Saturday, 28 November 2009 18:07
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I just got a hold of the Jan issue of Comp Ace and took a look at the contents seems that Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and Tales of the Abyss: Senketsu no Asch (next chapter in the March issue of Comp Ace so one more month wait) are not the only stuff from Tales of Magazine that migrated there. Vesperia Gag Theater Tales V also migrated there (anyone wants to t/l? :x). I thought it ended with Tales of Magazine...since Vol 14 didn't say anything about it...

Valkyria Chronicles is serialised in that magazine O_o

And the paper is really nice and the ink is even, so it looks like scanlations for those two series will be continued using magazine raws, but I currently need a translator for Tales of the Abyss: Senketsu no Asch (and lots of other stuff I plan on releasing) cause the translator I had on it hasn't replied for a long time and I'm calling her MIA for now, she was supposed to be sending me t/l for the next chapter soon) and someone to help with Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and maybe t/l Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 (there are only two volumes) also...

Won't be getting the Jan issue of Comptiq so soon, the Dec issue is only coming in this Monday (sea shipment, and the Dec issue is released on 10th Nov) which is the issue where the next chapter of Tales of Vesperia continues its serialisation in, since it comes by sea shipment (Comp Ace comes by air shipment), but I'm getting the Dec issue anyway since there seems to be something related to Tales of Magazine there...not sure, but Comptiq might be having a section for Tales of Magazine, where all the Tales of news are put there. I'll know when I get the Dec issue and look at it...

Will also be collecting the Jan issue of Dengeki Maoh at the same time when Comptiq is in...

I also took a subscription for both Comptiq and Comp Ace.

*sigh* More translators disappearing without telling me... For once, I'm glad that Ju-da-su ([ profile] argentum_canine) is the translator for quite a number of Eternal's projects...nonetheless, I need fresh translator blood for Eternal once again...


Saturday, 29 August 2009 17:11
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Okay, so in the end, I did not go to work =T Damn that time of the month. I was having cramps and having this need to go to the bathroom before I even went out of the house. It couldn't wait and it was kind of a bit bad, so I had no choice but to tell that I won't be coming to work and taking leave...ugh. It would be okay if I was already at work, and this normally happens late morning/early afternoon every time it comes (but then that's because it starts in the morning, but this month it started early afternoon so things are a bit screwed up). But noooooo, it happened so early in the morning at around 5:30 am and I couldn't go back to sleep much and by the time it was time I had to leave for work, it had reached the point that I cannot go out as I need to be near a bathroom at all times due to this strange accompanying stomachache whenever I have cramps.

But later in the afternoon when it was a better and the weather was good, so I still went down to Liang Court in the I collected Vol 12 of Tales of Magazine and Oct issue of Dengeki Maoh. Also stopped by the shop on the way back and got Dissidia Final Fantasy. All that transfer rebate from the bus & MRT transfers XD

Ugh...I think the cramps are coming back accompanied by the strange stomachache and the need to go to the bathroom...but at least I'm back home already...m(_ _)m


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