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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 23:32
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You have absolutely no idea how happy I am right now. I pulled Keldeo EX SR and White Kyurem EX SR, the two main cards I want to get the SR version of together with every single rare (this includes the three Pokemon EX cards of course) from all my three boxes of Cold Flare booster packs :D :D :D

This completely makes up for the less than crappy pulls from my three boxes of Freeze Bolt where I only pulled one Landorus EX SR together with every single rare (includes the three Pokemon EX cards). I normally get at least two SRs from three boxes of boosters per set, but I was kind of >( when I only pulled one SR, although the SR was the very last pack that had a "rare" card I opened...I was convinced that I didn't get any SR cards until Landorus EX SR surprised me right at the end, considering the fact that I kind of pretty much know how the box distribution works and how many rares there are in a booster box :S

Now just need to fill in the holes for the remaining SR/UR cards by waiting the English counterpart to fill in the holes, though I might still get the Japanese ones from Y!J one day if a good deal comes by, since even though the Eng full art cards are now made differently(???) I still prefer the Japanese card finishes more @_@ Those wavy/circlely lines on the Eng full art cards are quite...meh.


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