Monday, 15 March 2010 20:52
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Haven't updated in a long time X_X I'll make this quick though...

Pokemon Heart Gold get! Now time for that game to eat my soul!

Also recently started playing Star Ocean Second Evolution. I really couldn't take it. I really had no motivation to finish Star Ocean First Departure. Not only the character choices per save file are more limited, the equipment sucks too. I still love SOSE to death BTW, though I find some of the name localization to be pretty stupid (not to mention WTF is with all that...American slang??? I think they're American slang...) when compared to the first localization which wasn't done by Square Enix (or Enix to be more exact)... Haven't finished the game yet though. Going through Rena's scenario first since that's the one I'm most familiar with. Playing it with the Japanese Guidebook which I got. Got to love Japanese Guidebooks. I have all the PAs that can be done and maps! Will probably bounce between playing Pokemon Heart Gold and Star Ocean Second Evolution.

I also recently fell in love with a Japanese show called Madan Senki Ryukendo. That show is awesome. It's way better than Power Rangers. In Power Rangers, I tend to only really pay attention to one or two characters, but for Ryukendo, I actually pay attention to all the Madan Warriors. Not only that, the show is funny in its own way at parts and the minor characters (the townspeople) sometimes gets the spot light too, though not often, but it's really different from Power Rangers. It's really awesome! And did I mention that there are no stupid giant robots/machines or the enemies growing bigger if they get defeated when normal human size? Sure, there are machines in the show, but they're JuuOh (Animal Kings), their Mecha Support Animals that help them and they are about the size of a normal human too. Although the last episode is leaving me a bit depressed. I'm going to re-watch it one more time, since I first watched the local dub that was airing on TV, then I started watching crappy YouTube quality videos that were uploaded, then I managed to locate the sub group that did it and someone directed me to all the episode downloads that were uploaded to MegaUpload (for once I'm actually glad that I'm a MegaUpload premium user), so I'm going to re-watch the whole thing again in the actual quality of the subbed version that was released.

Also finished World Destruction. The game wasn't too hard, in fact, it might be a little too easy... Not only that, I was too strong even without real leveling up and I defeated the final boss without she EVER taking a turn against me O_o Just so you know, the game is 10x100x better than the manga or anime. The characters that are represented in the anime/manga is NOTHING LIKE the game. In fact, their personalities are way off if I were to make a comment about it. Also, Crimson Sun Kyrie is awesome.

Just a short Fan Fiction status, I've finished writing Chapter 2 of my ToS fic and am currently working on Chapter 3, though I haven't proofread Chapter 2 yet. I'm debating on putting it up on FanFiction.net first, but I really don't know... I have more motivation to write rather than code a website at this point... Still got Eternal's site to work on... So I may just put it up at FF.net first... Also planning on a couple of one-shots :3

That's it for now? And Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] silentdrifterz, coincidentally who's birthday falls on the same day as mine XD;

*falls over*

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 01:15
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I've finally finished my marathon for Power Rangers Mystic Force. It was actually pretty nice. Although my mom had to come from nowhere and ask me why am I watching Power Rangers =/ What? She mean I can't watch Power Rangers? I watch whatever I want =T

But I still prefer Power Rangers Operation Overdrive more >__>

Time to get to bed.
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The mangaka for Tales of Vesperia (Morita Yuzuka) finally fixed/drew Yuri's main (Yuri can use the sword with his right, but it's usually the left) sword hand correctly! XD It was originally drawn in the right, but it's in the left now, and the mangaka is using Yuri's battle stance in the game too X3

Yuri's Souhajin/Azure Edge looks cool too XD

I also ended up buying the entire set of VCDs for Power Rangers: Mystic Force *shot* Really love PR: Operation Overdrive and PR: Mystic Force.

But...my...poor...wallet...so...broke...now...*sob* And it's only the beginning of the month DX


Tuesday, 28 April 2009 20:41
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So, I ended up watching the first five episodes of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive on YouTube which I didn't watch when it was airing (before I decided to watch the series/season). Went to Wiki to read up on PR: Operation Overdrive...and I ended up watching the last five episodes that hasn't aired yet on YouTube...and...I literally fell in love with the series.

So I ended up hunting around to see if any local anime/movie/music/whatever distributor has the entire series...on DVD or VCD...and I found one. Bought the entire set <3

Now I'm going to waste my time watching the entire series/season again just cause I love it so much <3

*wanders off to order a box of Tales of Vesperia Trading Cards and Vol 4 of the Tales of the Abyss Anime DVD*