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Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji Prizes

Release Date: December 2012

Prize A: Tales of Xillia 2 Pillow (1)
Prize B: Milla Maxwell Figure (2)
Prize C: Yuri Lowell Figure (2)
Prize D: Mabo Curry Plate (3)
Prize E: Muffler Towel (4 types) (16)
Prize F: Rubber Straps (ToX2 4 types) (16)
Prize G: Clear File & Sticker (4 types) (20)
Prize H: Chibi Kyun Character (4 types, no secret) (20)
Last One Prize: Milla Maxwell Kyun Character (Smile Ver.)

And I'm going to go after all the figures cause they're from Vesperia, Graces f and Xillia and these are the Tales of Series I collect for figures. Now the biggest problem is I dunno how popular these will be and how much they'll end up going for at Y!J...they may even be more expensive than the items from the Pokemon 7/11 movie Ichiban Kuji... X_x

I'm seriously considering weeding out all of my larger (I will not sell my larger Reshiram and Victini plush >_>) Pokemon plush that are not part of my main collections and I'm mainly a figure collector anyway (that is why I will not stop collecting the Waza Museum, Chibi Kyun Chara and Partners) and a bunch of my side collections and figures...not to mention that there are still Muskedeer Pokedolls and figures, White Kyurem oversized Pokedoll and hyper size Reshiram Tomy MC which I have yet to get and am planning on getting all together when Gin comes back from the US and seeing if there is anything I want from the Eevee promo...I think I also need to just stick to buying only Umbreon plush from all these Eeveelu promo things...

I should also stop procrastinating and update my sales faster (I keep on playing video games and Black/White 2 is going to be out soon XD). I still have a lot of unsorted Pokemon Amada Stickers, which I think I'm not even going to collect anymore and just sell every single one of them since Amada Stickers are flats that I never seriously collected, I only really collect TCG actively, and also start photographing all my extra Jap TCG cards and finally put them up for sale. The plus side is the Jap TCG are all already sorted out, and also finally update my Eng TCG section too since it's way too outdated and I have cards from the later sets that I want to attempt to sell too which are also all sorted out...>_o

I also have non Pokemon stuff I want to add to my non Pokemon sales too :S

And I'm only about halfway through iconing all those walky Pokemon pics and I really want to get that out of the way ASAP...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *dies*

16/9/12 03:51 (UTC)
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Maybe I'm just blind, but who is the Graces f figure? I'm only seeing people from Xillia and Vesperia.

With that being said, I would really like to own that Yuri! I still haven't played Vesperia yet, but Yuri's design hits all my swordsman kinks. A prizes are the top, right? So the Yuri figure is a 3rd place prize or something? Also, what's up with the numbers in parentheses?

16/9/12 04:26 (UTC)
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The numbers in the brackets are the number of prizes in the a box (remember Gin brought back one entire set of prizes for this year's 7/11 Pokemon movie 2012 ichiban kuji? It's something like that), which also kind of reflects what is the chance of winning it since if I'm not wrong, you are guaranteed a prize when you buy a ticket, just that the chance of winning it is different. I guess it also helps to note how much in abundance they will be?

I think it works the the same way as the 7/11 ones for Pokemon, seeing that "Last One" prize there XD; I dunno if the Yuri Lowell figure is considered a "3rd" place price considering how the ichiban kuji prize works, since it's a pay for a ticket, see what you won kind of thing.

The Graces f figures are in Prize H, the Chibi Kyun Chara ones of Yuri, Flynn, Asbel and Richard.

16/9/12 14:55 (UTC)
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Would you be able to get an extra set of Graces figure? :O

I'll pay of course!

16/9/12 15:28 (UTC)
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I highly doubt I will end up with an extra set as I'm going to be getting these from Yahoo!Japan Auctions and I will more than likely end up bidding on a listing with the entire set of Prize H of the four different figures and I'm keeping them all as I collect figures for both Vesperia and Graces.

You might want to learn how to use a deputy service to get them from Y!J instead ^_^;

16/9/12 16:33 (UTC)
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Oh, you're going through YJ for these? I see! I'll do that too. I have a deputy service that I've been using for almost 10 years, but thanks for letting me know!

17/9/12 00:37 (UTC)
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yep, these are ichiban kuji prizes so you need to go through Y!J for these as these will not be available via online stores ^_^;

Kind of wish I lived in Japan so I can just take part in the kuji myself XD;