Wednesday, 25 March 2009 22:30
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I dunno why, but for some reason, I'm not in much of a mood to scan Fairy Tail and Code: Breaker tonight (or even do any of my daily internet stuff). Looks like they will only be done tomorrow/friday night. Sorry to all of you that are waiting for my raws D:

It might be because that this is kind of bothering me right now. I've just skimmed through two scanlations for Fairy Tail that was released by INP-Mangaz and I Eat Manga (yes, they're both using Heiji's raws)...both versions have something horribly wrong quality wise with them.

For INP-Mangaz, the cleaning is terrible. The grays are horrible to say the least...and some of the pages look like they're half done. I know Neat Image messes up the grays, heck, I know this cause I've messed around with it before and I know what Neat Image can do to the grays. Neat Image works very well with denoising blacks and whites, but it horribly messes up certain types of grays, though not all grays mind you, Neat Image works very nicely on most of the pages on my Tales of Magazine manga scans (only the character page and the pages with the Tales of Series logo's grays gets messed up) and even tankoubon scans, achieving the same end result as Nagi's ([ profile] chiyo_sama) cleans if done the normal way. Without clever use of filters to fix those grays for WSM or WSJ type of scans, the end result looks horrible (That is why M-Hario's cleans look wonderful, and I know Neat Image did indeed mess up the grays, but it was fixed up nicely).

For I Eat Manga, the double pages are not joined into one image. Seriously, is it really that hard to tell if something is a double page or not? Even before I got my copy of this week's Weekly Shounen Magazine, I already knew that Fairy Tail has two double pages this week from Heiji's raws. Of course, since the original raws were kind of blur, sharpening was somewhat done to it and overall it doesn't look very nice still >__o Not only that, the quality ain't even better than Franky House's releases, and it doesn't seem to maintain a stable quality...either =/

Edit: I just looked at pi_te_ku's release now...and theirs too also have issues. The grays are okay, don't look bad, but...they didn't join the double pages properly -__-. Not only that, they didn't crop away the excess black parts that is not part of the page (due to the original raw). Again, I consider those pages half-done. Not to mention they forgot to put in the credits ~__~

Also, I don't think people should worry too much about losing art to cropping cause after doing so much scanning, I've found out that there really is no way to not lose any art at the sides to cropping after rotation, especially if the page itself is originally crooked and if you want to make it straight, and well, you should make it straight cause it looks nicer. Even if the original page itself is straight, you'll still lose a bit of stuff from the sides, though not as much. The only way not to lose anything is to redraw the missing parts, and I find that it really isn't worth the time at all... As for double pages, they're just sometimes misaligned, and sometimes one of the page is higher than the other to get it aligned, and it's also the fault of the original, and the only way to fix it is to redraw, which...isn't worth the time if you're just going to lose some art at the top or the bottom, but you'll definitely have to redraw the centre where the two pages join...haha.
> End Edit

In the end, I'm just really sad that the manga scanlation community has come to this state, it's all about speed and not quality now, considering I've been amongst the community for 10 years or so, and I myself have contributed quite a lot to it. Not to mention that I'm quite picky about quality (which is also why I'm picky over the people that wants to join Eternal).

Sigh...Where is Ju-da-su ([ profile] argentum_canine)...I think I need someone to chat with over on MSN, especially when working on stuff for WSM D: Maybe I should just go and play Pokemon Platinum instead...I can't do anything that needs this type of concentration if I'm in this mood. *sigh* Is there anyway you can be online tomorrow night when continuing my scanning for WSM this week? Even if it's just you being random or weird, at least it takes all these things that are bothering me at away...


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