Sunday, 2 December 2012 23:23
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I haven't been posting on my LJ again, mainly due to laziness :'D

But yay, I have a new desktop computer that is built with the hardware and cassis I picked myself :3 Intel Ivy Bridge Processor and a mainboard that's Windows 8 ready (but I'm using Windows 7 cause I don't like to use an OS that is released only recently...it has to be out for about 1 to 2 years...) The PSU on my old comp died and since the comp is so old with so outdated hardware, I decided to just get a new one, and a self-built desktop (I really dislike factory pre-assembled desktops which is what my old desktop was but I know a lot more about hardware now over the years) on top of that :D Though I had to take a small personal loan to afford this baby

When I was researching on hardware and what parts to get for the computer, I'm actually surprised that integrated graphics (in the past you definitely needed a dedicated GPU for decent/good graphics and screen resolution) is now so much more advanced that you can actually don't need a dedicted GPU for it unless you game a lot on your computer which I do not, I usually use my comp for internet, using Photoshop, watching anime...etc... I never did realise I am that outdated in regards to hardware technology knowledge though I do follow it somewhat :'D

Everything on the comp is so fast now. Photoshop opening in less than a minute (old comp it was like 5 minutes before I could use it properly?). I bet I can start using Topaz Denoise (couldn't use it on the old comp, super major lag that it can even freeze it could only use Neat Image >_>) on the comp for pre-cleaning manga raws for Eternal but I dunno how to use it =_= I'm also kinda stoked that video encoding doesn't take hours, it's like 5 times or more faster than on my old desktop imagine how old it was... I can also finally watch anime properly, even 720p with no lag (couldn't watch 720p anime at all and even 480p and XviD AVI lagged somewhat...) :D

But...the Pokemon Dream World mini-games...can't keep up with a couple of them...particularly the "Play on Wailord" mini-game...too fast X_x

Anyway, off to bed now~ Sleepy~ ZzzzZZzzZZzzz
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