Tuesday, 24 July 2012 23:19
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Is it just me or are the blister packs for the English Pokemon TCG sets getting crappy very recently? They used to come with promos, basically an English version of the Japanese promo cards, but now they're coming with card reprints from previous BW English Pokemon TCG sets :T Doesn't even come with alternate art...

25/7/12 07:57 (UTC)
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It's so true. It really seems like they're giving up on the collector demographic and instead just concentrating on sets to appeal to kids.

25/7/12 08:37 (UTC)
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That kind of sucks. Whether collectors or players, both groups of people are also considered customers. The only reason I was even buying the blister packs is because of the promo cards for collecting purposes and is cheaper than getting the Japanese one from Y!J/E-Bay. I dunno if they're changing the way promo cards are going to be distributed (at leagues???) or what but that would be kind of a pain since I don't live in the US and can't go to leagues, TCG competitions, etc.

Well, whatever. PCI is definitely not getting my money for the blister packs (and even tins and box sets depending on what's in them) unless they start releasing promos to go with them again :/ Of course there is still the thing that I only get the English counterpart of the card if I don't have the Japanese one...
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