Wednesday, 2 January 2013 13:08
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I need to rant cause I'm really pissed off right now.

So the USPS postage price increase is finalised and the change is going into effect on 27 Jan 2013. And there is a RIDICULOUS PRICE HIKE for first class international packages. It's going to be MORE THAN DOUBLE the price for up to a 2 oz package to mail from the US to me!!! (Of course it's also bad for other international people but this LJ is about me...)

Seriously, WTF USPS, are you trying to stop people from shipping internationally? Or are you trying to drive away customers???

Now I have to think twice about buying things from US sellers (especially at [ profile] pkmncollectors) on top of those in the UK, Canada and Australia, unless it's a high want that I've been looking for for quite a while or I'm getting multiple items to make the shipping actually worth it :T Of course, that's not the worse thing. The worse thing is that the majority of the members at [ profile] pkmncollectors are located in the US. It's bad for the US sellers too cause it means less sales for them. Jeez.

If anyone ever complains my international shipping prices from Singapore (or anyone else in the Asia region really, including Japan seriously) is too high, I will seriously flip tables at them.

Well, looks like it's less money going towards purchases (which means less purchases of older released figures of Pokemon I collect) from non Asian sellers at [ profile] pkmncollectors and more to new things being released in Japan that I want for both Tales of Series and Pokemon (the list contains quite a good number of items already...and some of them I need to get from Y!J) and also for lots at Y!J which contains items that I want and then reselling the other items...

2/1/13 05:58 (UTC)
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I feel you there man. :| I didn't want to comment on that post, since I wouldn't have added anything new to the discussion, but it just sucks. Getting stuff shipped to Australia cost enough already, but now that this price hike is a thing, it looks like my purchases will significantly decrease from now on. WHICH IS PRETTY DISAPPOINT.

Yay for bad news we can do nothing about.. :c

2/1/13 07:15 (UTC)
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Yeah, I know. Most of my purchases in the more recent months are either from Japan PokeCen pick ups, pre-orders from Ami Ami (and occasionally Y!J) but still I do occasionally get a few figures here and there mainly from US sellers (sometimes only one) and now...

But you know this does not only affect sales. This is also going to severely affect GAs and GBs and only those of us in Asia won't have crazy high shipping prices but as you know, most comm members are located in the US...


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