughed like LOL there. Then I told the reporting radiologist about it. She didn't notice it either .__.

I think it was meant to be 30/05/2009, not 30/06/2009.

Holy crap...

Friday, 5 June 2009 20:36
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I just realised that I'm almost out of money x_x It doesn't look like it will be enough for me to last through the month...the money the government is giving this year doesn't come in until end of this month too...and the rest of my salary bonus doesn't come in till Sep 2009...

I think maybe I should withdraw the rest of the money from my yearly cash back from my endowment policy...that will help a lot, hopefully. Plus, payment for my computer isn't done yet...the last payment is in Oct 2009...I wish the payment for my computer is over and done with right now DX

Man, I really need to start setting up my stuff for sale. That will get me some money at least...

UGH...looks like I better eat really cheap this month *runs around like mad*
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Finished doing my surgery to my computer, which I replaced my spoiled case fan which I had no idea when it broke down but I knew it was going to when the speed of the fan dropped to like 500 rpm ish speed...

I've also installed a new 500 GB (462 GB actually that I can use since the HDD needs some space to store god knows what so you never get the full amount of disc space on a hard disk...) SATA internal hard drive...and now I'm going to store my personal stuff there. I was struggling with the huge amount of unwatched anime on my main hard disk (system hard disk where the OS is installed in...) and I had to burn them to DVD-Rs and delete them off the main hard disk. Not even my external hard disk had helped much, but it was fairing better for sure, since it's a 250 GB external, but this is actually my back up drive so other personal stuff other than anime are also saved there (Might get another external hard drive sometime down the road for backups). Now I don't have to worry too much about running out of space to store my unwatched anime and having to burn them to DVD-Rs for a really long time.

The variable bonus from my job for FY 2008 just came in. It's only 60% of the total amount though...the company will only give the other 40% later in September...probably in an attempt to keep people from resigning, not like I'm going to, considering that I may not be able to get myself another stable and better job at this point in time with the economy in recession and all. I still want to see if I can perhaps dig out some money next year to take some basic Japanese classes, since I've more or less gotten everything game consoles wise (going to get a PSP soon) that I wanted from last year and this year (got lucky and got a Korean NTSC U/C unmodded Wii for really I actually have extra money now), unless Namdai decided to slap us with a release of a mothership Tales of Series game (and they're going to bring it to the US) on the PS3 (this year's mothership title is on the Wii, hopefully it gets a US release...*keeps fingers crossed*) next year or something...

I going to stop by the game shop near my workplace during lunch tomorrow and get myself a long overdue I wanted to get last year PSP. Hopefully it doesn't rain then, I don't want to carry an umbrella =/

On an ending note...Happy Birthday to me? I feel old compared to some of the people on my flist...

Now to go try out that TV Tuner I just bought...I ended up with an external >__>