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I'm kind of tired of people just randomly using the word "grail" on [ profile] pkmncollectors. From what I understand, isn't the word "grail" supposed to be used only for an item that you, as a Pokemon Collector (I dunno if it's a general term for collectors of anything), really want a lot, but it's hard as heck to find due to it's rarity or it's something that's hard to find and expensive at the same time?

I've seen a lot of Pokemon Collectors at the community using the word so loosely that it's even being used for merchandise that were released not too long ago! And we're talking about merchandise that were released only a few weeks to a few months back which are not extremely rare or highly sought after or anything, not stuff that are at least a few years old :/

As for me, I do not have anything that I want that can really be called a "grail", as I'm mainly focused on building up my Pokemon Collection of mainly Gen 5 Pokemon. I have random things for the previous Gen, but they're mainly not too hard to find items and do not cost hundreds of dollars. I also hate to hunt them down, unless it's something that I really want. With my paycheck, it's much easier for me to go for new merchandise, as I can just get an entire box of newly released Kids, figures, whatever, keep those that I want, and sell those that I don't want to the community members.

At the moment, my Gen 5 collection is looking like this:
Main Collection - Reshiram
Side Collections - Zekrom, Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott, Zoroark (with a tiny bit if Zorua), Victini, Haxorus, Excadrill, Lilligant, Blitzle/Zebstrika

My Reshiram collection consists of all official plushes, any figures that I can get my hands on (I don't get electronic related figures), straps, anything else that catches my fancy.

My side collection mainly consists of anything related to that Pokemon that catches my fancy. There are also stuff of Pokemon of anything else random or catches my fancy.

Stickers are mainly quite random stuff for me.

Oh yes, I also collect the Pokemon TCG. That is the only thing where I don't have any bias on which Pokemon I'm collection since I keep any card that I don't have. I mainly collect US TCG cause I have easy access to them XD;

Now I just need to find a way to put them up with my extremely limited space...though I'm already planning an arrangement for my Gen 5 Pokemon and plushes at least.


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