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So I started up Golden Sun: Dark Dawn new game before Pokemon Black/White comes out tomorrow just so that I can mess around during the period in the beginning of the game when Isaac and Garet join you for a brief period of time and see what they do to aid you in battle. Actually I just wanted to fangirl over Isaac and see his battle stance, normal attack and unleash/use psynergy/summon/Djinni set back in battle stance which ended up being the same as in Golden Sun: The Broken Seal and The Lost Age, same for Garet.

These are what Isaac and Garet will do...
- Isaac occasionally gives you battle advice depending on the situation. But all the battle advice are related to specific Djinni unleashes and summoning :/
- Isaac and Garet occasionally normal attack/weapon unleash on enemies instantly pwning them
- Isaac will unleash Flint if you have two Venus Djinn on standby so you can summon Cybele
- Isaac will unleash Quartz to try and revive Matthew or Karis depending on who is downed
- Isaac will unleash Salt to cure status aliments
- Garet will unleash Flash/Corona/Kindle often but in no particular order
- Garet will occasionally summon Tiamat or Meteor if you have enough Mars Djinn on standby

What boggles my mind about Isaac is that he simply refuses to use Psynergy to heal. He will only react with a Quartz unleash if Matthew or Karis gets downed. He's in his base element class. Judging from the damage they do with their weapons, I'm sure Isaac already knows Cure, Cure Well and Potent Cure, but he just doesn't want to use them to heal Matthew or Karis when their HP goes critical. Oh wait. Garet doesn't use Psynergy either, only using their Djinn to unleash .__.

Conclusion, they don't like using their Psynergy? Oh well. I guess that's how the game is programmed I guess.


Wednesday, 12 January 2011 20:49
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I finished Golden Sun: Dark Dawn the other day, did all I could, get everything, Lv 99 all characters (way too easy to level in this game, DD is much easier compared to TBS and TLA), and the ending is practically screaming SEQUEL! I want Isaac playable in that game and Isaac clone Matthew as a returning character O-o

As I played through GS: DD, I realised how much of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age I've forgotten and now I'm replaying them again...then go another round at Dark Dawn. But knowing me, I'll take really long on the playthroughs and Pokemon Black/White Version will be out even before I finish them due to lack of time mostly and other things I need to do >.>

BTW, did you know Dullahan is damn annoying? Really, really, really annoying. Even with a Lv 99 party, that guy still almost gave me a run for my strategy and I wanted to reset and Summon Rush him ~__~ But in the end I didn't cause I know he can be beaten, though Djinn Storm and Charon summons (and even Condemn) were annoying the shit out of me and having KOed characters and all recovery Djinn all over...the battle took like an hour before he finally went down...with a Mars summon from Amiti. Uh...okay? >.>

But I want to go another round at him with different class setup this time mainly cause if I'm going to just go Beast Form with Sveta, she doesn't even really need any good class on her, then I can make Karis into a more useful class and Sveta just hold any left over Djinn, and just switch her out when all her Djinn goes into recovery :S Not only that, I realised that it's pointless to boost defense and resist since I'll have to re-cast them every time someone goes down or when Dullahan uses Break :/ I'll stick to just casting Impact/High Impact on people so Matthew can go crazy with Megiddo unleashes and other attackers can also do damage. I also need to figure out the best way to use Aurora...

Uh yeah, I need to beat Dullahan normally in TLA too, but that would be harder since you can't level as fast plus there are no Hover Greaves and Zol Rings for leet AGL boosts...
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I finally have Golden Sun: Dark Dawn in my hands! I've been waiting for it T_T ffffft

*runs off to play it*

But, where is my Pokemon Center Daikenki plush :( It's a bit overdue...I know that mail would most likely get delayed during the Christmas period but... T__T

P.S. [ profile] chiyo_sama I've sent out a package for you :O