Wednesday, 19 December 2012 15:08
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I have successfully RNG abused a captured Modest nature Reshiram in White 2 with near flawless IVs, though I was having trouble hitting the initial seed at first because of my seconds timing on starting up the game >_o but I more or less got the timing now...but I created a second initial seed to use which I seem to be able to hit the timing more easily than the other I guess something to fall back on? The difference seems to be like half a millisecond :'D

Now I just need to go and catch the rest of the stationary legends since I at least understand this part of the RNG abuse...also gotta do it for my Black game, though there isn't a lot of stationary legendaries (there's only the muskedeers and Victini) for me to catch, but quite a good number of Wonder Card RNG abuse I need to do...

Not sure if I want to go into wild Pokemon capture RNG abuse, but that seems to be easier than Egg breeding RNG abuse which I dunno if I even want to mess with? Maybe I'll try it out...last :X

So the next thing to do is to understand Wonder Card RNG abuse and understand how it works. I'll just try it out on Genesect on White 2.

Now I'm wondering if I should tread into Gen 4 RNG sounds like the target timing is harder to achive than for Gen 5 @_@
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