Sunday, 2 December 2012 23:23
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I haven't been posting on my LJ again, mainly due to laziness :'D

But yay, I have a new desktop computer that is built with the hardware and cassis I picked myself :3 Intel Ivy Bridge Processor and a mainboard that's Windows 8 ready (but I'm using Windows 7 cause I don't like to use an OS that is released only recently...it has to be out for about 1 to 2 years...) The PSU on my old comp died and since the comp is so old with so outdated hardware, I decided to just get a new one, and a self-built desktop (I really dislike factory pre-assembled desktops which is what my old desktop was but I know a lot more about hardware now over the years) on top of that :D Though I had to take a small personal loan to afford this baby

When I was researching on hardware and what parts to get for the computer, I'm actually surprised that integrated graphics (in the past you definitely needed a dedicated GPU for decent/good graphics and screen resolution) is now so much more advanced that you can actually don't need a dedicted GPU for it unless you game a lot on your computer which I do not, I usually use my comp for internet, using Photoshop, watching anime...etc... I never did realise I am that outdated in regards to hardware technology knowledge though I do follow it somewhat :'D

Everything on the comp is so fast now. Photoshop opening in less than a minute (old comp it was like 5 minutes before I could use it properly?). I bet I can start using Topaz Denoise (couldn't use it on the old comp, super major lag that it can even freeze it could only use Neat Image >_>) on the comp for pre-cleaning manga raws for Eternal but I dunno how to use it =_= I'm also kinda stoked that video encoding doesn't take hours, it's like 5 times or more faster than on my old desktop imagine how old it was... I can also finally watch anime properly, even 720p with no lag (couldn't watch 720p anime at all and even 480p and XviD AVI lagged somewhat...) :D

But...the Pokemon Dream World mini-games...can't keep up with a couple of them...particularly the "Play on Wailord" mini-game...too fast X_x

Anyway, off to bed now~ Sleepy~ ZzzzZZzzZZzzz


Friday, 19 March 2010 09:42
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I can't believe I forgot to take the weapon that I need to make the Eternal Sphere/Aeterna for Claude! T__T Now he's without a good weapon and the Holy Sword Farewell/Demon Sword Levantine is quite a while aways. Stuck the Silvance on him with the Sword of Marvels as a backup since that sword has an attack element on it. Also, Dias, why can't you customize the Sword of Minos =/ You can equip the sword and yet you cannot make it...pfft

This is what I get for not playing the game for a long time and forgetting stuff here and there D: Thankfully Claude's not my main fighter. It's Dias who's my main fighter. I've already made the Crimson Diablos/Devil for him so time for him to tear the battlefield apart and rock house XD;

Haven't started Pokemon Heart Gold yet. Didn't feel like playing it yet cause I could only start it at night on weekdays and two of the Pokemon I want to catch are morning/day pokemon =/ Will start it on Sunday.

Also, stupid ISP. Why did you have to disable the old modem and enable the new one, forcing me to setup it up??? Now I'm having problems with my internet, and that installation had me needing to reboot my computer and the stupid computer refuses to let me skip the stupid disc check. I hate that stupid disc check cause it takes AGES to finish. A disc check taking more than 12 hours...WTF is up with that? =T The only reason that disc check even pops up is because of the stupid OS randomly corrupting my stuff on the C: drive. Hopefully after I get home from work tonight I can set the whole thing up without any problems so I can have internet on my computer again. pfft. Then I'll have to set up all my WiFi connection to that new wireless modem/router for my NDS Lite, PSP and Wii. Luckily that is easy to do...once I know how to set things up on the modem/router page.

Finally, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] atelierjoh before I forget.
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Finished doing my surgery to my computer, which I replaced my spoiled case fan which I had no idea when it broke down but I knew it was going to when the speed of the fan dropped to like 500 rpm ish speed...

I've also installed a new 500 GB (462 GB actually that I can use since the HDD needs some space to store god knows what so you never get the full amount of disc space on a hard disk...) SATA internal hard drive...and now I'm going to store my personal stuff there. I was struggling with the huge amount of unwatched anime on my main hard disk (system hard disk where the OS is installed in...) and I had to burn them to DVD-Rs and delete them off the main hard disk. Not even my external hard disk had helped much, but it was fairing better for sure, since it's a 250 GB external, but this is actually my back up drive so other personal stuff other than anime are also saved there (Might get another external hard drive sometime down the road for backups). Now I don't have to worry too much about running out of space to store my unwatched anime and having to burn them to DVD-Rs for a really long time.

The variable bonus from my job for FY 2008 just came in. It's only 60% of the total amount though...the company will only give the other 40% later in September...probably in an attempt to keep people from resigning, not like I'm going to, considering that I may not be able to get myself another stable and better job at this point in time with the economy in recession and all. I still want to see if I can perhaps dig out some money next year to take some basic Japanese classes, since I've more or less gotten everything game consoles wise (going to get a PSP soon) that I wanted from last year and this year (got lucky and got a Korean NTSC U/C unmodded Wii for really cheap...so I actually have extra money now), unless Namdai decided to slap us with a release of a mothership Tales of Series game (and they're going to bring it to the US) on the PS3 (this year's mothership title is on the Wii, hopefully it gets a US release...*keeps fingers crossed*) next year or something...

I going to stop by the game shop near my workplace during lunch tomorrow and get myself a long overdue I wanted to get last year PSP. Hopefully it doesn't rain then, I don't want to carry an umbrella =/

On an ending note...Happy Birthday to me? I feel old compared to some of the people on my flist...

Now to go try out that TV Tuner I just bought...I ended up with an external >__>
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Okay...so I just found more of my empty folders missing from my internal harddrive. You may ask, how do I know that I had made these folders in the first place and they just went poof? Well, the reason is simple. The folders were present in my external harddrive =T How this works is that I will make the folders and files and whatever crap on my internal harddrive, then I will copy them to my external harddrive for the purpose of backups...

So I got pissed off at this and created a text file that said...

Prevent empty folders from being deleted by the computer!!!

Because the computer is being an effing retard to my empty folders in my C: Drive.

and put them in the empty folders.

So it isn't Photoshop but the computer, probably a bug with the Operating System? Just WTF is my computer trying to do??? Damn you Win XP pfft =T @#$%^&*
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Okay...I've got a strange thing I've been seeing of my computer lately. An empty folder of mine in my Manga Raws folder (named zz Scans) always seem to go missing! This has happened a few times already too...and I SWEAR THAT I DIDN'T DELETE THE FOLDER!!! I have no reason to delete that folder either...I'm using that folder practically twice a week because that folder is where I save the current manga chapter I'm scanning from Japanese Manga Magazines (my public raws)...I was like "What the hell??? Why does that folder always go missing??? I didn't delete it or anything!!!"

Well, not only that, my external harddrive also has that same folder (not used so it's always empty, it's only used when I backup anything I've scanned halfway, to be continued the next day, this is only for public raws, my scans that are for scanlations go into a different set of folder altogether and are saved as PSDs), but nothing ever happens to it!

Not only that, this doesn't happen with any other empty folders I have created in my computer's harddrive (yes, I have quite a few of them...I prepare them beforehand for scanning, saving HQ and LQ raws, and also the final files which are for release that I'm scanlating for my manga group...)

I really can't figure it out -_-"

Could it be Photoshop acting stupid? That is the only difference between my internal harddrive and external harddrive...My external harddrive is only for backup. I never run anything with Photoshop that is saved in my external harddrive. So now I've deleted that same folder from my external harddrive...let's see what happens...

Thankfully this strange problem doesn't happen to my folders which actually have something in them...(although it wouldn't matter too much since I have a backup always on my external harddrive)

Yes, I highly suspect it's Photoshop. Yes, I'm serious.