Sunday, 2 December 2012 23:23
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I haven't been posting on my LJ again, mainly due to laziness :'D

But yay, I have a new desktop computer that is built with the hardware and cassis I picked myself :3 Intel Ivy Bridge Processor and a mainboard that's Windows 8 ready (but I'm using Windows 7 cause I don't like to use an OS that is released only recently...it has to be out for about 1 to 2 years...) The PSU on my old comp died and since the comp is so old with so outdated hardware, I decided to just get a new one, and a self-built desktop (I really dislike factory pre-assembled desktops which is what my old desktop was but I know a lot more about hardware now over the years) on top of that :D Though I had to take a small personal loan to afford this baby

When I was researching on hardware and what parts to get for the computer, I'm actually surprised that integrated graphics (in the past you definitely needed a dedicated GPU for decent/good graphics and screen resolution) is now so much more advanced that you can actually don't need a dedicted GPU for it unless you game a lot on your computer which I do not, I usually use my comp for internet, using Photoshop, watching anime...etc... I never did realise I am that outdated in regards to hardware technology knowledge though I do follow it somewhat :'D

Everything on the comp is so fast now. Photoshop opening in less than a minute (old comp it was like 5 minutes before I could use it properly?). I bet I can start using Topaz Denoise (couldn't use it on the old comp, super major lag that it can even freeze it could only use Neat Image >_>) on the comp for pre-cleaning manga raws for Eternal but I dunno how to use it =_= I'm also kinda stoked that video encoding doesn't take hours, it's like 5 times or more faster than on my old desktop imagine how old it was... I can also finally watch anime properly, even 720p with no lag (couldn't watch 720p anime at all and even 480p and XviD AVI lagged somewhat...) :D

But...the Pokemon Dream World mini-games...can't keep up with a couple of them...particularly the "Play on Wailord" mini-game...too fast X_x

Anyway, off to bed now~ Sleepy~ ZzzzZZzzZZzzz
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Please do not suddenly decide that you want to bring in Pokemon Fan. Now I don't know if this is going to be regular and I don't want to depend on you either, and neither do I want to special order if you should decide not to continue bringing it in as it takes about 3 weeks to arrive after release date in Japan and I can only special order it after it's out in Japan and I didn't want to take any chances of your supplier being out of supply.

If you had started bringing it in regularly from last year and beyond, you would have me buying it regularly since last year as it's cheaper for me to buy from you rather than having to get it from an online store in Japan or asking someone in Japan to middleman/pick up a copy for me.

But now you decided that you wanted to bring the latest issue in. Too bad you won't get me as a customer for it as I've already asked [livejournal.com profile] denkimouse to pick a copy up of the latest issue for me.

Yours sincerely,
Rena Chan, one of your regular customers


Wednesday, 19 September 2012 17:11
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Just taking a look and trying out this new updating interface which is in beta testing...

Why is the font size in the text box so small...

Holy crap the some of the insert HTML tags doesn't work correctly!!! I still need to manually type in the tags, some of them doesn't even insert the words I've selected in between the opening and closing tags...LOL FAIL.

LOL spellchecker red underline for spelling errors...

This thing is still sooooooooooo b

I might as well stick to manually typing in the HTML tags...


Thursday, 24 November 2011 21:06
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Looks like Alter is going to be taking my money again. Another new 1/8 figure announced for who knows when in 2012...and they're already taking my money for one in April 2012.

Now it would be awesome if Alter made a 1/8 figure of Kratos. I'll be staring at it everyday.

I need to use this more often. It is painfully bare.
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You are driving me crazy today!

Rena Chan

Of ALL the god damn times for MegaUpload's file fetching to not work, it has to happen on raw day(s)! NONE of my raws are being file fetched from my web host to my MegaUpload account...and I'm pretty sure it's their fault cause the site wasn't loading properly a few hours ago. GRRRRRRRRRRR

*smacks MegaUpload one million times*

I am going to bed. PFFT. If it still doesn't work or the file fetching isn't complete when I wake up, there would be hell to pay. Maybe.

The next thing MegaUpload is going to throw at me is their web upload isn't working :/

Flying dogs...

Thursday, 12 March 2009 22:19
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Happened at #mangahelpers

[22:11:04] !Osso > That error doesn't exist anymore
[22:11:27] !Osso > so
[22:11:31] +Rena_Chan > You removed the error -.-?
[22:11:34] !Osso > yes
[22:11:39] !Osso > on beta
[22:11:54] !Osso > it'll be updated saturday probably
[22:12:34] +Rena_Chan > When's the site going out of Beta o.o
[22:12:49] +Rena_Chan > So you're removing the error and it will only get changed this Sat
[22:12:53] +Rena_Chan > Uhh
[22:12:56] +Rena_Chan > Updated
[22:14:00] !Osso > right
[22:14:25] !nihonjintaylor > so what happens if someone uploads a file that is already uploaded?
[22:15:04] !Osso > flying dogs come kidnap you and your family
[22:15:15] !nihonjintaylor > :o
[22:15:17] !nihonjintaylor > neat :p
[22:15:29] !Osso > then you get redirected
[22:15:40] +Rena_Chan > LOL
[22:15:44] +Rena_Chan > I like that XD
[22:16:03] +Rena_Chan > Flying...dogs...
[22:16:44] * Rena_Chan falls over from laughter

Hm, flying dogs...