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Pokemon collection update! If you're interested. Had fun playing around with my new Digital Camera of course.

And now I'm tired from doing that massive collection post...

Merry Christmas to everyone that sees this!
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So adorable <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I can't wait <3

*goes write down the release date* Need to put aside some cash for these.

Also, I finally bought a digital camera \o/ It's nothing fancy nor expensive, but good enough to take good photos. I'm mainly taking still photos anyway so...
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The box with my Banpresto Reshiram plushes, Oshawott Tomy plush and Reshiram plamo has finally arrived~~~ Though my dad put it at the wrong place :T He put it by where my lil sis computer is at. That box has my name on it, not hers D: Just cause our names is only one word difference and she's been receiving boxes in the mail recently doesn't mean I don't have boxes coming in the mail. I know most of my stuff gets stuffed into the mail box (which I open when I get home from work) itself since they're smaller stuff :/ She's buying a lot of Zoids model kits... How is she going to find the time to fix them all up O_o; I'm seeing a lot of them piling up unopened >_o

Must resist opening it along with the box which contains BW Kids Set 1 (Yes it's still in the box which was posted in) until I get a digital camera >.>

A Suicune Tomy MC figure also arrived today, a custom Christmas stock charm (Reshiram) which I commissioned came yesterday and two Dragonite kids which I bought came in about three days ago. I'm getting overrun by lots of Pokemon stuff @_@

Massive Pokemon collection update at [ profile] pkmncollectors when I get a digital camera, Y/Y?

Also changed my mood theme. Umbreon, my favourite Eeveevolution <3
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More of my Pokemon stuff arrived today. Three packages this time X3

They consisted of some chou get figures from Floaroma Pokemart, run by a [ profile] pkmncollectors member, and two Reshiram straps recently released by Bandai and Takara Tomy Arts from a group buy which I helped co-host (not dealing with money matters) and a box of Set 1 BW Kids (figures) from HobbyLink.

There are still more stuff on the way, and [ profile] nanoplasm just sent out my package containing Super DX Reshiram and 6" Reshiram Nov Banpresto prize plushes, a 6" Takara Tomy Oshawott plush and a Reshiram plamo today. I'm soooooo looking forward to that one! I can't wait for it to arrive~~~

And my bed shall be taken over by plushes!

I think I've spent too much on Pokemon stuff for myself (Christmas presents for myself?) :X

And it seems the release date for the 1/8 Yuri Lowell figure by Alter has been delayed to January 2011.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010 23:09
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So I finally got my Daikenki Pokemon Center plush in the mail today. And I saw that the customs form...wasn't signed >.> Was that the reason it was delayed? Or did it slip past customs and was delayed due to the Christmas period? Either way, I'm glad it arrived and didn't get sent back or anything cause the customs form wasn't signed :X The usual amount of time things from Gin/[ profile] denkimouse took to arrive was one week, or about one day less...

Although the envelope it came in was kind of...small. I think it's about the size of B5 paper. The plush itself is almost the size of the Reshiram Pokemon Center plush, though a bit smaller, but Reshiram was packed in the Pokemon Center bags and was larger. How Gin/[ profile] denkimouse squished it into a ~B5 size envelope is beyond me...

I also got the Jolteon and Ho-Oh Pokedolls from [ profile] blackfruitbat's Kiosk pick ups today. That came in rather quickly. One week I believe? Her stuff always took one week to arrive, the previous two pick ups from her also took one week to arrive.
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I finally have Golden Sun: Dark Dawn in my hands! I've been waiting for it T_T ffffft

*runs off to play it*

But, where is my Pokemon Center Daikenki plush :( It's a bit overdue...I know that mail would most likely get delayed during the Christmas period but... T__T

P.S. [ profile] chiyo_sama I've sent out a package for you :O


Saturday, 16 October 2010 11:15
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Tsutarja is okay, but Pokabu looks...a little odd.

I can wait for this to be released (20th Nov 2010). Gonna pick up one via store pick-up orders run by supreme mod [ profile] denkimouse of [ profile] pkmncollectors

Did I mention that Mijumaru is my favourite starter for this gen :O

*dies of Mijumaru Pokedoll cuteness*

Yin and Yang

Saturday, 12 June 2010 18:59
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So, Reshiram and Zekrom's types have been confirmed.

Reshiram - Dragon/Fire (White Yang Pokemon)
Zekrom - Dragon/Electric (Black Yin Pokemon)

Looks like I'll be getting White Black (WTF, the colors are reversed I didn't notice damn you Game Freak :/). I prefer how Reshiram looks anyhow, and I like Fire Pokemon. And Dragon Pokemon. Do want.

So, Black and White will be about balance between Yin and Yang of some sort?

Then I'll just get Zekrom when the special improved in-between version (like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum) gets released, unless it's like GSC/HGSS where you can get both of the mainstream legendaries in one game cart, except at different levels. Why do I have a feeling it's going to be called...Gray?

As for the starter, I'll have to see which one will end up being the most useful, as I always use my starter Pokemon from the beginning till the end, through the Elite Four, Champion and post-game, and I always pick the one that will be the most useful for me, not the one that I like the most. I'll just get the rest via trading. Got to love WiFi.

Update of sorts?

Sunday, 9 May 2010 17:58
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Ugh, haven't done a real LJ a while. I recently joined a couple of Pokemon communities, namely [ profile] pokemon and [ profile] pokewifi. It's pretty awesome. Hanging around there has given me the...well, drive to start building up my team for the Battle Frontier and Pokemon Battle Revolution. I've also traded a bunch of Pokemon (shiny Eevees!). That's the reason why there are random IV posts being posted *shot*

Currently trying to hunt Raikou down with a decent nature in HeartGold. I'm halfway in Kanto but I can't beat the final Gym Leader until I catch Raikou. The Elite Four and Lance are going to power up. Plus my main team really isn't strong enough to take them out properly yet, unless I brought my entire Platinum team over :/ Then there is still the matter of beating Red. Without beating Red first, you can't get the one of Kanto's starters and one of Hoenn starters, nor go to the Embedded Tower -.- I really need to wrap up HeartGold somehow since I think I'm going to need both games to breed IVs and moves. The thing that's stalling it? Raikou :/

I'm also randomly on Platinum anyhow, leveling up some Pokes for moves for breeding and re-breeding for IVs, and planting the EV reducing berries.

I'm currently trying to trade away a bunch of Riolu hatchlings that I do not want. Check it out if you're interested!


Thursday, 15 April 2010 21:42
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Ready to face the Elite Four and Lance!




The team...

Feraligatr ♂ (Lv 50)

Dragonite ♂ (Lv 55)

Pidgeot ♂ (Lv 48)

Arcanine ♂ (Lv 47)

Ampharos ♀ (Lv 48)

Mamoswine ♀ (Lv 48)



Sunday, 11 April 2010 12:33
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I had the most fun beating Clair. I one-shot her Kingdra with Draco Meteor. That move is so pretty. Now I want to see it in 3D.

Pryce was easy to beat. After all, my team is made to be able to handle water/ice easily.

Currently right in-front of Ho-Oh. Since I'm not ready to catch Ho-Oh, since I don't have my nature synchronizer yet, plus I'm going to catch it until I'm satisfied with the IVs with the nature I want, I'm going to knock it out and catch it later, since, just like Platinum, the legendaries/one-time only Pokemon respawn until you catch them. I want to be done with the Kanto region and slowly catch the legendaries, though I'm going to have to set the roamers up first before the Elite Four and Lance powers up and increases in levels after you beat Blue. And I already have the nature synchronizer I need.

I did a bit of research on what is the best way to tank certain legendaries, and I noticed something very interesting. Mewtwo is going to be way too easy to tank O_o. All you need is a dark-type... Also, if you're playing HeartGold, all you need to tank Ho-Oh is a Houndoom with the Flash Fire ability. These two won't even be able to damage your tank!

So the 5th gen Pokemon games is going to be called Black and White huh? Now I wonder about the region, starters, legendaries, etc. It's going to be more 3Dish too =o

Current number of badges, 8. Current team:

Feraligatr ♂ (Lv 43)

Dragonair ♂ (Lv 46)

Pidgeot ♂ (Lv 42)

Arcanine ♂ (Lv 42)

Ampharos ♀ (Lv 43)

Mamoswine ♀ (Lv 43)
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I liked Platinum's slots at the game corner. Voltorb Flip...was okay. Though it does drive me crazy at times. Even though you know how the game works, it still depends partially on luck, though you can minimize the luck factor...

What was I even doing playing Voltorb Flip? Trying to get the coins for Thunderbolt and Ice Beam TMs. Didn't really advance that much in the game, so I'm probably super behind most other people in my flist... I had also spent time to level up my Pokemon quite a bit, so they're all already between Lv 35-37.

Beat Jasmine not too long ago. Too easy. Especially when you know what is really the most effective method of dealing with Steelix. A water pokemon with Surf. No kidding. I have a much easier time with Steelix using a Water type rather than a Fire type. Of course, it was a perfect battle. Jasmine didn't even get a hit in. I swear I can deal with Steel-type Gym Leaders way too easily. It was that way with Byron too. A perfect battle.

Currently number of badges, 6. Current team:
- Feraligatr
- Pidgeot
- Dragonair
- Ampharos
- Growlithe
- Golem

Decided to keep Ampharos with me. I got a Surfing Pikachu from the PokeWalker Route Yellow Forest though. Either way, can't be bothered with a Raichu now, considering the fact that Ampharos learns Signal Beam and it can be used against Karen's Umbreon.

Oh yes, I've been playing Pokemon while scanning at the same time. Productive no?

And so...

Monday, 29 March 2010 20:45
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No good titles to use :X

Played more Pokemon HeartGold. Pretty much enjoying it. Currently on the way to Cianwood City to get the Secret Potion and beat up Chuck. Ever closer to getting Fly! :D

Number of badges currently is 4. Though, I had some trouble with Morty. I knew I should have traded Houndour over, but I'm lazy to hatch an egg. Not that I'm having trouble with Morty overall, but it's mainly his Gengar. Stupid Shadow Ball. Maybe I should have brought over Houndour. Not only Houndour (would be a Houndoom by then since it evolves at Lv 24) has resistance to his stupid Shadow Ball, it has STAB from dark type attacks. Or maybe I should have brought in Fearow instead since it has Pursuit and being part Normal type, it completely renders Shadow Ball useless. But in the end, I saw something that two of my Pokemon had that would help me. Thunder Wave. Uh, okay. So I "sacrified" my Dratini (MY POOR CUTE LITTLE DRAGON T__T) to Thunder Wave his Gengar (Quick Claw somehow activated), and knocked it out with Croconaw. Yay. Stupid Gengar. Stupid, stupid Gengar.

Current team:
- Croconaw
- Pidgeotto
- Graveler (Technically should be Golem cause I'm going to evolve it later)
- Flaffy
- Dratini
- Growlithe

I think I'll end up sticking with Flaffy/Ampharos. I don't feel like having to level a Pikachu when I get it from the PokeWalker. Not only that, Pikachu evolves with a Thunder Stone. Meh. The only reason I don't like Ampharos is because of its speed. It has a pretty good move pool though (and higher HP and defenses compared to Raichu) so I guess that makes up for it? Plus I need to level that Swinub when I finally get it. Don't fancy having to train a Pikachu too =/

One thing I don't like about my team is the lack of speed. It's looking like Pidgeot is going to be the fastest Pokemon in my team with the rest at about mostly average to mid-high.

Gonna play more later.

More Pokemon! XD

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 19:59
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Been playing nothing else but Pokemon HeartGold. Just defeated Whitney.

Before doing that though, I connected to the GTS and got my Friend Code for HeartGold. I also saw that the Game Corner had Dratini for a prize so I went to play Voltorb Flip to get coins for it. Had to search the net for some tips since my (math) brain wasn't working. After that, the coins sort of came in much faster. At least I don't have to wait till Dragon's Den at Blackthorn City to catch it. Now I have it so much earlier!

Current status, 3 badges, 5 more to go.

Current team:
- Croconaw
- Pidgeotto
- Butterfree
- Geodude
- Flaffy
- Dratini

I'm kind of sad that I have to boot Butterfree out of my team pretty soon. It's one of my more favourite Pokemon but it's not strong enough nor useful enough to be used for game play and its type simply isn't something I normally put in my team when it comes to game play.

Also, [ profile] middletails I just got your package in my mail. Thanks so much :D
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While playing Star Ocean Second Evolution...

*Currently at North City, getting a Psynard. Collects data, tries to input data, Psynard goes crazy and the party has to fight it.*

*Goes into battle*

Me: Watch it go down in 10 seconds

*Battle starts after some crap about the enemy is stronger being said*

Dias: Air Slash!

*Psynard is defeated*

Me: Um, make that 5 seconds ~__~

Seriously, I swear, Dias's Air Slash is way too effective against the Psynard and Dragon Tyrant =/ Not only that, with the Crimson Devil doubling his attack power and the Berserker Ring doubling it again, his Air Slash is already doing 9999 HP damage for the long range version of the skill. Chaos Sword is already doing more than 6500 HP damage per hit and I already have it used more than 120 times, which means Chaos Sword now hits twice since it's at skill final change version. And Dias is only Lv 51...

Though one thing I noticed when I was trying to get Noel's voice for his spells was that Dias's AI now uses Air Slash against flying enemies O_o The AI never did that in the original game. Of course, this is great news for me, since this means I no longer have to go through the pain of using Engetsuzan (Dunno SOSE's name yet, original SO2 was called Full Moon Slash) 100 times for skill final change version just to make it execute faster...

Also, having Ashton in your party makes it way too easy to get money. In just about 15 minutes, I already have over 27 million FOL. Haha. One of the things Ashton is useful for, though I don't really like to use him in battle so much, especially for Universe difficulty.

I also finally started Pokemon Heart Gold. I'm playing as the male character character though, since I don't like the female as much. Besides, my female character is already called Rena in Platinum... I don't really want another character called Rena. So I went with the male character and called him Kratos. Called the rival Dante XD

I've already reached Azalea Town and am currently in the Slowpoke well. Of course, this means that I've already defeated Falkner and gotten one badge... 7 more badges to go I guess. But seriously, I'm like having fun with it. The upgraded graphics, and being able to talk you your Pokemon in the lead and seeing their reactions at different places is quite interesting too XD And the PokeWalker is a nice addition to the game. I'm using it to randomly level Pokemon and open more routes, although leveling Pokemon this way can cause you to miss out on learning moves that you want and evolving your Pokemon so this is something one needs to watch out for, so you need to check whether they're going to learn a move that you want or if you want your Pokemon to evolve before putting them into the PokeWalker. Another thing one needs to look out for is that you can't gain EVs, since that can only be gotten through battling.

Current team:
- Totodile
- Pidgey
- Butterfree
- Mareep
- Geodude

Not the final team yet (yes, there are only 5 Pokemon in the team currently), I'm actually still deciding, but I'm going to try going for getting Dratini from the PokeWalker so I can start training it earlier rather than waiting to reach Blackthorn City and going to the Dragon's Den to get one. Another Pokemon that I'm looking at to make the final team is Mamoswine, but you can't catch Swinub until much later in the game, so that's going to take a while. I'm looking to replace Mareep with Pikachu/Raichu later when the PokeWalker Yellow Forest route is available for download via Nintendo WiFi from 1st April to 30th April. As for my fire type, unless there is some way I can get Houndour pre-elite four other than trading from my Platinum game, which means I need to breed and hatch an egg and stuff (and whether you can trade eggs or not pre-National Dex) which I really don't feel like doing, Arcanine will end up being my Fire Pokemon.


Friday, 19 March 2010 09:42
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I can't believe I forgot to take the weapon that I need to make the Eternal Sphere/Aeterna for Claude! T__T Now he's without a good weapon and the Holy Sword Farewell/Demon Sword Levantine is quite a while aways. Stuck the Silvance on him with the Sword of Marvels as a backup since that sword has an attack element on it. Also, Dias, why can't you customize the Sword of Minos =/ You can equip the sword and yet you cannot make it...pfft

This is what I get for not playing the game for a long time and forgetting stuff here and there D: Thankfully Claude's not my main fighter. It's Dias who's my main fighter. I've already made the Crimson Diablos/Devil for him so time for him to tear the battlefield apart and rock house XD;

Haven't started Pokemon Heart Gold yet. Didn't feel like playing it yet cause I could only start it at night on weekdays and two of the Pokemon I want to catch are morning/day pokemon =/ Will start it on Sunday.

Also, stupid ISP. Why did you have to disable the old modem and enable the new one, forcing me to setup it up??? Now I'm having problems with my internet, and that installation had me needing to reboot my computer and the stupid computer refuses to let me skip the stupid disc check. I hate that stupid disc check cause it takes AGES to finish. A disc check taking more than 12 hours...WTF is up with that? =T The only reason that disc check even pops up is because of the stupid OS randomly corrupting my stuff on the C: drive. Hopefully after I get home from work tonight I can set the whole thing up without any problems so I can have internet on my computer again. pfft. Then I'll have to set up all my WiFi connection to that new wireless modem/router for my NDS Lite, PSP and Wii. Luckily that is easy to do...once I know how to set things up on the modem/router page.

Finally, happy birthday to [ profile] atelierjoh before I forget.


Monday, 15 March 2010 20:52
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Haven't updated in a long time X_X I'll make this quick though...

Pokemon Heart Gold get! Now time for that game to eat my soul!

Also recently started playing Star Ocean Second Evolution. I really couldn't take it. I really had no motivation to finish Star Ocean First Departure. Not only the character choices per save file are more limited, the equipment sucks too. I still love SOSE to death BTW, though I find some of the name localization to be pretty stupid (not to mention WTF is with all that...American slang??? I think they're American slang...) when compared to the first localization which wasn't done by Square Enix (or Enix to be more exact)... Haven't finished the game yet though. Going through Rena's scenario first since that's the one I'm most familiar with. Playing it with the Japanese Guidebook which I got. Got to love Japanese Guidebooks. I have all the PAs that can be done and maps! Will probably bounce between playing Pokemon Heart Gold and Star Ocean Second Evolution.

I also recently fell in love with a Japanese show called Madan Senki Ryukendo. That show is awesome. It's way better than Power Rangers. In Power Rangers, I tend to only really pay attention to one or two characters, but for Ryukendo, I actually pay attention to all the Madan Warriors. Not only that, the show is funny in its own way at parts and the minor characters (the townspeople) sometimes gets the spot light too, though not often, but it's really different from Power Rangers. It's really awesome! And did I mention that there are no stupid giant robots/machines or the enemies growing bigger if they get defeated when normal human size? Sure, there are machines in the show, but they're JuuOh (Animal Kings), their Mecha Support Animals that help them and they are about the size of a normal human too. Although the last episode is leaving me a bit depressed. I'm going to re-watch it one more time, since I first watched the local dub that was airing on TV, then I started watching crappy YouTube quality videos that were uploaded, then I managed to locate the sub group that did it and someone directed me to all the episode downloads that were uploaded to MegaUpload (for once I'm actually glad that I'm a MegaUpload premium user), so I'm going to re-watch the whole thing again in the actual quality of the subbed version that was released.

Also finished World Destruction. The game wasn't too hard, in fact, it might be a little too easy... Not only that, I was too strong even without real leveling up and I defeated the final boss without she EVER taking a turn against me O_o Just so you know, the game is 10x100x better than the manga or anime. The characters that are represented in the anime/manga is NOTHING LIKE the game. In fact, their personalities are way off if I were to make a comment about it. Also, Crimson Sun Kyrie is awesome.

Just a short Fan Fiction status, I've finished writing Chapter 2 of my ToS fic and am currently working on Chapter 3, though I haven't proofread Chapter 2 yet. I'm debating on putting it up on first, but I really don't know... I have more motivation to write rather than code a website at this point... Still got Eternal's site to work on... So I may just put it up at first... Also planning on a couple of one-shots :3

That's it for now? And Happy Birthday to [ profile] silentdrifterz, coincidentally who's birthday falls on the same day as mine XD;
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News -

Screenshots -

Art -

Looks interesting... I wonder if it will be nicer to play than PR: Shadows of Almia or not.

Not going to compare it with the first game, cause that is kind of a...not fun to play at all :/