Sunday, 29 July 2012 20:59
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Another 1/8 figure (two for me since I forgot there was a Jude already announced) for me to throw my money at...seriously, at this rate, I'm going to run of of space to store all my 1/8 figures together with my Pokemon collection and sales stock >_>

I wish I didn't love figures that much @_@ I swear one day I'll have my own collection room...somehow.

29/7/12 14:36 (UTC)
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Now for Tales discussion! XD

There are sooo many 1/8ths now! I feel like as soon as I started to collect some Tales figures, BAM they started making 58495840 pieces of Tales merch.

I'm really excited for Raven, not so much Estelle but I can't have Yuri, Flynn, Rita, and Raven and not Estelle right? XD Even so, I'm still disappointed they did so many Vesperia figures while Symphonia has no 1/8ths. Or they could have continued with Abyss so my Luke could have a buddy, and of course poor Graces ;_; WHERE IS MY HUBERT FIGURE.

I ordered Milla, and will order Jude. I'm indifferent to them right now since I haven;t played Xillia, but I definitely didn't want to be in the position where once I finally play it, I love the characters and then get screwed with inflated prices @__@

29/7/12 14:49 (UTC)
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Time for Tales discussion indeed XD

Not that I'm not excited for Raven, he is my second fav character in Vesperia, but I'd really like to have some from other games too. I'd kill for a 1/8 Kratos figure and a 1/8 Richard (in King of Windor costume). Asbel and Sophie (in Toast of the Town costume) would be nice to go with that. The three friends that made that friendship pact :D Hubert wouldn't be bad, but if Kotobukiya at least gave us Graces f one-coin figures I would be satisfied...

Hm, was there a Estelle announced? I can't even remember what figures were announced for who :/

I have already fallen in love with Milla, after reading the translation for the first three chapters of ToX Side Milla manga. I have a feeling that I would like Jude too, but Alvin will most likely end up being my fav in Xillia, and Milla my fav female Tales of character XP
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31/7/12 02:48 (UTC)
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They announced Estelle when they announced Raven at the Tales festival!

I'll second you on the Kratos and Richard. I love themmmmmm. Yeah I miss the one coins! I'd be so thrilled if they did Graces... and extremely wishful thinking of getting a Hubert in his "youth" costume. Forgot what it was called. The one where he has red glasses

Milla does look awesome! I really like her design.

31/7/12 14:46 (UTC)
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Yeah, I saw the edited post at AC, why so many Vesperia >_o

Man, do we have the same tastes for favourite Tales of Series characters??? Kratos is actually my favourite male Tales of character, followed by Richard and Yuri. Milla is my fav female :D

Kotobukiya, give us Tales of Graces f one-coin figures please :'D

That Hubert's costume title is called Modern Youth if my memory serves me right.

Oh yes, Milla is awesome~~~

29/7/12 22:11 (UTC)
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I want all the Tales figures! Even the ones from games I haven't played. Why are they all so pretty?

30/7/12 00:51 (UTC)
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Why are they all so pretty indeed...preying on my weakness for pretty figures and my love for the Tales of Series XD;