Sunday, 25 July 2010 00:36
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Hexyz Force has taken over my gaming time. Yes, I'm still playing it. Levant~

I'm still playing Hexyz Force even though Arc Rise Fantasia's release is around the corner. Not that it matters since I can only play a Wii game during the weekends. Dad occupying the TV for most of the night so I can't even play two to three hours before having to head to bed. I'll just have to drop my Hexyz Force game time during the weekend to play it when I get my hands on the game in the afternoon and do my other stuff on my comp at night or play Hexyz Force when the TV where the consoles are setup gets taken over. I can't argue or snatch the TV when my Dad is watching. He paid for the thing, not me, so I'd think he has the right to use it when he wants to watch some stuff. I'm just glad to have gotten a HDTV where my consoles are plugged in. At least playing on my Xbox 360 will never suffer ever again.

For some reason, [ profile] chiyo_sama got Arc Rise Fantasia early. Boo :(

So...they have a Xbox Live Arcade only Castlevania game called Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. Not a real Castlevania story line game since it mixes a bunch of the playable Characters from other games into it, it looks more like a game and co-op? I see Alucard, Soma, Jonathan and Charlotte in the screenshots. the game even in English, since the Xbox 360 newsletter I signed up for is based on the Asian Xbox Live? :|b

And I need to post more often. It's been one month since my previous entry...
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I bought the Japanese Guidebook for Hexyz Force. Why is there no English Guidebook? And yes, some games have no English Guidebook for some reason, like Final Fantasy VI Advance with info on the new dungeons...

I bought the Original Game Soundtrack for Hexyz Force too. The music is actually pretty nice.

Can't stop playing it, and I have this urge to play it everyday until I'm satisfied...but I want to play Pokemon Platinum and HeartGold too... Maybe I'll slow down once I've finished both Levant and Cecilia stories at least once.

One nice thing is that this game is on the PSP and I can play it practically anywhere. Which is always a plus. Then I don't need to be at home with a TV available to play.

I want to try my Xbox 360 out on the new 32" widescreen HDTV... My father finally set it up, but I need to do something about hooking my Xbox 360 to the internet, the HDTV is so far away from where the modem router is. Will probably use a long Ethernet Cable. The stupid wireless adapter for the 360 is so goddamn expensive... Though there is a modem hooked up nearby. I wonder if it works... Got to try it out.

For those in my flist that have tried, which is better graphics in your opinion, HDMI or 720p HD? Also, for the PS3, if the HDTV doesn't support 1080p full HD, will HDMI produce better graphics compared to 720p HD? The PS3 is just for my future reference on whether to get a HDMI cable or not when I finally buy one. And is HDMI better than full HD 1080p or the same? And uh, I'll be going for a PS3 slim since it's that much cheaper.


Thursday, 17 June 2010 11:49
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Poor Levant...

I want to kill Faust so badly now.


Monday, 14 June 2010 21:03
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I think I'm addicted to Hexyz Force. I haven't been this absorbed in a RPG for a long time. Not since Tales of Vesperia. And when I mean absorbed, I mean I think nothing about playing it at least for a two to three hours everyday, or more.

I have a lot of other RPGs to play, but they don't seem to give me the feeling of "I must know what's going to happen next!" kind of thing to make me this absorbed in it. Plus the game is not too hard enough to give me a headache from playing it, and it has replay value, since the game has multiple endings and two stories to play, and a harder difficulty from what I've heard. Some of the game's battle system also reminds me of various Wild ARMs games, which is one of my more favourite series of RPGs that I play.

Till now, I still don't have the motivation to play Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk/Dawn of the New World, and that says a lot :/

Also, I need to sit down and drown in the Japanese and play Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Symphonia (PS2).

Also, a shameless plug, I finally decided to upload the re-written version of my Tales of Symphonia Fanfic. I actually have Chapter 2 done, but I haven't proofread it yet, and Chapter 3 is almost done.