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So I went to Kino (Liang Court branch) today for my monthly magazines pick up for the stuff which I've subscribed to. And when I sat down to look at Comptiq, I saw something I seriously did not want to see. Tales of Vesperia, FINAL CHAPTER. UGH WTF, THEY'RE CUTTING THAT TOO! ARGH!!! While it's not as bad for Tales of Hearts or Tales of Phantasia since it ended at the end of part one of the game, it's still really frustrating! I better remember to call Kino Liang Court to cancel my subscription for Comptiq.

So now my motivation for manga scanlating has gone down even more than it already is. I think the only way for my motivation to come back is to finally find a translator that will not go poof on me to translate Tales of the Abyss! *bangs desk*

Speaking of Tales of the Abyss, the manga is at its final chapter in the latest issue of Dengeki Maoh. There will be an epilogue next issue, and the TotA manga would have officially ended. And now, the only Tales of manga that is still running is ToD:DC Leon, which will probably end soon anyway since it's based on Leon's side of the story in the game. Then there will be no more active Tales of manga being serialized =|b

With all these cuts and crap going on, it seems like the only way nowadays for a Tales of Series manga based on the game to survive is for it to be serialized in Dengeki Maoh. Dengeki Maoh is practically the only magazine I know that has a bunch of game manga being serialized and is still actively reporting on new stuff for the Tales of Series games. Every other magazine that reports on game news, including Tales of Series game stuff, are all purely gaming magazines.

I'm not a happy camper. Now I only hope that Dengeki Maoh will either do a new serialization for Tales of Vesperia based on the PS3's storyline, or Tales of Graces that will also serialize post game story that's in Tales of Graces F, or they do a proper serialization for Tales of Hearts and/or maybe even Tales of Rebirth.

Or maybe a manga for Arc Rise Fantasia, cause Serge is just plain awesome. I blame Serge for my current replay of the game >.>

P.S. To those in my flist who haven't seen it, I've already put up the sales post for my extra ToV One-Coin figures which is below this post.



Monday, 11 October 2010 22:49
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I finally got my sales page up with some stuff that I'm mainly looking to sell. Mainly Tales of stuff like cards and doujinshi.

Sales page here -

I also finished Arc Rise Fantasia like about a week ago. The ending was a bit depressing, but okay. Now doing post game stuff and going O_O at how broken Serge is with his Carnwenhan dagger (except when the enemy has Block Critical Arm Force) and a lot of magic stat boost. Serge with his Curtana dagger is pretty broken too (except he'll be missing Faster Casting Arm Force). Things are dying way too fast. Also going O_O at how broken Rastan is as a damage absorber with his Mitama sword. With it, he can absorb damage like nobody's business. Also, Rastan protecting L'Arc with his Ascaron sword (With Max Damage+, Boost Force, Big Critical) makes normal enemies too easy to clear. Rastan absorbing any damage targeted at L'Arc means he'll always be at full HP so Max Damage+ is always active together with Boost Force means Deadly Strike++ will always activate. Also, leaf farming makes the game a bit...easier or too easy depending on how much boost you throw on the character(s). I mainly farmed Vitality Leaves to boost HP, a little bit of Strength and Insight Leaves.

I think I just broke Arc Rise Fantasia XD;


Sunday, 12 September 2010 02:09
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So, I actually did a replay for Arc Rise Fantasia like around late Aug. I couldn't take my current save file any longer since it was missing a weapon for Rastan, and three unique drops from three bosses, namely Weiss, Chimera and Banchu, not to mention lots of steals for Lv 3 and Lv 4 Gem Shards from a bunch of bosses which I could have gotten so I decided play it again. My first save was at the Verct Skywalk before I dropped it.

Didn't do the Rogress quest much differently from the last time, but I went for Rufunga, Urgula and Banchu this time. First time it was Rufunga, Urgula and Papirusagu. And both times I failed Squill, although I did it on purpose on the replay :') But after having tried all the five optional Rogress quest, my opinion for the battles to get them?

Long rambling ahead )

All in all, I really like the second file a lot more and I'm doing much better than the first one. I've gotten the weapon I had missed for Rastan the first time round, and the two unique drops from Weiss and Chimera (Didn't even had to reload my save! Banchu doesn't count since the drop is 100%, it's the boss that's missable), and have a lot more Gem Shards this time round. Not only that, I'm luckier this time round with Gem Shard drops from breaking Raystones. Though I did equip to increase my chances of gem shard drops from breaking Raystones a little (I broke Raystones with Serge when I was doing a bit of leveling and while I was going through the dungeons), but nontheless, it worked out such that I have like one more Rain Gem and one more Firestorm Gem compared to the first file, and I already have one Inferno Gem already. Not only that, I'm about two Gale Shards, two Flood Shards and one Terra Shard short to have a complete set of Lv 4 magic gems for one person before the Verct Skywalk, and I'm currently only at the Flagship Percival (the first time I reached Verct Skywalk I don't even have a single Lv 4 magic gem yet) part of the story. Once I get a complete set of Lv 4 magic gems, I'm resetting Serge's orb and putting the gems on him so that he will have access to every single magic in the game and he'll be throwing magic left and right at bosses OwO Rastan is more of my support magic caster (Dispel Magic, Life Force, Force Shield, Magic Shell, Regeneration) so I'll probably only have all magic up to Lv 3 for him once I get a second set of Lv 4 magic gems which I'm gonna put on L'Arc, which I'll have by the time I finish the Verct Skywalk, and I usually only sync magic with Serge and L'Arc anyway since Rastan is kind of the item user in my party, though Rastan would make a really good damage absorber later...

God I love this game so much despite the sub-par localisation and voice acting. I think Serge may have become my favourite character... He's really amusing at times and is serious when he needs to be and I pretty much crack up at quite a lot of conversations where he's involved. I like Rastan and L'Arc too, but eh. The girls are fun too of course.

Gah, I better stop rambling already and go to bed.
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Been playing Arc Rise Fantasia a lot these few days. The plot is quite intriguing...

Cut for spoilers obviously )

Some of the dialog in the game was actually pretty amusing. Too bad the parts with voice acting kind of killed it a little. Bar the emotionless voice acting, the game's story is really interesting and game play is actually okay for me. Though the localisation could have been done better. I'm already finding mistakes O_o Well, can't do anything about a low budget localisation I guess. I'm glad it even got localised at all. When I first saw the game in Japanese, I had secretly hoped it would get a US localisation, and it did and that made me very happy.

Also, I should be asleep as I make this post. But I'm trying to finish scanning a chapter of a series for public raw that's why I'm making this post :X

Plot Twist!

Saturday, 14 August 2010 22:11
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Just encountered my first plot twist for Arc Rise Fantasia today. It was unexpected O_o


Thursday, 5 August 2010 21:51
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Arc Rise Fantasia finally came in at the game shop I reserved a copy at and I bought it. Can't wait to try it out this weekend.

Thereafter, I can only play it on the weekends...


Sunday, 25 July 2010 00:36
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Hexyz Force has taken over my gaming time. Yes, I'm still playing it. Levant~

I'm still playing Hexyz Force even though Arc Rise Fantasia's release is around the corner. Not that it matters since I can only play a Wii game during the weekends. Dad occupying the TV for most of the night so I can't even play two to three hours before having to head to bed. I'll just have to drop my Hexyz Force game time during the weekend to play it when I get my hands on the game in the afternoon and do my other stuff on my comp at night or play Hexyz Force when the TV where the consoles are setup gets taken over. I can't argue or snatch the TV when my Dad is watching. He paid for the thing, not me, so I'd think he has the right to use it when he wants to watch some stuff. I'm just glad to have gotten a HDTV where my consoles are plugged in. At least playing on my Xbox 360 will never suffer ever again.

For some reason, [ profile] chiyo_sama got Arc Rise Fantasia early. Boo :(

So...they have a Xbox Live Arcade only Castlevania game called Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. Not a real Castlevania story line game since it mixes a bunch of the playable Characters from other games into it, it looks more like a game and co-op? I see Alucard, Soma, Jonathan and Charlotte in the screenshots. the game even in English, since the Xbox 360 newsletter I signed up for is based on the Asian Xbox Live? :|b

And I need to post more often. It's been one month since my previous entry...


Sunday, 19 October 2008 10:10
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World Destruction is being localised for a US release!!! WHOOOO!!! Currently there is no release date yet, but it's been confirmed.

World Destruction US localisation announcement

Arc Rise Fantasia is also being localised for a US release! WHOOOO!!!

Arc Rise Fantasia US localisation announcement

These two announcements made my day. I've wanted these two games to be localised for the US when I saw them for a Japanese release, and it now has been announced and is going to happen!

*adds these two games to the to buy list*