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Coming in 2013 :')

You have no idea how excited I've suddenly become. Thanks to Tales of Graces f, I already have the console for it.

Means I need to be done with Tales of Graces f by the end of this year latest >_>

And I need to stop procrastinating on releasing stuffs for Eternal :X

6/7/12 15:01 (UTC)
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At least Tales of Graces F is much shorter than Tales of Vesperia, so plenty of time to finish it (Unless you are aiming for all the trophies) XD

6/7/12 15:11 (UTC)
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Actually, I am getting all the trophies. I'm on my 2nd playthrough right now to get the remaining trophies. Actually, I'm aiming for 100% in everything including titles, skits, collector's book, etc :V

6/7/12 15:35 (UTC)
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Good luck with that, I am sure you can achieve that well before ToX releases next year XD

I never had the patience to collect anything 100%, and I just cheated and search for the skits I am missing from youtube ;w;...
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6/7/12 15:46 (UTC)
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Haha, yeah. But I'll have White 2 to worry about in Oct XD; I'm also trying to figure out if it will be safe enough for the AI to fight in Chaos to get EXP for the Lv 200 titles when it's time to grind so I can do something else at the same time @_@

I have the Jap guidebook for the game so I've literally been following that for the skits and pretty much most of everything. Anything I don't understand or can't figure out, I go and google for it.

BTW, still unable to get a new oven? Maybe you could borrow an oven from a friend/relative/someone so you could at least finish your current batch of commissions? Just a thought :') Kind of want to see how my chibi Victini is going to look like XD

6/7/12 16:13 (UTC)
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Maybe you can set the AI to fight in easy mode? I might be wrong but I think the exp is same (or similar?) no matter which mode you are playing, it's just a big difference in SP.

Ah, we found the right oven earlier! The shop doesn't have it in stock though, but we ordered it and we are expecting it to get to the shop in a few days time and we can pick it up :D

6/7/12 16:35 (UTC)
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Unfortunately, the EXP you get is dependent on the difficulty level and the levels of the four characters that are participating in battle. You get more EXP on harder difficulties as the enemies are of higher levels, but the amount of EXP you get is dependent on your active battle party too. At lower levels compared to the monsters net you more EXP compared to the base EXP and at higher levels compared to the monsters, you get lesser EXP compared to the base EXP. At the same level as the monsters will give you the base EXP. SP is the one that doesn't change regardless of your level and how much you get is dependent on the difficulty. So it gets harder to level as your level goes up and you need more and more EXP to level too :X

Oh yay! Then you can finally bake them chibi Pokemon soon ^-^
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7/7/12 09:01 (UTC)
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Wow, that seems a pain when getting to the very high levels x_x I wonder if you will be getting the Eleth Pot (not sure if it's the right name in English?) energy to 9999 first or lvl 200 first lol

7/7/12 09:07 (UTC)
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I already have my Eleth Mixer at 9999 capacity in my first game >_> That is way too easy to level if you know what food to set in it and just fight easy enemies. I got that while I was grinding for the arte related titles as I needed the capacity to go up since the Book of Striking sucks up quite a lot of eleth.

7/7/12 09:14 (UTC)
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Wow, I am still at 5000 despite already finishing my 2nd playthrough (and 3rd playthrough in future arc) >_>

What food do you need to set?

7/7/12 09:20 (UTC)
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Miso Stew. It's easy to trigger and gives a lot of capacity EXP. Just make sure to set another food that triggers when your Eleth Mixer goes below 50% capacity so that you know that you need to refill it and you can get some EXP from it. I forgot the name of what I used for less than 50%, but it was a food that doubled SP and gave a fair amount of EXP.

7/7/12 13:09 (UTC)
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Ah, thanks for the tip! When I get the time I should go back to try that! I don't ever think I would be 100% everything, but at least I might be able to have one game in my Ps3 with 100% trophy collection XD

6/7/12 22:31 (UTC)
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Ngl, I had kind of given up hope for Xillia.

I still need to start Graces f and finish Abyss. Pokemon White 2 and Conquest are distracting me.

7/7/12 02:54 (UTC)
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It's Vesperia PS3 that I've pretty much given up hope for, cause between Xillia and Vesperia PS3, Xillia had a much higher chance of being chosen for localisation @_@

7/7/12 03:02 (UTC)
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Yeah, I'm giving up on Vesperia PS3 too. I'm seriously considering buying an XBox (or asking for one for Christmas) so I can play Vesperia. Normally I don't buy systems for a single game, but I really want to play it. It looks so good! ;__;

7/7/12 03:12 (UTC)
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I've played that on the 360 and finished it a long time back but I'm going to get the Japanese ToV PS3 best hits version and play that and faint from all the Japanese XD;

It was the PS3 that I had held out getting as I was waiting for something that I REALLY WANTED to play on it (it was Tales of Graces f that I finally got a PS3) before getting the console as most other things that I wanted to play was also on the 360 which I already had as I got that to play ToV. Though the disc change was a bit annoying...but well w/e. I need to go through ToV on the HDTV one day though (I'll probably just jump into the PS3 one) as I played that on the SDTV before we switched. The font on some of the games were so small on it @_@

And I need to start studying up on Japanese grammar -_-;
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7/7/12 03:14 (UTC)
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I can't even imagine playing a Tales game in Japanese. Playing Pokemon in Japanese is giving me enough trouble. Especially when the characters speak in dialects I'm not used to.

7/7/12 03:17 (UTC)
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Haha I know but I already know the story for ToV already so I don't need to worry about that and I know how the game's system works and stuff and matching skills with the Jap guidebook. Probably would take me a while to get used to but I can get through the game at least. Just the new stuff that were added to the PS3 version that would stump me somewhat XD;